April 2007:

Monday April 30th

After work today, we went to celebrate Charles' oldest sister's 60th birthday. We were served a tasty dinner, and lots of delicious cockies.




Sunday April 29th

Charles has finished our new terrace today.

I have been tidying our bedroom today, and moved our bed into a new position, to make more space at our bedroom.

After that, I went outdoors, to tidy a bit there too. I put lots of boards under our new terrace. It's a great place to store them, until we are going to use them.

By our house, there is a big field. Often elks are grazing there. Today, when Cecilie and Joakim was playing outdoors, they spottet 3 elks (or mooses):



Saturday April 28th

We have been outdoors this entire day. Charles has been working with our new terrace, and I have been working with our new flowerbed.

I have been wisiting an internet friends blog. She had been doing a kind of test, to find out what perfume she is. I wanted to try that too. Here are my reslut (I have never heard about this perfume. I belive I have to go to a shop to try to find the perfume, and smell it, to check if it smells good):

Your Perfume is Still
You are simply and totally sophisticated.

Your style and class mesmerize everyone you meet.

Underneath it all, you are delicate and refreshing.

You're different enough to make an impression, that's for sure.

Power scents: White pepper, musk, and honeysuckle.





Friday April 27th

At Thuesday we went to help Charles' sister to move, but the workers in her new appartment had not finished yet, so we had to move some furnitures and boxes, and then we decided to wait for a few days, and move the rest of her stuff later, when the workers is finished.

When we came home Charles and Joakim put up a new staircase by our new terrace. We have also got more boards, so now we are able to finish the terrace. I belive that we will finish it during the weekend.

 Wednesday was a very busy afternoon. I was going to two meetings at school. One meeting about a new project in Cecilie's class, called Comenius, and then a parents meeting after this. But at Wednesday's Cecilie is at her riding course, and Charles are at the shooting track. This Wednesday was a very busy afternoon, but we did it!

If you wish to know what Comenius is, I have got some information here, which I have got from the internet:

Comenius is part of EU's new programme for lifelong learning (LLP) and focuses on the first phase of education, from pre-school and primary to secondary school. SIU is the Norwegian National Agency (NA) for the programme.

The overall objectives of Comenius are to develop knowledge and understanding among young people and educational staff of the diversity of European cultures and languages and its values and to help young people to acquire the basic life-skills and competences necessary for their personal development, for future employment and for active European citizenship.

Comenius seeks to help those learning and teaching in schools to develop a sense of belonging to a broader and outward-looking European community - a community characterised by diverse traditions, cultures and regional identities, but rooted nevertheless in a common history of European development.

The following text is from our schools web site:

Our school has become a Comenius School! This means that we are given economic support by the EU-commission to have mutual contact with other countries in Europe. This is in accordance to “Culture for learning “ from our National Parliament.

Our cooperating countries are:

  • Denmark

  • Germany

  • Lithuania

  • Greece

Our project is called: “Art as a meta-language in building a common home” English will be our language of communication, besides art.

The project will last for 3 years,and the students from 9th and 10th classes will be participating. This might be the start of other projects to come!

In October 2006 three teachers and our headmaster visited the little island Lipsi in Greece where we planned the project’s first year. We were very well accommodated and taken good care of by the people in Lipsi. Parents opened their homes to the students, served delicious food, and the mayor of Lipsi arranged a special dinner for us.

Unfortunately we were unable to bring students to Lipsi,but in April 2007 two students and two teachers went to Leer in Germany.

In September 2007 our school will be host-country for teachers and students from our coordinating countries!


Thursday is dancingday for me. I went dancing for two hours. -I just love to dance!

After work and school today, at Friday, Cecilie and Joakim were helping me digging out all of the lawn where we are going to have our new flowerbed.



Monday April 23rd

 While we have been at work today, rest of the boards for the terrace, has been delivered, but today we don't have time to work with the terrace, so we'll see tomorrow instead.



Sunday April 22nd

It's the same weather today, as yesterday, but it's a cold wind blowing today.

We have been outdoors the entire day today too. Charles and Joakim has continued working with the terrace, and I have started to work with a new flowerbed.

Charles made us a delicious elk (moose) roast for dinner.



Saturday April 21st

We still have had snow and sunshine every day. But today it's just a few clouds and sunshine.

Yesterday I drowe to my net friend, Lillian, and gave her my last two aquarium fishes, and all my aquarium plantes. Since we bought our new house, and we started to fix it, I lost interest for my aquariums. I probably have more than enough to do working with our new house and garden. It was a relief to empty the aquarium, and put it away.

Yesterday evening Charles and I eat a delicious dinner! Everyone who had been helping at a trade fair, was invited to have a free dinner, toghether with their wife/ husband. The man who cooked is very talented. He has actually made dinner for our King, several times. Yesterday he had made 11 different main courses of game. I only managed to eat two of them. I delicious soup (he told us that this soup, he have cooked for our King), and I also eat reindeer meat, that he had prepared in a wonderful way. The dessert was fruit and berries which had been marinated in whisky.

Today we went up early, and started to work outdoors. Charles and Joakim continued working with the terrace, while I have changed two flowerbed. See photos here and here.

We went indoors in the evening, and ejoyed a homemade pizza.



Wednesday April 18th

Since the weekend, we have had snow and sunshine every day. But, fortunately, the snow is melting at once, and we don't have any snow lying on the ground.

Yesterday I went to the ear aqupunkturer. This always gives me lots of energy, so yesterday I was doing lots of housework. But today I am not that energic, I only wish to sit by my computer.

After work today, I have been working out, together with some of my collegues, while Cecilie has been at the riding course this afternoon:


Charles and Joakim started to work with the terrace.



Sunday April 15th

This day started with fog, but mild and warm weather. Later, the fog disappeared, and the sun was shining. We went out early this moring, and started to work with the stuff that we had planned for this day.

Charles finished with the carpentry on the house (outdoors), and painted it after he finished. Then he started with the terrace by our front door. He did not manage to do much. He just started to make some holes for the poles that we are going to have on the terrace.

Today I saw the first white Anemones this spring! My page about white Anemones are here.

This weekend I also heard a bird called "Spove". This is a bird that are coming to our country during Springtime. This bird is not in every place in Norway, but we used to hear it at the place I grew up, so when I hear this bird, it's Spring!


I have continued to put more of my perennials in the new flowerbed by the wall of our house. Now I have emptyed 5 cases and over 20 pots, with perennials.

After working with the flowerbed, I started to paint all the windowframes, outdoors, which is without paint. (I painted 7 windowframes and two of the corners of the house.) Now we have finished painting the house, outdoors!

I did not finish until 9 in the evening. Tired but happy with todays effort.



Saturday April 14th

During the four days that has past, since Easter, we have had cold weather with lots of rain and wind.

But today it's a lovely weather! Sunny and warm, and no wind. Wonderful! Charles and I have lots of planes for this day. Charles is going to do some carpentry on the house (outdoors). We did not quite finish last fall. We have also plannes about putting up a terrace by our front door, and Charles will start working with this too, soon. Perhaps this weekend.

I am going to continue digging up the flowerbed which is full of weed and grass, and put more of my perennials there. I still have lots of perennials waiting to be moved from their cases and pots, into the flowerbeds. I also have some painting to do. We have several windowframes, outdoors, which is without paint. But it's much more fun to dig in the soil than to paint, so we'll see what I will end up doing...



Monday April 9th

It's the same lovely weather today. But, today we are going to spend most of the day in our car. (3 hours to drive, each way.) We are going to get Cecilie and Joakim who has been wisiting their father for some days.



Sunday April 8th

We have much better weather today. No wind, and no snowing. (But it have been snowing a lot this last night.) We have been out for a long walk in the nice weather.



Saturday April 7th

It's Easter Saturday today, but the weather is bad, with snow and wind, so we have not been much outdoors. We have just been shopping some grocery. Today I have changed from our a bit dark "winter curtains" in our livingroom, to light pale "summer curtains". It's perpaps a bit early, but I belive that it's nice to have done this, now when I am not at work, and have lots of free time, in my Easter holiday.

If you wish to see our winter curtains, I have several photos of them at this page. I also took a new photo of our guest room (this room is also the room where we have our computer).



Friday April 6th

It' not blowing that strong wind today, like we had yesterday, but it's blowing a cold wind today too. We have also had several snow showers, but between the snow showers, the sun is shining.


Tiger Begonia

A blooming Hoya.

This morning, I have been caring for my plants in our house. I have given new pots to some of them, and one overgrown Tiger Begonia, I have divided into four plants. I probably will give away three out of the four Tiger Begonias. It's nice to share flowers with your friends.

Later this day, we went for a walk, in spite of the bad weather. See photos from our walk, here.

I also took a couple of pictures of Coltsfoot's (Norway's first spring flower), in the snow. Down at this page.



Thursday April 5th

We had planned to wisit my parents today. This means a 6 hours car ride. Cecilie and Joakim were also supposed to see their father, too. But there are a very strong wind here, and it's snowing. We have been checking the conditions on the roads, and people are told not to drive, if they don't have to. We have therefore decided not to go.

Cecilie and Joakim are going to drive by plane instead. Their father will meet them at the airport. It's blowing a strong wind, but the planes are able to fly anyway.

The plane went in time, and Cecilie and Joakim arrived safely to their father.

Charles and I went to a Chinese restaurant, and enjoyed a delicious Chinese dinner after we had been at the airport.



Thuesday April 3rd

Today we woke up to 1 centimetre with snow on the ground. That was not nice, when I have started working in our garden. But I have not put any plants in the soil, that will die. I will wait another month before I use that kind of flowers. But, now and then, the sun is shining, so I hope that the little snow, will melt during the morning.

Yesterday I started with a new project in our garden. I started to dig up a lot of soil and weed from an old flowerbed.

I have used most of this day, working with this new flowerbed. (It's actually an old flowerbed, which has been overgrown with weed. See photos here.



Sunday April 1st

It's been raining this entire morning. (It's 12 AM, now.) I have been using this morning to update my web site. Check out my "What's new-page" to see my updates.