December 2007:

Monday December 31st

Today both Charles and I have been at work, but I was only working from 8 til 12 AM.

Today we are staying at home, the entire family. We are going to eat turkey. We use to eat turkey at New Years Eve. This is very common, in Norway. Many people in Norway eat turkey at New Years Eve.

Tonight Cecilie and Joakim are going outdoors, to let off our fireworks (we don't have rockets, only some sparkles, and some small fireworks, that are lying on the ground). They are going to our "old neighbourhood", 5 minutes from here, were our neighbours will help them with their fireworks.

Charles and I are staying indoors with our two dogs. We will be able to watch all the fireworks from our windows.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!



Sunday December 30th

We have had some peaceful days, now during Christmas time. We have relaxed, enjoyed delicious food, and walking a trip every day. I also have been dancing this Christmas. I went to dance for two hours at December 26th. It was really funny!

Photos from Christmas here.

Both Charles and I was at work at December 27th, and Charles also worked at the 28th, but I had a day off. We are also going to work tomorrow, at New Years eve.

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!



Saturday December 22nd

At Thursday I was home from my work, and finished baking for Christmas.

At Thursday evening, Cecilie was on a Christmas ball, together with her school.

Photos from the first days after we got Rex.

Today Charles, Cecilie, Joakim and Chico has been in the woods to get a Christmas tree. In my family we are used to decorate for Christmas at December 22nd, so today we have decorated both the Christmas tree, and our home for Christmas.

Now it's 7.30 PM, and we have just been enjoying homemade pizza, like we use to do every Saturday evening.

More photos from advent and Christmas here.



Tuesday December 18th

We still haven't got any snow. We probably won't have a white Christmas this year either. But we must try to make the nice Christmas spirit indoors instead.

Now I have started to bake some Christmas cookies. I have baked Christmas bread, a kind of doughnuts, a kind of sweet biscuits, gingerbread biscuits, and a special chocolate kake. I will try to bake the rest of my Christmas cookies on Thuesday when I am going to have a day off.

Our new puppy, Rex, is doing all right. He still urinates some times on our floor, but he is sleeping the whole night through, each night.



Thursday December 13th

I wish you all a nice Lucia Day.

My Lucia pages are here. My Lucia card for you is here.



Wednesday December 12th

On Monday we baked cupcake and chocolate kake, which we enjoyed on Thuesday. Cecilie's 14th birthday was at Thuesday (11th). We were celebrating her with family and friends.

After work today, I went to practice. On the evening, we went to buy most of the groceries that we needs for Christmas.



Sunday December 9th

Today we have got our nwe puppy. I have posted som photos from today, here.

To get him, we had to drive for about 2 1/2 hours. Here were we live, it's no snow, but where Rex are coming from, it's lots of snow, and nice winter. Rex was car sick, and vomited 7-8 times the first hour. But, after this, he wanted to get down at the floor in the car. (He had been sitting on my knee, the first hour when we were driving.) After he came down at the floor, he went to sleep, en did not vomit any more.

After we got home, everything has vent well. We has urinated 2-3 times at our floor, but he has also urinated outdoors, several times, so everything is as normal.



Saturday December 8th

This week time just has "flown away"! Suddenly it's Saturday!

At Thuesday I was to the hairdresser. After that, I went to the ear aqupunkturer.

At Wednesday, Cecilie made two chocolate cakes that we are going to have for her birthday. Cecilie's 14th birthday is at December 11th. Wednesday evening i sorted all our Christmas presents, and checked who we have bougt presents for. Now we have bought 19 out of 24 Christmas presents. I also got my new mobil phone on Wednesday. My old one turned itselves off, several times each day, and it was much more cheap to buy a new one, than to repair the old one.

At Thursday we sent our Christmas cards in the mail, to all our friends and family. At Thursday evening, I went to dance, like I use to, each Thursday. This was the last dancing evening before Chistmas.

On Friday, I bought a Christmas present, so now we only have to buy 4 more gifts, to be finished. I also went to the grocery store to buy lots of goodies for Cecilie's birthday party. She is going to have a party with her friends, at Saturday, and a new celebration with Charles' family at Thuesday. (My family lives too far from us to participate, (6 hours by car, one way), so they have sent their gifts in the mail.)

Friday evening, we had a cozy time at home, the entire family, and watched TV.

Just now (Saturday 8th, at 3 PM, Cecilie has 10 friends at her birtday party. 7 girls (plus Cecilie) and 2 boys (plus Joakim). Lots of kids, but they are all very nice, so it has been a cozy day. They have enjoyed lots of goodies: Pizza, soft drink, chocolate cake, icecream, potato chips and lots of other goodies.

Tomorrow it's a great day for us! We are going to drive to get our new puppy! We are all looking forward to this. Chico is also going to come along with us, when we are going to get our new puppy. We are all very exited about getting a puppy in our house. I have created a page with photos and information about our new puppy, here.



Monday December 3rd

Each Christmas we are sending out about 60 Christmas cards. Today I have put all the cards into their envelopes, and put a stamp on the envelopes. We are not going to send the Christmas cards in the mail, yet, but it's nice to be finished doing this job, so we can send the cards in the mail, later.

Charles has put some elk roast in salt water, so that we will have delicous meat to put on our sandwitches to Christmas.

Each December I use to write lots of stuff and put some photos in a book called "Remembrances of Christmas". I started to write in this book in 1999, and now we have lots of nice photos and other memories in this book. This weekend I have started to write in the book again, for Christmas 2007.

Information about the book here:




Sunday December 2nd

This entire weekend we have had an ice cold wind here. The weather is not bad at all, but because of the wind, it's very cold.

At Friday night we were at a double 40th birthday. A lady who Charles is uncle for, and her husband were celebrating their 40th birthday's. We had a nice time on the party.

Yesterday we were decorating our house for advent. We were playing CD's with Christmas music, and enjoyed ourselves. Joakim were driving his ATV together with his friend, with lots of clothes because of the cold wind.

For a long time I have been wishing to buy a pyramide with lights on, to decorate our home for advent. We do have several other advent decorations too, but I think that this is so nice. Yesterday, I bought it! I am so happy! It's very nice to decorate our window with it.

Here you can see a photo of it:


I have created a new page with photos from Advent.

Today we have continued with some advent- and Christmas preperations. I also have changed the curtains on our livingroom. Just now both Cecilie and Joakim are with some friends, while Charles, who is a car-salesman, is showing a car to a customer, so Chico and I are home alone. I am listening to my "Christmas in Wienna-CD" with Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo with friends. I love this CD. It wonderful music, which gives me a lovely Christmas spirit.

Now I am going to drink my cup of coffee, and then Chico and I are going for a walk before it gets dark. Now it's 1 PM and it's getting dark before 3 PM