January 2007:

Sunday January 28th

Lovely Winter weather today. Cold, (about -7 degreez Celsius), and partly sunny.

Unfortunately we have not been outdoors much today. We have been tidying Morten's bedroom (Charles' 20 years old son). He has been on a course for almost 3 months, and we have not been doing anything with his bedroom since we moved in to our new house. But he are coming home in a couple of weeks, so today we have been putting his furnitures and other stuff in to his bedroom.

The annual meeting yesterday was pleasant, and the bacalao was delicious!



Saturday January 27th

Today we woke up to snow whipping towards our windows.

We have had nice winter weather here, for several days, earlier this week. It's wonderful when it's not raining and windy. But at Thursday the weather was warmer, and it started to rain. The roads was very slippery!

At Friday, it was colder again, and it started to snow. But since Thursday, we have had lots of strong wind too.

I love to read books, and these days, I just finished a book written by a Norwegian writer called Anne Holt:


ANNE HOLT is a bestselling thriller writer with over three million books sold worldwide. She is a former minister of justice, lawyer, journalist, and TV news editor and anchor.


Some of my collegues and I uses to practise once a week. We have had a long break, since Christmas, but at Wednesday, we started to practise again.

At Wednesday, I went to the doctor with Cecilie. Her foot has been hurting for a week, and we had to find our why. The doctor told us that he beleved that she had inflammation of a tendon, under her foot. He gave us a prescription for medicine.

At Thursday I went to dance again.

Tonight Charles and I are going to the annual meeting for the board of the athletic club, together with the other board members and their wives. We are going to stay at the athletic club's skiing cottage, and have bacalao for dinner.



Sunday January 21st

Yesterday I bought tow kinds of fished to my little aquarium: (Ancistrus) and (Corydoras).

Cecilie's new ski equipment, which came in the mail yesterday, was of course wrong. The shoes were two sizes smaller than we ordered, and the skies were wrong type too. We must send it back, and wait to get the correct ski equipment.

 Charles, Cecilie and Joakim went to the skiing cottage early this morning. Charles is going to help the athletic club to sell food and coffee from this cottage. Cecilie and Joakim thinks it's fun to help Charles with this.

I am staying at home today. I am going to empty some boxes with shoes and toy's. This is stuff that we don't use. That's why we have not emptyed these boxes before.

Here is a photo from yesterday's walk:


I have been "tagged" by Unni, and are supposed to write 6 strange things about my self:

I love to watch scary movies.

It's the same with books: I love to read scary books.

I was very shy when I was a kid. (But not now...)

I talk to Chico (our dog) all the time.

I don't like to walk around in my dressing gown in the morning, but now, it's is half past ten, and I am still sitting by my computer, in my dressing gown! (I am alone in the house, and both our bathrooms have been occopated, until Charles, Cecilie and Joakim left. I sat by my computer, to wait, and after that, I just have been sitting here.)

I always have new plans to exercise more, and to eat more healthy food...

Now, I am challenging:

Annette, Kari, Susan, Rigmor, Karin, Luciana.

The rules are the following:

Mention 6 strange facts about you.
Tag 6 net friends, and leave a message in their blog's. Ask them to read your blog.

These rules are supposed to be written in the blogs to those who have been tagged.



We have had wonderful Winter weather today, and Chico and I went for a long walk. I took a couple of photos during our walk. Take a look here, if you wish to see them.

I have also posted one of the photos, down at this page.



Saturday January 20th

At Thursday (18th), i went to dance swingdance. This was the first dancing evening, after Christmas. It was very fun to dance again!

Tonight it has been snowing, so now we have gotten real winter weather again. Joakim went out early this morning, to shovel snow. We have a small motorized lawn mower, which you are supposed to sit on. This lawn mower, we have put on something to shovel snow with, and Joakim thinks it's very fun to use this. During Summer time, he uses it as a lawn mower, and in Winter time he uses it to showel snow.

Here you can see a photo of is (it's not strange that a 11 years old boy thinks it's fun to use this):

Charles and Joakim went to the skiing cottage this morning. Charles is going to help the athletic club to sell food and coffee from this cottage tomorrow. People may come to the cottage and go skiing, and than buy a cup of coffee, food and other stuff.

Cecilie and I are at home. I am going to do some housework. Later today, we are going to take Chico for a long walk in the nice Winter weather.

We are also going to get to the mail office to get a package. We have ordered a complete set for skiing for Cecilie. She has grown, and needed new ski equipment.



Thuesday January 16th

Now, almost all of the snow that we got during the weekend, is gone.

Joakim and I went to see the doctor yesterday. The doctor checked Joakim and said that he did not belive that Joakim have had pneumonia. It's almost impossible to get well from pneumonia without penicillin. Joakim is allergic to penicillin and he has gotten well, without any medicine. He did not have fever when he came home from his Christmas holiday, and he was in quite good shape. But he also have been two times to get ear acupuncture. He did not get well until he had gotten ear acupuncture.

No matter what, it's very good to know that Joakim is well now.

 This afternoon, I have been to the ear acupuncturer with Cecilie.




Sunday January 14th

Finally it's weekend, and I have managed to do something in our house again. Now I have emptyed and washed a cabinet which I have sold. I also have washed our new bathroom furnishings, and put all the stuff that we will have in the bathroom, into the furnishings. Our new bath is quite large.

Charles came home from Barcelona at Friday afternoon. He has had a very nice trip.

Joakim has been better. It might look like the ear acupuncture has helped him to get well. I am exited to hear what the doctor will say, tomorrow.

It has continued to snow here, so now we really have a Winter spirit here.

Cecilie made this snowman yesterday.

Today Charles and I went for a walk with Chico, before we eat lunch. It was very nice, with the good weather and the new snow.

I have a new photo from our kitchen and our hall.

I have created a new page with Winter photos.



Wednesday January 10th

Yesterday evening I sold my largest aquarium. I have been speaking to the buyers today, and they told me that all the fishes had survived the move, and everything went well!

Charles went to Barcelona yesterday morning. He is travelling together with other car salesmen. One of their suppliers are paying for the travel. I have been talking to Charles, in the telephone, both yesterday and today. He is having a wonderful time in Barcelona!

Joakim went to get ear acupuncture for the second time, yesterday. The therapist told us that we might go to the doctor at Monday, to see if Joakim is well. I am exited to see if the ear acupuncture has worked.

I went to the dentist with Cecilie today. Luckily all her teeth was fine, so we don't have to come back until next year! We both were very happy, when we left the dentist.

During today, we have got about 10 centimetres of snow. I am not very happy about it. (When we did not get snow for Christmas, I don't need it now.) But the kids are very happy, of course.



Monday January 8th

I have decided to sell my largest aquarium. It's an aquarium made to be placed in a corner, and it's 105 litres. Our livingroom in our new house, it a bit smaller than our livingroom in our old appartment, so we could use some more space. In addition to that, I feel that I don't have time to do what I have to do, with the aquarium. (Change water weekly and stuff like that).

I have already been talking to several people who are interested in buying it, so I hope that I will be able to sell it soon.

Now I will only have my small aquarium (it's only 17 litres, but I think it's nice).

Today, after work, I have been working the entire afternoon, to put water, plants and other stuff in the small aquarium, which has been empty since we moved.

The plumber came today too, so now our new bathroom is almost finished. We may use the shower, but not the toilet.



Sunday January 7th

It'a a lovely weather today, but we have not been outdoors. We have been working a lot to get in order in our new house. I have also been doing some housework.

The plumber came today, so no I belive that it will not be long until we may use our new bathroom. We are all looking forward to that.

I have taken a photo of our new couches. (The black chair to the left is not new):



Thursday January 4th

It was very nice to have Cecilie and Joakim home again.

Joakim is still a bit ill, of his pneumonia, but he is better now. He has been at school.

Later today, I am going to let him get ear acupuncture. The therapist belives that she may get Joakim well. I am exited to see if it works.

We have bought ourselves a new coach. First we were considering to buy a wery expensive one, which was very nice and wery good to sit in. But we decided to buy another one, instead, which was much cheaper. We were worried that this cheaper coach would not we good to sit in, but it was! It was both nice and very good to sit in. We love our new coach!

We still have not gotten in order in our new house. We are trying to do something every day, after work. We still have some boxes and furnitures that we don't know where to put. And our new bathroom are not quite finished yet. We are waiting for the plumber.

Yesterday I took down all the Christmas decorations and our Christmas tree. I was doing this for several hours. I did not finish until 00.30 AM at night. But I had a large brake, while I watched "Ugly Betty" and "Ghost Whisperer" at the TV.



Monday January 1st

Today I am going to drive for 3 hours, to get Cecilie og Joakim. They have been celebrating their Christmas and New Year together with their father. He lives a 6 hours car ride from us. We are both going to drive for about 3 hours, and meet. Then Cecilie, Joakim and I will drive home.

I am looking forward to getting Cecilie and Joakim home again, but I know they have had a nice Christmas holiday with their father. I have been talking to them on the phone each day. Joakim got pneumonia during Christmas, but he is better now.