July 2007:

Sunday July 15th

During the last few days we have had nice, warm and sunny weather, with some rain in between, but it's okey with some rain, because we almost have had no rain during June.
Cecilie and Joakim are still on their summer vacation together with their father. I am talking to them on the phone each day. They are having a nice vacation.
Now it's only a week until Charle and I are going on our summer holiday, all by ourselves. We are travelling for one week just him and me, and then, the next two weeks, Cecilie and Joakim are also travelling together with us.
This weekend I have made a new flowerbed. I have put 2 different red Roses and 1 white Rose in it, and a white Lily. I am going to buy some more red and white flowers for this flowerbed.
Later today Charles and I are going to a birthday party to our niece. She is 3 years today.
Last night we were at a barbecue party, together with Charles relatives. We were spending the entire afternoon and evening outdoors, and had a wonderful party.

Wednesday July 11th

Yesterday it was raining almost the entire day, but today we have had sunny weather again. But, in the evening today, we got thunder and ligthning, with strong rain, so we really got the garden watered today!
When the strong rain came, Charles and I went indoors, and watched a garden program on the TV. I love to watch garden programs. It's nice and I always learn something new.

Monday July 9th

We have had a wonderful weather during the whole June. Last week we went to a small summer vacation. We were wisiting my parents, my sisters and grandmothers. We also spent some days at my parents cottage.

Now we are back to work, and are going to work for two weeks.
Then we are going on another summer vacation.
Charles has ordered a trip for him and me, as a 40 years gift for me. (I am not 40 until September, but we are travelling now.)
After this trip, we are going to take our caravan with us, and are going camping.
This weekend we have been working a lot in our garden.
And, after work today, I just, had to go to the flower shop.
I bought a white rose called Paloma, and a dark pink Lupin. I am not sure where to put the white rose, but I do have a red rose, in a pot, which is going to get a nice new flowerbed together with the white rose. I just have to find a nice place to put the new flowerbed...