June 2007:

Wednesday June 27th

The day before yesterday, it started to rain.
But, we have not had any rain in June, so the garden really needed some rain, now. I only hope that it will not rain for weeks, now.

I am going to have a one week vacation from Friday (in two days) , so I hope that the rain has stopped by then.



Saturday June 23rd

It's cloudy today, but mild and nice temperatures.

Charles got lots of good help with putting up the new black roof. A friend of him helped him one evening, and two other evenings, his brother and his cousine were helping him. They are almost finished now. The house was much nicer with the new black roof! I have posted a photo of the guys working, here, and here.

Cecilie went on her summer holiday yesterday. She is going to wisit her father for a week. Two of her friends (twin girls, that is in her class), went together with her. Cecilie has been looking very much forward to this trip.

Yesterday after school they travelled by bus for 4 hours and than by train for 3 hours. I spoke to her several times in our mobilphones. The trip went well.

Yesterday was the kids last day at school before their summer holiday. Today my sisters son came to stay with us for a week. He and Joakim are going to stay together at daytime, while Charles and I are at work. Both Joakim and Steffen has been looking forward to this week for a long time. They are almost at the same age, and love to stay together.

I have one week vacation in week 27, and at Friday June 29th Steffen, Joakim and I are going to drive to wisit my parents, and my sister (Steffen's mother). Cecilie is also coming to stay together with us. If the weather is nice, we will probably go to my parents cottage.



Thuesday June 19th

I have been expanded this flowerbed. The new part, is the part to the left side:


Charles has continued working with the roof. Each and every day.



Saturday June 16th

Both yesterday evening (after work) and this whole day, we have been working with our house and garden.

I have been putting 4 of the new hedge bushes into the soil, and moved 2 other bushes to a better place, and continued to expand a flowerbed. (See photos here.)

Charles has been working this entire day, removing the roof of half the house. He hopes to finish with the other half tomorrow. We are going to change the roof, and get a black roof. I am looking forward to that. I belive that the house will look much nicer with a black roof, instead of the old red roof.



Thursday June 14th

Today Charles and I bought 10 hedge bushes and a small tree with red leaves. I have been dreaming of buying this small tree for a long time. I am so happy that we have bought it now.

This is what we bought today.



Thuesday June 12th

A bit more cloudy today, but the weather is not that bad. Yesterday we had som rain too.

Today I have started to expand a flowerbed. This is something that I love to do! I have just started. The flowerbed it going to be expandet MUCH more than what I have done today. I have a new photo here.



Saturday June 9th

Most of this day I have been doing housework. During June, we have hade wonderful weather, and with nice weather, we spend most of the time outdoors, so it was at time to do some housework now. I have been washing lots of clothes, and put up to get dry, in the sunshine.
I love this time of year! It's wonderful when I am riding my bicycle to work in the morning. It's a sweet smell of Spring from all the Spring flowers and and trees which are blooming now.
I love to bring a cup of coffee (or two) in our garden, and just sit and relax, enjoying it all!



Thuesday June 5th

Yesterday I started to ride my bicycle instead of the car, when I am going to work. (I have to admit that I am driving my car, if the weather is bad, but now it a lovely summer weather, and I am biking.)

We have been working a lot with a small part of our garden. If you wish to take a look, I have a new photo, down at this page here.



Sunday June 3rd

Now we have had a wonderful weather for over a week! Sun, warm weather, and no wind!
We have been working in our garden for the whole weekend! I will post photos as soon as I find some time to do it. (First I have to take som photos.) But I am not finished with my new garden project yet. I will post photos as soon as I am finished with it. Our new garden is quite large, and my new project is just a small corner in the garden, but I am very pleased about what we have done this weekend.






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