March 2007:

Saturday March 31st

This morning, I did some housework, before I went out to put up the small stone wall.

Now I have expanded the two "flowerbeds" into just one big flowerbed, and made a small stone wall, in front of the flowerbed. I am not finished yet, but this was all I managed to do, today.

Now I am going to take a shower. Than we are going to have homemade pizza for dinner.



Friday March 30th

Yesterday afternoon, our nice spring weather disappeared. Today we have had both sunny weather, cloudy, hail and snow. But, fortunately, there are no snow on the ground. It has all melted away again.

Today we all started our easter holiday. We are not going to work for 10 days. I am looking forward to having time off, for so many days.

I will probably be working in our garden, some of the time, if the weather gets better again.  Today we have bought bricks to our small stone wall. I am not sure if I will get this stone wall as I hope, but I will post photos of it, no matter how it gets.



Wednesday March 28th

Another lovely day is soon over. After work today, we have been out in our garden, finishing the "dog yard". We also got a load of topsoil, delivered by a lorry. Charles put the topsoil on the lawn, by means of his tractor, by the entrance of our house, where the lawn was very uneven and bad. When we are sure that there will be no more frost, we will sow grass, to get a new lawn, there.

Last fall I dug som plants down in our lawn on the other side of the house, to take better care of them than to put them into pots and boxes. I have a photo of the house, with the two "holes" in the lawn, with stones around, down at this page. I have planned to expand these two "flowerbeds" into just one big flowerbed, and to remove most of the stones, and to make a small stone wall, in front of the flowerbed. Today I have tryed to dig up grass and weed, where I want the small stone wall. I know exactly how I want this to look like, but I am not sure if I am able to make it this way. But, I must just try, and than we will see if I succeed in getting it like I want it to be.

I have created a page that shows our changes in our garden, here.



Thuesday March 27th

We are still having the wonderful spring weather that we had last weekend.

Yesterday we got an organ. We noticed an advertisement, that someone wanted to give away an organ, for free. We were lucky to get it!

Both yesterday and today, after work, we have been outdoors in our garden the whole afternoon. But as soon as the sun goes down, it turns pretty cold. (The sun goes down a few minutes before 8 PM, now. I have finished the "spring cleaning" in all our flowerbeds. Now I only have the flower pots left.

Today we have bought a "dog yard" for Chico. (A sort of fence, so he will not have to have his shackle on, when he is out in our garden.) We have been putting it up this afternoon, but we did not finish. Charles had to go to a meeting. We will finish tomorrow.

I have also painted around our front door this afternoon. I did not manage to finish painting around all our windows and our front door, last fall, so today I started with our front door. This is not something that I enjoy doing, but it has to be done.



Sunday morning, March 25th

Also today, we woke up to a wonderful spring weather. It was 11 degreez Celcius, when we got out of our bed.

Earlier this week I spotted the first Coltsfoot. (This is the first flower to come, here in Norway, during Springtime.)

My pages of Coltsfoot is here.

The party last nigth was very cozy. We eat nice food, cookies and coffee. Then we were dancing the rest of the night. Today, at 12.00 I am going to participate in tidying and cleaning the premises we used to our party.

Tonight we have turned our clocks one hour forward. (It's Summertime.)

We will probably be outdoors, working in our garden today too. We can not stay indoors, with this lovely spring weather. I am looking forward to get out, and continue working with the flowerbeds and flower pots. Charles and Joakim has already went out. Cecilie has 3 friends sleeping over this night. They are all still asleep. :o)

Another wonderful day is soon over. We have been outdoors the entire day. (Except for one hour when I was participateing in tidying and cleaning the premises we used to our party, last night.)

The rest of this day, we have been continued to work in our garden.



Saturday March 24th

Today we have had a lovely spring weather: Mild and nice, with sun all day. We have been outdoors, working in our garden the whole day. Charles and a friend, and Joakim too, has made a parking lot in our garden. I have posted 3 photos of this, here.

While "the boys" made the parking lot, by means of a couple of tractors, I have taken away withered plants, and put new soil in 3 flowerbeds and 1 flower case. It was very nice to start with this relaxing garden work again. I still have two flowerbeds left, and lots of cases and pots. I probably will continue working with this tomorrow, if the weather stays nice.


I am dancing a lot, these days: At Thursday, I danced for two hours, like I use to do at Thursdays. At Friday, I went to a dancing course, and tonight we are going on a party, together with all the people who uses to come to the dancing evenings at Thursdays. The dancing club is celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year, and we are having a dancing party to celebrate it, tonight.



Thuesday March 20th

This morning, when I was going to let Chico get out, I got a big surprise when I opened the front door: Two elks (or mooses) was standing on our lawn! The elks saw us, and ran away. I was shaky for a long time after this, but at the same time, I think it's a bit fun too. I sneaked out, when they had gotten far off, and took a picture of one of the elks. Actually the elks was a bit too far off. I did not get a good picture of them, when they was too far off. :o)


We have a lovely spring weather nowdays. But it's a bit cold. 2-3 Celcius below zero in the morning.

Tomorrow it's vernal equinox. This is the time in the spring when the day and night are of equal length.



Sunday March 18th

Joakim and I vere outdoors for 3 hours this morning, cleaning up outside our house. I have also put 15 tulip bulbs into this case:

I am exited to see if there will be any tulips here. I am not sure if I have done this too early. It's only 1-2 degreez Celsius here. But, now it's done. We will just have to wait and see.

I have also sowed Lobelia today. But the Lobelia seeds will be keept indoors, until we are sure that there will be no more cold and snow. I have never tryed to sow before, so it will be exiting to see if there will be any flowers out of the seeds.



Saturday March 17th

Today it's raining, and sleeting, here. No nice Spring weather. But, we gets some hope that there will be Spring soon, when we take a look in the flower beds:


This weekend there is a trade fair, here. Charles is working there, as a watch. Joakim is there too, together with Charles. Cecilie is having a friend on wisit. She has stayed overnight. They have been singing at Cecilies SingStar, and having a cozy time. Later in this morning, I am going to drive them to the town.

I have a lot of housework waiting, but I will have a moment at my computer before I do the housework.

These cute Mini Narcisses is standing in our kitchen window:


Later this morning it stopped raining, and the sun came. :o)

I went out, in the nice weather, to clean up in our garden and front yard. Charles and Joakim helped me, when they came home. Se photos here.

Cecilie went together with her friend, this afternoon. She is going to stay overnight to her this night.



Wednesday March 14th

Today we heard a bird called "Tjeld", for the first time this year.

My work is by the ocean, and we heard the Tjeld outside our windows at work, this morning.

I am so happy that I have this wonderful view from my windows at work:

Today it's wednesday, and I have been working out, at our training room at work.

Wednesday is also Cecilies day at the riding course, so she has been riding today.

During the past few days, we have had a lot of rain and wind. All the snow hss melted away. I really hope that there will be no more snow, and that the Spring will be warm and nice.



Thuesday March 13th


Here is a photo of my Nissan Micra 1995:

The car is perfect for me, and I am very happy that we bought it!



Thursday March 8th

We have sold my old car. This weekend, Charles and I are traveling to buy a new car for me. A small Nissan Micra. I am looking forward to get my new car.

Charles and I are coming home at Sunday. We are also going to wisit my relatives, and to get Cecilie and Joakim, which has been at their father during the winter holiday.

Tonight I have been dancing again, like I do every Thursday.

Earlier today I have been talking to a collegue of mine, who helped me to let the photos show at my Web Site.



Sunday March 4th

Wonderful sunny winter weather today too.

Tonight we had a total lunar eclipse. We took several photos of the moon. Here is one of the photos:

On Saturday March 3 a total lunar eclipse is visible from Norway from 21:18 (20:18 UT) to 03:23 (02:23 UT). Read more at

We have just bought ourselves a new computer. It seems that we have not gotten all the programs and everything in it's place. The photos will not show at my Web Site. We just have to try to fix this, but I don't know what's wrong. I hope that we will figure it out soon. I am sorry that the photos will not show, yet.



Saturday March 3rd

The trip, yesterday, went well. I took this pickture with my mobil telephone, during the trip:

Water which has frozen to ice, at the mountain side.


Today it's a lovely sunny winter weather, but I have used this day to do housework:


Charles and I ordered pizza from a restaurant tonight. We don't do this very often, but today we decided to do it. The pizza was very good! 



Thursday March 1st

Today we have been wisiting Charles' brother and his family. Our sister in law was celebrating her birthday.

Tomorrow I am going to drive for 3 hours with Cecilie and Joakim. Their winter holiday starts tomorrow, after school, and they are going to wisit their father during the winter holiday. He is living a 6 hours car ride from us, and we are both driving for 3 hours, and meets half the way between where we live.

Cecilie and Joakim are also going to wisit my sister and her two boys, during their holiday.