May 2007:

Thursday May 29th

Wonderful weather today! Sun and no wind!
I have been shopping some new plants and some other stuff for our garden today. (We got lots of "gift cards" for our birthday's this weekend. We can go to the flower shop and buy stuff, without paying for it. Our friends has payed a certain amount at the shop, and we can choose what we want, for this certain amount.)




Monday May 28th

We have had a wonderful weekend, with lots of wisitors and sleepovers. We have been celebrating Charles' 50th birthday, and my 40th birthday. (Charles is turning 50 at May 31st, and I am 40 in September.) We were celebrating our birthday's together.
It has been very cozy to see my parents and two sisters with their families. They have all been staying with us this weekend. The party was succsessful. We have cooked enouch dinner and cakes, and everyone seemed to have a nice time at the party.
Today we have enjoyed our day off. I have been working in the garden, while Charles and Joakim has been assembled a towing bracket on our new car, which we got at Friday.
Tonight Cecilie, Joakim and I went to the cinema. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End.
It is a dark time as the Age of Piracy nears to a close. Lord Cutler Beckett (TOM HOLLANDER) of the East India Company has gained control of the terrifying ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman, and its malevolent, vengeful Captain, Davy Jones (BILL NIGHY). The Dutchman now roams the seven seas, unstoppable, destroying pirate ships without mercy, under the command of Admiral Norrington (JACK DAVENPORT).

Will Turner (ORLANDO BLOOM), Elizabeth Swann (KEIRA KNIGHTLEY) and Captain Barbossa (GEOFFREY RUSH) embark on a desperate quest to gather the Nine Lords of the Brethren Court, their only hope to defeat Beckett, the Flying Dutchman, and his Armada.

But one of the Lords is missing--Captain Jack Sparrow (JOHNNY DEPP), either the best or worst pirate ever, and now trapped in Davy Jones Locker, thanks to his encounter with the monstrous Kraken.

In an increasingly shaky alliance, our heroes, including Tia Dalma (NAOMIE HARRIS), Pintel (LEE ARENBERG) and Ragetti (MACKENZIE CROOK) must first travel to dangerous, exotic Singapore and confront Chinese pirate Captain Sao Feng (CHOW YUN-FAT) to gain charts, and a ship, that will take them off to world's end, to rescue Jack.

But even if Captain Jack is successfully rescued, the gathering of the legendary Brethren Court may not be enough to hold back the fearsome tide of Beckett, Davy Jones and their powerful Armada ... unless the capricious sea goddess Calypso, imprisoned in human form, can be freed and convinced to come to their aid.

As betrayal piles upon betrayal, it becomes clear that Jack, Will, Elizabeth, Sao Feng, and Barbossa each have their own agenda, and no one can be trusted. Yet each must choose a side, and make their final alliances for one last battle, in a titanic showdown that could eliminate the freedom-loving pirates from the seven seas -- forever.
I loved the movie! It's lots of adventures and almost like a fairytale, but I love this kind of movies.




Thursday May 24th

I have not been baking any cakes today. After work today, we have tidyed and cleaned our house. My parents and my two sisters with their families are coming to stay with us for the weekend, while we are going to celebrate our birthday's. They will all arrive tomorrow. We are looking forward to seeing them all again.
Tomorrow I am going to bake two more cakes, and wash our floors. Then I have planned to make a lot of homemade pizza, that we are supposed to enjoy, when my family arrives.
We will probably get the key for the rented premises where we are going to have the party, tomorrow, but I am not sure if we will find time to decorate tomorrow. Perhaps we will do this at Saturday morning. 




Wednesday May 23rd

Another day with cold weather and rain.
This morning we woke up two hours later than we use to! I had forgotten to put the alarm clock on. But, we managed to get the kids to school before it started. Charles only came a few minutes late, and at my work, we are able to spare our overtime, and use it some other day. I did this today, and everything went well.
After work, I baked another cake. A big chocholate cake.
Then I went out and bought some of the stuff that we are going to decorate the tables with, at the party.
In the evening, me and two other parents, arranged a film evening for the kids in Joakim's class. Lots of kids came to see the film, and they all enjoyed it! We watched a Norwegian movie, called "Pitbullterje".
Cecilie has been on her riding course today, but when she finished riding, she came to see the movie too.
This is what I found out about the film, on the internet:
Pitbullterje is the story about Jim, who lives with an anxious mother, without being part of the cool bunch at school. One day, weird Terje moves into the neighbourhood.

He insists on being best buddies with Jim, even if this leads to even more problems for him.

This is a comedy with a big heart. It deals with problems that are familiar to many people.
When we came home, LOST started on the TV. We love this serie, the whole family. We use to watch it every week.

Thuesday May 22nd

This day started with sunny weather. Unfortunately it started to rain later in the afternoon. I am starting to get very sick and tired of the awful spring weather that we have had this spring. I really hope that the summer will be better than the spring.
A few years ago, Charles got a potted plant from the athletic club. Now we have gotten flowers on it, and I just had to chow you how wonderful it is:
This coming weekend Charles and I are going to celebrate our birthdays. Charles is turning 50, at May 31st, and I am turning 40, at September 27th. My birthday is in the middle of the elk (moose) hunt, so we decieded to celebrate our birthdays together, in May. We have invited lots of friends and family to our party. We have rented premises where we are going to have the party. My parents, and my two sisters with their families, which lives a 6 hours drive from us, are coming to stay with us the entire weekend. I am looking forward to seeing them again. Charles' brother and wife, and his sister and her husbond, who lives about 15 hours drive from us, are coming too. They are staying with some of Charles' other brothers and sisters during the weekend. (Our house is not big enough for them all.)
There will be 50-60 people in our party.
I have started to bake some cakes to the birthday. Yesterday I baked two cakes, called Cakes of Sunshine. Today I baked two brownies:
I have bought some flowers, to decorate our terrace:
It has just been raining, so the flower does not look very nice now. Let's hope for some sun and warm weather soon.
Charles got some more help from his brother today. They have put up some more moulding. While I have been painting our shoe shelf. It was painted in the same awful color that the front entrance had before. Now I have painted it black.

Sunday May 20th

It's been raining the entire day. Yesterday I started to paint the front entrance. I continued to do this today. It was wonderful to get rid of the awful color that I painted in the front entrance, last year. I have a new photo here. (Down at the page).
Charles got some help from his brother today. They have put up some moulding.
I have posted a couple of photos from Norway's birthday, May 17th. (Down at the page.)
Charles is turning 50 years at May 31st, and I am turning 40 years at September 27th. I have made an own birthday page for us. Today I have posted photos of my gift for Charles.

Saturday May 19th

Today, we woke up to sunshine, but before we had eaten our breakfast, it was raining. But, in the afternoon, the sun was shining. Charles painted the railing on our new terrace in the sunshine. Unfortunately, it started to rain again, during the evening.
We had a nice May 17th (Norway's birthday), with no rain, and some sun, but it was only 6-7 degreez celcius, so it was a bit cold.
Since I drowe for 20 hours, to the confirmation last weekend, my back has been bad. At May 17th, it went worse. But I was very lucky. Yesterday I got an appointment with a kind of chiropractor. I was better almost at once! It's good to be able to move as normal again.
Morten, Charles' 21 years old son, has gotten a job. He is starting in two days. He has moved into an own appartment. Today we have started to tidy and wash Morten's old room. We are going to move a sofa bed into this room, instead of having it where we have two freezers, our computer and a exercise bike, where it stands now. I am looking forward to have the sofa bed into a nother room. This will give us more space in the other room.
Today I have also bought som paint. I am going to re-paint our front entrance. The color that I used in our front entrance, last year, is a bit bright, so I decided to paint the front entrance in another color. If you wish to see the old color, I have photos from our front entrance here.

Wednesday May 16th

The confirmation was very nice. The weather was good, the food was delicious and it was very nice to see the people which I have not seen for about 8 years.
I have made a page with photos from the confirmation this weekend.
I have got some curtains from my sister. If you wish to take a look, I have a photo down at the page from our livingroom.
Tomorrow it's Norway's birthday, and we are going on the May 17th parade. We are hoping for the weather to be nice, with no rain and perhaps some warmer temperatures.
Happy Birthday to everyone in Norway! If you wish to wisit my pages about Norway's birthday just click on the red text.

Wednesday May 9th


Tomorrow, I am going to travel for a trip. We are going to the confirmation for Cecilie and Joakim's cousine. We will be back at Monday May 14th.

I wish you a nice weekend!




Thuesday May 8th


May 8, 1945 marked the end of five years of German occupation during World War II. It's since been known as Liberation Day in Norway, and flags still fly all over the country at this day.

Today we have sold Joakim's crosser. We'll see if we can afford to buy an ATV later.

We have also had someone to see our old appartment. It's almost 1 year since we started trying to sell the old appartment. We really hope that someone wants to buy it.




Monday May 7th

Yesterday was a wonderful Spring day, with sun and nice weather. We spent the entire day ourdoors. We did not go inside, for eating dinner, but we bought a grill (one of those that you only use one time, and then throw it in the garbage), and grilled at our new terrace. It was lovely, eating outdoors in the sun.

Early yesterday, a stained out terrace furnitures.

We also sawed down to bushes that we are going to get rid off, but we did not manage to remove the roots. We will probably have to dig up the roots by hand, by a spade. We are also planning to move two other bushes, which are standing in the middle of our lawn (on the entrance part of our house). We will put them more in the outskirts of the lawn.


Saturday May 5th

We have been outdoors, working in our garden, this whole Saturday too.

I have bought 3 new plants to our new flowerbed.

I have also removed stones and sticks from our lawn. After that, I sawed grass in the parts of our lawn that was bad, and at the places that we have put new soil.

I also got time to paint the top of the railing on our terrace.

Cecilie is staying with two friends today, two twin girls, so Joakim got to decide what we were going to have for dinner: He choose homemade pizza. We did not go indoors until 6.30 PM, so we eat a late dinner today, as we use about one hour to make the pizza.




Thursday May 3rd

We still haven't got the warm spring weather that we are hoping for. It's about 5-6 degreez Celsius, cloudy and often fog. But, there is no wind, and almost no rain, so we can't complaint...

Today it's Thursday, and I have been dancing for two hours, like I use to to at Thursdays.




Thuesday May 1st

Today we have done a lot of stuff outdoors. We have been clearing up a huge heaps of boards that we have had by our garage. The whole family was working: Charles was using the saw, Joakim was helping Charles, I was packing the small pieces of wood into sacks, which Cecilie took the sacks in the wheelbarrow, and put them into the cellar. See photos here.

After we had clearing up, outdoors, we started to tidy in our outhouse and in the garage. I found a rose in the outhouse. (I put it there last fall. This kind of rose will die if I let it stay out all winter, but I had forgotten that I had it in the outhouse). I gave it a new pot, and new soil and gave it water. I am exited to see if it has survived. (It seamed ok. It had started to sprout.)

We ordered pizza (Calzone) from a pizzarestaurant for dinner today. Charles and Joakim drove to pick up the pizza, while I layed the table.

In the evening, we sat in front of the TV, the whole family. At Thuesday's, it's CSI on the TV, and we uses to watch this all of us.

It's been wonderful with this extra day off, and we have really done a lot today. Much more than we expected to do.