November 2007:

Monday November 26th

We have had almost the same weather today too, exept the sleet has been replaced with some snow instead. We did not have any snow from before, so I think that it's nice. It helpes me with my Christmas spirit.
I have ordered over 60 Christmas cards, with photos of us. I was happy to get the Christmas cards today. Then we will have lots of time to get them into the mail, and send them to our friends and family.
Now I have read another book:

Lieutenant Jonathan Stride is suffering from an ugly case of déjà vu. For the second time in a year, a beautiful teenage girl has disappeared off the streets of Duluth, Minnesota. Gone without a trace, like a bitter gust off Lake Superior.

The two victims couldn't be more different. First it was Kerry McGrath. Bubbly. Sweet sixteen. And now Rachel Deese. Strange and sexually charged. A wild child.

The media is hounding Stride to catch a serial killer. But Stride, haunted by personal loss and by his failure to solve Kerry's murder the year before, doesn't think the answer is that simple. As he exposes Rachel's twisted background, he begins to believe that the truth behind Rachel's disappearance is more complex than anyone imagines. And more evil.

The search carries Stride from the icy stillness of the northern woods to the erotic heat of Las Vegas. And Stride finds his own life changed forever by the secrets he uncovers.

Secrets that stretch across time in a web of lies, death, and illicit desire.

Secrets that are chillingly... immoral.


The book was very exiting, with an surprisingly ending.

The people who are renting our old appartment, are moving out in January. They have bought a house by the sea. Now we will try to sell our appartment again. Two different people have told us that they are interested in seeing our appartment. We have struggled a lot with our economy the last year and a half, paying mortage on two houses, so now we really hope that someone will by the appartment.

By the way, I have got myself a profile on Facebook. I am not very active, in there, but if some of you are on Facebook too, perhaps you would send an e-mail to me, and tell me your name, (normally I only have my net friends first name), and we may find each other on Facebook too?



Sunday November 25th

Today we have had a terrible weather. Sleet, wind and rain.

This weekend I have been on a dancing course. It was very hard to learn a new way of dancing, but it was very fun.

Today I have got some Christmas spirit. I have played both my two CD-records with songs from Christmas in Wienna. We have had stockfish for dinner today. Stockfish is traditional Christmas dish i Norway. Often served with boiled potatoes, pea stew and fried bacon. I have also been at the attic to find our advent decoration, and checked that all the lamps and lights in our advent decorations are working, so that we will be able to decorate our home for advent, next weekend. I have also, with some help from Cecilie, been wrapping our christmas presents, so now the Christmas spirit are coming.




Monday November 19th

Now all the snow has melted again, and it's wet and dark again. I hope that we will get som snow again. Actually I don't like winter, but now when it is winter, I think that it is better with real winter weather, with snow, than this dark, wet winter without snow.

This weekend we have been wisiting my sister and her family. They live a 6 hours car ride from us. We enjoyed our stay with them, and bought some Christmas presents too, while we were there. We also ordered Cecile's bunad, for her confirmation.




Sunday November 11th

Today it's father's day, here in Norway. Happy father's day to all fathers!

We have had nice winter weather for 3 days here. No rain and no wind, only som snow and partly sunny. But yesterday it was raining again. Fortunately all the snow did not melt by the rain, and today it's nice weather again. About zero degreez Celcius, no rain and no wind.

Some time ago, I read 3 new books, all written by the same author: Anne B. Ragde:



When Anna Neshov suddenly suffers a stroke a week before Christmas and falls into a coma, her three sons are forced to redefine their own lives and relate to each other. Erlend works as a decorator in Copenhagen, Margido owns a small funeral parlour, and the oldest son, Tor, who is fifty-six, runs the family farm in Byneset near the city of Trondheim. The brothers haven't seen each other for years. Tor is the only one of the three with a child: his daughter Torunn, the result of a short-lived relationship in his youth. Torunn has only met her father once before. But now Tor wants her to come and meet her grandmother before she dies. The award-winning bestseller Berlinerpoplene is a novel about trying to tear up one's roots, only to discover that they run much deeper than expected. It is also about suddenly uncovering roots that one never knew existed.

I love the 3 books of Anne B. Ragde. It's almost sad that there will only be 3 books about this family. I would have loved to read more about them.


This weekend we have only been relaxing. I really needed to just do nothing. Next weekend we are going to wisit my sister and her family. We are all looking forward to seeing them again.




Wednesday November 7th

When we woke up this morning, it had been snowing a little bit tonight. The temperature has been about 1 degree below zero Celcius. We have had no rain and no wind today. It has been wonderful that we haven't had rain and wind today. We have had bad weather for about 3 months, now. Even if it's a bit cold, it's wonderful with the nice weather.

Today I have been practising after work, and tomorrow it's Thursday, and my "dancing evening".



Sunday November 4th

Today we have been wisiting the family who ownes the mother of our new puppy.

We are going to get our new puppy in December.

It takes about 2 1/2 hours to drive from our house to the family who has the puppies. Here in our town we still have rain and no snow on the roads. But after driving 1 hour we came to the winter. There were snow on the roads, and snow everywhere in the town where our new puppy lives.




Friday November 2nd

This fall we have had very bad weather. It has been raining and raining since August. But we have been enjoying the few days without rain.

Yesterday was Thursday, and I went to dance, like I use to do. I really enjoyed myself.

Normally I am not at work during the weekends, but tomorrow I am going to work.



On Sunday we are going to drive with our car, to see the puppy that we are going to buy.

We are looking very much forward to see the puppy, and to wisit the family that we are going to buy the puppy from.