October 2007:

Monday October 29th

This weekend my parents have been wisiting us. The weather has not been nice, but we have had some lovely days together anyway.




Saturday October 21st

During Fall 2007 we decided to get another dog. Charles wanted to have a dog that he may use when he is hunting for elk (moose) We read about The Swedish White Elkhound in a magazine, and thought that this sounded like a good dog for us.

We contacted someone who were expecting puppies, and told them that we were interested in having a puppy from their dog.

At October 19th, we were told that there were born 5 puppies, and that we will have one of them!


I have created some pages about The Swedish White Elkhound at my web site, here.




Saturday October 20th

This weekend is going to be a big dancing weekend for me! Yesterday I went to two dancing courses. We were dancing for over 4 hours. Today I am going to part two in both the dancing courses. We are going to dance from 1 PM to 5.30 PM today.

I was very exhausted yesterday evening, but I really enjoyed myself at the dancing courses. I am looking forward to the courses today.

We have had a terrible weather here, this entire Fall. It has been raining almost every day since August. I think that it would be better if it could snow. (And this is pretty unbeliveable coming from me, who actually is not very fond of winter.)




Monday October 15th

Today I have got a new computer!

A portable computer (laptop). I am going to move all my documents, photos and my web site to this laptop. I am looking forward to start to use it.

I am just waiting for some programs which I have ordered. I can not use it until I get those programs.

Ever since I created my blog, in March 2006, i have had the same welcome page. But, today I have created a new welcome page. It was nice to get a change now, i think.




Thursday October 11th

Yesterday it was snowing here! But it did not snow much. The snow melted the same moment it touched the ground. But, it's too early with snow, I think.

Cecilie and Joakim are coming home from their Fall vacation tonight. I am looking forward to seeing them again. 




Saturday October 6th

My dancingday, at Thursdag, went well! I was able to dance without any pain in my "frozen shoulder". But the day after, the shoulder was hurting a bit.

Friday, I took a day off, togehter with 3 friends and collegues. We drove by car for over 2 hours, to go shopping in another town. It's fun to shop in stores that we don't have here in our town. We had a wonderful day, and we were all shopping a lot! Among other things, I bought a skirt, two jeans, shoes, several candlesticks, a jeans for Cecilie and a sweather for Joakim, and 9 Christmas presents! I was very satisfied with the day!

At Friday Cecilie and Joakim went to see their father. They are staying with him during their Fall vacation.

Today I have been doing a lot of housework!


Tonight we are going to barbeque some dinner in our barbeque house. Charles' sister are coming to see us too.



Wednesday October 3rd

I have had a bad shoulder for some time, and yesterday I went to the doctor. He told me that I have a "Frozen shoulder". I did not know what this means, so I checked some internet pages. This is some of the information I found:

Frozen shoulder is characterized by pain and loss of motion or stiffness in the shoulder. Frozen shoulder can develop after a shoulder is immobilized for a period of time. Attempts to prevent frozen shoulder include early motion of the shoulder after it has been injured.

Some physicians have described the normal course of a frozen shoulder as having three stages:

  • Stage one: In the "freezing" stage, the patient develops a slow onset of pain. As the pain worsens, the shoulder loses motion. This stage may last from six weeks to nine months.

  • Stage two: The "frozen" stage is marked by a slow improvement in pain, but the stiffness remains. This stage generally lasts four months to nine months.

  • Stage three: The final stage is the "thawing," during which shoulder motion slowly returns toward normal. This generally lasts five months to 26 months.

  • I wonder if I got this bad shoulder because I was digging in our garden the entire weekend.


    Today I have sold our fish and fishbowl. I belive that I have lost my interest in aquarium and aquarium fishes, so I figured I just might sell the fish.

    Even if I have my bad shoulder, I was training after work today, like I use to do on Wednesday's. I was careful with my shoulder, and it went well. A couple of things were hurting, and the next time I am going to train, I will not do these stuff that hurt today.

    Tomorow it's Thursday, and "dancingday". I am very exited, and a bit worried, to see if I am able to dance without any pain. The doctor told me that I might train and dance like I use to, as long as it did not hurt in my shoulder.



    Monday October 1st

    After work today, I have been sitting by our computer for a long time. Among other things, I have created a new page with Fall photos from our garden. Check out my "What's news-page" for other updates.

    Charles and his friends have gotten 3 out of the 4 mooses that they were supposed to get. Today they went to see if they could get the last one too. Joakim was lucky to come with Charles.

     Joakim sent a message to me, on his mobil phone, after a couple of hours. They had shot the 4th moose. Joakim has never been on a moose hunt, and this was very exiting for him to experience.