September 2007:

Saturday September 30th

We have sunny weather today too, but it's blowing a strong wind. But, as long as we don't have any rain, I am happy.

Today I have finished the new flowerbed. (More photos here.)

This weekend I have finished reading the last book of Joy Fielding, Mad River Road. Joy Fielding is one of my favourite writers, and she did not dissapoint me this time either. The book was very exiting!

After spending a year in prison, Ralph has explicit plans for his first night of freedom: tonight, someone will be held accountable. He goes to murderous lengths to learn the address of his former wife - the woman he blames for his fate and has sworn vengeance against. Determined to bring her to his idea of justice, Ralph's next step is to travel from Florida to Ohio to find his ex-wife's house on Mad River Road.

Also in Florida, Jamie Kellogg wakes from an agonizing nightmare of her mother's funeral and assesses her life: a twenty-nine-year-old woman in a dead-end job, with an ex-husband in Atlanta, a married lover in the hospital, and a virtual stranger in her bed. But this stranger is everything the previous men in her life were not: tender, attentive, and adventurous. After convincing Jamie to quit her miserable job and ditch her judgmental, perfectionist sister, he proposes a romantic getaway. Jamie wonders if this thrilling man might finally be her Prince Charming, as he whisks her away down a daring new path.

Tonight we had a very nice sunset. I took this photo of our barbeque house at 7 PM:



Saturday September 29th

Finally a day with nice weather again. But it's not warm enought to go outdoors without a jacket. We do have Fall here, now.

Today I have been outdoors the entire day. I have been working with my project in our garden. This takes a very long time. Among other things, I am going to dig down som big stones into our lawn, around the area were we have the large flowerbed with "sour soil". The former owners of our house, had lots of trees in this area, so where I am digging, there are lots of roots in the soil, and the digging takes long time.

Charles came home from his moose hunt last night. They have gotten 3 out of the 4 animals that they were supposed to get.

My birthday was very nice. I enjoyed it very much. I got some money from my collegues. I used this money to buy some tulip bulbs, and two bushes so that I am able to make the hedge by the barbeque house bigger. This kind of bushes are very expencive, so I only bought two, this time. The tulips I bought, are supposed to flower early Spring, so I hope that they will have flowers on, to Cecilie's confirmation, early May, next year.

On the evening, (at my birthday), I went to dance, like I use to do, each Thursday. I got to dance a lot, and I really enjoyed the evening.



Thursday September 27th

Today is my 40th birthday! I have created some pages about my 40th birthday here.

We were celebrating my birthday in May. (See photos here.)

Yesterday evening I made a coffee bread ring that I will bring to my work. Actually I mad two, so that we will have one at home, and enjoy there, Cecilie, Joakim and I. Charles is still at the hunt, so it will only be the kids and I. But since we celebrated my birthday in May, I think it's perfectly okey. I am going to dance in the evening, like I do every Thursday, and Cecilie is going to swim, like she is doing every Thursday. But, we will take time to celebrate a bit, and enjoy the coffee bread ring first.



Thuesday September 25th

Now we have had almost 2 days with nice warm weather, but, the weather forecast has told us that we will have cold and rainy weather again tomorrow.

Yesterday Cecilie and I went to  practise, again. And today the moose hunt started, and Charles went to hunt, together with several of his friends.

Some days ago, I bought 40 hedge bushes, which I dig down in our lawn. Today I bought another 10, and dug these hedge bushes down in the lawn too.



Sunday September 23rd

We had a very nice evening together with our friends in our barbeque house yesterday.

Today, I have been working a bit out in our garden. The weather is not nice. It's cold and rainy, but if I want something to be done in the garden, I can't wait for the nice weather. Nobody knows when we will get nice weather again. Now it has been raining for almost 2 months.

This afternoon we have been wisiting our nephew who was celebrating his 6th birthday.

Charles is going to hunt for moose this Fall too. He is leaving tomorrow evening. He used the rest of this evening to pack lots of warm clothes for the hunt.




Saturday September 22nd

Joakim came home from the camp school yesterday. He has had a very nice stay there. Cecilie also went to the same camp school with her class 2 years ago. She also enjoyed staying there.

This photo is taken by Joakim, of the camp school:

Today we are going to inaugurate our barbeque house. Some friends and their kids are coming over to us. We are going to barbeque some moose meat in the barbeque house. We are looking forward to have a nice time in our new barbeque house.



Monday September 17th

Joakim went to the camp school this morning. He and his class are staying there until Friday. I hope that they will have a nice stay.

Tonight Cecilie and I went to  practise.

We will try to be clever and go to this practising each Monday.



Sunday September 16th

Joakim is going on a camp school tomorrow, together with his class. They are staying there from Monday to Friday. Cecilie also went to this camp school two years ago. She enjoyed her stay there very much. Joakim is also looking forward to the trip. I just hope that they will have nicer weather than we have had the last weeks.

Yesterday we were out in our garden, most of the day, despite the bad weather. (It was a strong wind, and lots of rain, yesterday.) In Norway we have a saying: "There is no bad weather, only bad clothes". (With that we mean that we have not excuse not to go outdoors, even if the weather is bad. You just have to put on enough clothes, and than you can go outdoors.)

Charles was working on our barbeque house, while I was organizing a new flowerbed by this area in our garden. I also put a bush into the soil. This bush, Nordlandsskjersminen, has been in a box with soil for over a year. I am happy that I got it into the soil, so that the bush does not have to be in the box for another winter.

Cecilie made our homemade pizza this Saturday evening. The pizza was delicious!

Today there is a presentation church service for all the children who are going to be confirmated next spring.  Cecilie and I are going to there soon.

Later this afternoon, we are going to a birthday party to our niece.

Before we went to the birthday party, today we finished painting the barbeque house. But the fence is not finished, and the terrace boards are not painted ether. It's possible that we will wait until next year with this. (Photo down at this page.)



Thursday September 13th

We still have not sold our old appartment, but yesterday someone moved in. They are going to rent it, but we hope that they perhaps will buy it, after a while.

Yesterday I started practising again, after our brake, during Summer.

We are some ladies who use to practise each Wednesday, after work. It was hard to start practising again, but it was very good, after we finished. When I came home, I went to the market garden and bought 40 hedge bushes, which I dig down in our lawn.

The new small hedge bushes to the left in the photo.

Our barbeque house is not finished yet. Some parts were missing. But we have contacted the firm that we bought the barbeque house from, and we hope that we will get the parts missing, soon.

Tonight it's my dancing evening. Last Thursday, I went to a meeting at school, for Joakim's klass, so last Thursday, I did not dance, so I am looking forward to dance tonight.



Friday September 7th

This week it has been lots of rain and cold weather.

Charles continued working with our barbeque house on the evenings, after work. But because of the bad weather, he has painted the walls (before the barbeque house is put up), in our outhouse. He has also put together some of the roof, to make it easier when he is going to put up the house.

I have posted another new photo on our barbeque house page.



Sunday September 2nd

It's a terrible weather here today. It is pouring rain!

Even if it's pouring rain, Charles is very clever, working with the terrace which we are going to have under the barbeque house. I have posted a new photo of the clever carpenter.



Saturday September 1st

We have bought a barbecue house. I have created a new page with photos of our process of putting it up.







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