April 2008:

Wednesday April 30th

Today I have had a day off from work. I have been at home, preparing for Cecilie's confirmation. I have painted the terrace floor, washed the entire kitchen, and done some other house work too.

Tonight we went to the church, at at church service for all the confirmants and their relatives. And, on Sunday, it's the big day for Cecilie!

I have created a page with photos from the church service.




Thuesday April 29th

We have a wonderful Spring weather nowdays. And the weather forecast say's that we will have nice weather for several days. I hope that the weather will be nice, both the days before Cecilie's confirmation, and at the confirmation day. Everything is much nicer when the sun is shining, and it's warm and cozy, instead of rain and wind.

After work yesterday, I cleaned all the windows indoors in our house, while Charles started to paint the fence around our barbeque house, but he did not have enough paint, to finish the whole fence. We have to buy some new paint, to finish it.

Today it's only 5 days until Cecilie's confirmation. And only 3 day's until the guests starts to arrive.

Later today, Cecilie, Joakim and I are going to the hairdresser. After this, Cecilie is going to the photographer, to take her confirmation photos.


We took this photo, just before Cecilie was going to the photographer.

While Cecilie and I was to the phtographer, Charles painted the terrace floor.





Sunday April 27th

Nice weather today too, exept for some rain in the afternoon, but it did not last long, and then the sun came again. We have been outdoors the entire day today too, working outside our house, and making it look nice.




Saturday April 26th

This has been the hottest day so far, this year. The first day withour a jacket. We have been out in our garden, the entire day.

This morning Charles and I went shopping. We bought a new chair for our livingroom. The old one was damaged. The old one was a cheap chair. But we could not afford to buy an expencive one, so we bought another, new cheap chair. Actually, this new chair was very good to sit in.

We also bought some of the ingredients for our confirmation dinner, and then we bought lots for flowers for our garden. We want the garden to look nice for the confirmation too.

We used the whole day, organizing the new flowers, and tidying outside our house. We have had a wonderful day.




Friday April 25th

Yesterday I did not go to the dancing, like I use to at Thursday's. Instead I stayed at home and baked rolls. I also painted the foundation wall on our outhouse, and raked the lawn, but our lawn is very big, so I did not manage to do the whole lawn. I had to continue with this today. I have been outdoors this entire afternoon, but now I have finished raking the lawn.

Yesterday I also helped Joakim with painting the new fence that he and Charles put up, the other day, while Cecilie painted the foundation wall on one of the walls on our house.

We have sold our caravan. Charles is going to deliver it to the man who bought it, today. We are spending almost all our time in our garden, and working with our house, so we have not used our caravan, much. During our Summer holiday this year, the whole family are going to Turkey. We decided to sell our caravan, because we used it very little. 

Today it's Friday, and this is the last weekend before Cecilie's confirmation, so i belive that most of our time will be used to prepare the confirmation.




Wednesday April 23rd

This entire afternoon (after work and school), we have been baking. Actually, it's Cecilie and Joakim who has been baking. I have only been helping them out.

Cecilie and Joakim have been very clever. We are going to put all of it in the freezer, and have it there, until Cecilie's confirmation. We are going to have over 40 guests, and need lots of food and cakes.




Thuesday April 22nd

This morning we woke up to a bright sun, but the grass was rimed over, so it is still a bit cold a night. The sun has been shining this entire day. Wonderful!

During the weekend Charles has made a footpath down to our barbeque house.

Yesterday Charles and Joakim put up a small fence by this footpath. Last fall, when we put up our barbeque house, the lawn was destroyed by our tractor, so this year we are going to fix the lawn, and sow new grass seeds.

Yesterday I went to the flower shop and ordered flowers for Cecilie's confirmation day. Pink roses and bridal veil, with some green leaves. I think it will be nice.

In addition to this most of my time goes to plan Cecilie's confirmation. Washing and tidying, and making everything ready to our guests who is going to stay overnight with us, during the confirmation weekend.

A fwe days ago, I spottet the first white anemones! My page about white anemones is here.




Sunday April 20th

Another week has passed. Nothing much has happened. Most of my time goes to plan Cecilie's confirmation, which is going to be at Sunday, in two weeks.

But, last night, I went to a jubilee party for my work. We were 450 people at the party. We had a very nice evening, with indescribable delicious food. The entertainment was good, and I was able to dance a bit, before I went home.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. We had sunny weather the entire day. I was, of course, out, working in our garden. Now I have fixed and organized in all our flowerbeds. While I was working in our garden, a lady I have met only one time, came to me with a bag of Snowdrops! We had talked about that she would give me some snowdrops, because she have a lot of them, in her garden. I was very happy to get so many snowdrop plants. I have put Snowdrops in 6 of our 7 flowerbeds. The Snowdrops don't bloome now, but next spring, I am looking forward to see all of these beautiful Snowdrops all over our garden.

If you want to see a photo of Snowdrops; check out my page about Snowdrops. (The photo is from our old garden, by our appartment, where we lived some years ago.)

Today it's cloudy, but no rain or wind, so Charles and Joakim are tidying in our outhouse, while Cecilie is in the church. I have planned to use this day to housework.

I have been out working in our garden a lot lately, to today I have to work a bit indoors.




Sunday April 13th

Last night's party was fun. Charles and I were dancing a lot!

Today I have continued to work in our garden. Now I have finished with all the flowerbeds, exept for one. In addition to this, I have expandet the large flowerbed with perennials. I have been carrying bags with soil, and small and very large stones, so now I am exhausted.


Now we have just enjoyed grilled salmon and grilled middle rib steak of beef from moose (elk), in our barbeque house. It has been a wonderful weekend. Lots of garden work, dancing and delicious food.




Saturday April 12th

Almost the entire day, I have been working in the garden. Now I have organized 2 1/2 large flowerbeds.

I have posted two new photos at my garden pages.

Tonight Charles and I are going to a party. I am looking forward to this. I hope that I will get a chance to dance. A lot.




Friday April 11th

Yesterday afternoon Cecilie and I was at the school. Her class had invited their parents for a movie evening. The class had made several movies, that they showed for their parents. We had a very nice evening, and enjoyed both the movies, and coffee with cakes.

After I had seen the movies, I went to dance, like I use to do, at Thursday's.

After work today, I bought 5 new bags with soil. Tomorrow I have planned to continue with the flowerbeds. Today I have been working, the whole afternoon, with cutting the small hedge, that I planted last Fall. We have had nice weather today, but a bit chilly. When I finished cutting the hedge, it started to rain. (About 7.30 PM.)




Wednesday April 9th

Today, Cecilie and I had an appointment with the photographer. We agreed how we want the photos to look like. At April 29th we are going back to take Cecilie's confirmation photos.




Thuesday April 8th

After work today, I bought 5 large bags with soil. After dinner I went out in our garden, and started to work with 3 of our flowerbeds. This was the first time this year that I was working in our garden. I removed old, dead flowers and put some new soil on top of the flowerbeds, so that the flowers may grow through the new soil. I loved to get started with our garden.

I still have 5 large flowerbeds left, until I am finished. I will probably have to buy much more soil, until I have finished the whole garden.

I am looking forward to continue working in our garden! Finally it's Springtime!




Sunday April 6th

In the afternoon today, the sun came, and we got a wonderful Spring weather.

Today we have been on a birthday party. After this, we went home, and barbequed and enjoyed our dinner in our barbeque house.


Cecilie and Joakim put up our "trampoline" today. (I don't know the English word). This is another Spring sign, for me. 




Saturday April 5th

This morning I heard a bird called "Spove". This is a bird that are coming to our country during Springtime. This bird is not in every place in Norway, but we used to hear it at the place I grew up, so when I hear this bird, it's Spring!


Today we went to the city and bought a new suit, a shirt and new shoes for Joakim. He looked almost like a young boy who is going to be confirmated. But he will have to wait for two years, to be confirmated. But he has to have nice clothes for Cecilie's confimation.

Today we have ordered our Summer holiday! Last Summer, Charles and I went to Turkey. (Read about it, and see photos in my travel pages.) But on this trip Cecilie and Joakim are going together with us. Last year, we stayed for one week, but this year we are staying for two weeks. This is going to be my second trip to such a warm country, and Cecilie and Joakim's first. We are looking forward to this trip, very much, all four of us!

We are going to another place this year. It's exiting to see different places, we think.




Wednesday April 2nd

After work today, I was practising, like I use to do, on Wednesdays.

Later in the evening, we went to a birthdayparty. We enjoyed delicious cakes and nice company.

Tomorrow it's Thursday again, and my dancing evening. And, then it will soon be weekend again!




Tuesday April 1st

Now it's April, and it's only a month until Cecilie's confirmation. Today I have ordered a cake with a photo of Cecilie, on it, from the local bakery, I have checked prices for flower decorations, at the local florist (this is quite expensive in Norway) and I have been on several shops and bought lots of decorations, candles, and table cloths that we are going to decorate the tables with, for Cecilie's confirmation.

I just had to buy these beautyful candle lights.

I have posted another photo of everything that I have bought today, on Cecilie's confirmation pages.