August 2008:

Sunday August 31st

Lovely weather today!

Now it's a long time since I have been working in our garden, but today I have been gardening the entire day. 

In front of the flowerbed, you may see that the grass and weed are tall. I have put stones between the flowerbed and the lawn, but as you can see, it did not work as it is supposed to do.

Today I have been digging away all the weed and grass, removed the stones, and put new soil there. I had to get some help from Charles and Joakim, but I did most of the work myself. I am exited to see if this is going to work, as I have planned.

Charles has put up a small garage at the old one, and I have posted a couple of photos of our outhouse.





Saturday August 30th

On Thursday, the dancing started again (after a summer vacation). I went to dance for two hours. It was very fun to dance again!

Yesterday afternoon, we celebrated Joakim's 13th birthday (his birthday was at wednesday, but we celebrated it yesterday).

Today, the day started with rain, but during the morning, the sun came.

I have not done much today. It's wonderful to have weekend and stay home from work, and just sit by my computer with a cup of coffee. Blunke

I am so happy that we have several flowers in our garden, which is blooming during fall. Later today, I belive that I will go out in our garden, and just enjoy the flowers, and be happy that they are blooming, even the fact that we are soon finished with the month of August.



I took a couple of photos, un my walk in our garden today:

Now it's 7 PM, and we are soon going to enjoy homemade pizza that Cecilie has made.




Monday August 25th

It's some days since I wrote in my blog. Since wednesday, we have had both cloudy weather, rain and sun. Today we are having a wonderful summer weather!

Yesterday Joakim celebrated his 13th birthday together with his 12 of his friends, and Cecilie, of course. They had a nice celebration, and everyone was happy.

Joakim's 13th birthday is at August 27th, but at this day, Joakim is going on a bicycle trip with his class. They are going to sleep in tents for one night, and ride by bicycles for many, many kilometres. Because Joakim is on this trip on his birthday, we are going to celebrate his birthday when he comes home, at August 28th instead.

We have been on a concert with Jonas Fjeld band and Hilde Heltberg.

Jonas Fjeld and Hilde Heltberg, well known Norwegian artists.

The concert was very nice. Lots of good music!

Today it's a bit chaotic in our home. Both Cecilie and Joakim are packing backpack's for their sleepover trips with their classes. Cecilie is going to walk in a national park for 3 days, and sleep for 2 nights in tent. And Joakim is going for this bicycle trip with his class, for 2 days.

Both Cecilie and Joakim are coming home on Thursday. Then we will celebrate Joakim's birthday at Thursday.




Wednesday August 20th

Yesterday the weather was cloudy, and we had some rain, but today it's sunny weather and nice again. I love it, when we have nice weather. In our part of the country, it's not too hot, even if we have nice weather. At 1 PM today, we had 17 degreez Celcius, and a breeze. I have been sitting indoors, at work, the enitire day, but I went for a walk during my luncbrake, to get some sun and fresh air.

I am so happy about the bike that Charles bought in advance for my birthday. I am cycling to my work each day. But if we gets bad weather, I know that I am going to use my car. I don't like to cycle in rain and wind. I like it best when the weather allowes me to use a skirt and a thin jacket.

Yesterday Charles had a surgery. He got his galle bladder removed. The troubles he had with his galle bladder, was the reason he could not go to Turkey toghether with us, earlier this Summer. The surgery was successful, and he came home this afternoon. It was nice to have him home again.

I love this slideshow that I have made, so I decided to make another one. This one I have posted on my garden pages.




Monday August 18th


Today was Cecilie and Joakim's first day at school, after their Summer vacation. I belive that they both enjoyed to go to school again. Cecilie is in 10th grade, and Joakim is in 8th grade, now.


I an internet friend's blog, I spotted a "slideshow" with photos that she had taken herself. I wanted to try this myself, and here are my result:




In my slideshow I have collected some photos of my family, which we have taken during the last 6 years.



Saturday August 16th


Today Charles and I are celebrating our 5 years anniversary. If you wish to see my wedding pages, it's here.



Today I have enjoyed myself in the sunny weather. I have also had a nice time in our garden. I am very happy that we have a lot of Fall blooming flowers in our garden. I don't like Fall, but because of all our Fall blooming flowers, I am able to enjoy garden life, even if it's Fall, and make myself belive that it's still Summer.


Charles has bought a bike in advance for my birthday. (It's over a month left for my birthday.) Today I have been on a long bicycle trip. I love my new bike!



This is 3 photos I took during my bicycle trip.





Wednesday August 13th


I am very tired after work, in the afternoon, after having a long vacation, so during the afternoon's I don't do much. I often do some housework, and I try to do some scrapbooking, to get all our photos in the albums. 

I have posted some new photos from my parents cottage.

Today Rex was approved as an official seek dog. (A dog that people use, if a moose/elk is hit by a car, and by help from the dog, they can find the hurt animal, and see if it's okey or needs to be put down.)




Sunday August 10th


On Friday I made redcurrant jelly that we will have on our sandwiches during fall and wintertime:







After this I emptyed our front entrance, and washed the room. Our dogs uses to sleep and eat there so this room often needs cleaning.





Now it's a very long time since I have done some scrapbooking. But yesterday and today I have been sitting many, many hours. First I made Cecilie's confirmation album. Then I started with Charles and mine. I still have lots of photos left, from the summer, and I also have Joakim's and Morten's albums left, but after almost two days of scrapbooking, I can see the end of it.

It's very nice to sit and look in the albums, and see photos from holidays and vacations.




Thuesday August 7th


Today I am very satisfied with myself. I have done two things that I did not look forward to do: First I painted Joakim's desk. I don't like to paint, but I have promised Joakim that I would do this. The desk turned out very nice, and Joakim is very happy.


After this, I picked all the redcurrants from our two bushes. Tomorrow I am going to make redcurrant jelly that we will have on our sandwiches during fall and wintertime.



The rest of the day I spent on our terrace in the sun, reading a book, with a very good conscience.





Wednesday August 6th


We havehad another lovely day. We are still having vacation, and this day we have enjoyed a cup of coffee or five at our terrace, doing some gardening, and just relaxed. And washed some laundry, after our trip to my parents cottage. Staying at home during some part of our vacation is nice and relaxing.

I have posted several photos of roses that we have in our garden.

I have also posted photos from our garden: The Flowerbed at South and flowerbed with sour soil.





Thuesday August 5th


We came home today. We have been at my parents cottage since Friday. We have had some nice and relaxing days together with my parents, at their cottage.




We have been bathing and enjoying ourselves. One day we had rain, thunder and lightning. The rest of the days, we had nice summer weather.


We have also wisited my youngest sister and her family at their cottage, which they are building. They are not finished with builging their cottage yet, but we could see that their cottage are going to be wonderful. My sister and her family's cottage is one hour car ride from my parents cottage


We came home today, late in the afternoon, in sunny, warm summer weather. I am very happy that I have some days left of my summer vacation. Cool