February 2008

Thuesday February 26th

Today we have had lovely winter weather. But during the afternoon it started to blow a strong wind again (just when I was going to go for a walk with the dogs.)

After work today, I went to my hairdresser, who also is a good firend of mine, and got a nice haircut. I was very happy with the result.

After dinner I went went for a walk with the dogs, while Charles drove with Joakim and a friend of Joakim to a track, where the boys were allowed to drive their ATV's.

I have posted several new photos of Rex.



Saturday February 23rd

Today we have just relaxed, and enjoyed the weekend. I have been washing some laundry, and started to do some scrapbooking. I have also started to read a new book.

I have posted a photo from our garden. This is the first photo from our garden, this year.


We have also tried to take some more photos of Rex, but it's not easy. He is not standing still much...

Rex has grown a lot since we got him, in the middle of December. Now he is 4 months.



Friday February 22nd

Wednesday evening Cecilie and I went to the chapel for two hours. The confirmants are going to participate on this years Lenten Campaign fundraising for Norwegian Church Aid.

Every year, Norwegian churches and congregations mobilise people for fundraising activities all over Norway. The majority of NCA's Lenten Campaign fundraising is carried out by volunteers across Norway. Every year, thousands of young confirmants, their parents, and local congregation members go from door to door raising both money and public awareness for global justice. Norwegian Church Aid chooses a different theme for the campaign each year, related to a specific area of NCA's work.

Read more about the campaign on the pages of Norwegian Church Aid, here: http://english.nca.no/

Yesterday I was dancing for two hours, like I use to do, each Thursday. As usual, it was very fun. I love to dance. I can't belive I haven't started to dance earlier in my life.

Today we have had cloudy weather, with several hailstorms and strong wind.

This weekend we have no special plannes. I belive it is going to be a quiet and relaxing weekend. I hope that the weather will be nice, so we can spend some time outdoors.



Thuesday February 19th

For a long time, now, I have had plannes about checking all the e-mails that I have got, during the last month.
I haven't had time to check all my e-mails for a long time. But today I have done that. I was very surprised and embarrased when I found an award from Annette in my inbox. I got the award at January 17th I am so sorry, Annette!
Dear Annette! Than you so much for sending this award to me!
This award is meant to be sent to 10 of your blog friends, so I am sending it to:



Sunday February 17th


The snowstorm is over. Today we have nice sunny winter weather, with no wind at all. This winter we have had very little snow. During this wekend, the snow has melted away, again.

On Thursday I went to dance for 2 hours, like I use to do, on Thursday's. And, on Friday and Saturday, I went to two dancing courses. We were dancing for 4 hours on Friday night and for 4 hours on Saturday morning. Dancing is fun, and was nice to learn something new.

Today Charles and I have been for a long walk with our dogs, in the nice sunny weather. Tonight we are going on a birthday party.



Wednesday February 13th

We have had a terrible weather today. Snow and strong wind.
Yesterday and today I have been on a course. I have not been at work these two days. The course was the entire day. We got a lot of delicious food these two days. Such as lefse (a soft, thin pastry of rolled and foled dough, often served with butter and sugar), cakes, meringue, fresh roll with salmon and scrambled eggs, mountain trout with almond, potatoes and salad, and lots of other goodies. All the food was homemade, and was very delicious.
Tomorrow I am going to work, and back to crispbread and brown whey cheese, again.



Monday February 11th

This weekend we have been wisiting my parents, my sister and her family, my mothers mother and my fathers mother.
(They all live a 6 hours car ride from us.)
In addition to this, Cecilie has been to the lady who are going to sew her bunad, and tried it on. Now she don't have
to try it on more times. The lady who is going to sew the bunad, will finish the bunad soon, and we can come to get it.
Cecilie was allowed to bring a friend from her class, together with us on this trip. The girls had planned to shop a lot,
and they did. They spent lots of hours on the mall, and they were very happy with the weekend.
Joakim and I also vere happy about our weekend. Only a pity that the hours went too fast.
We hope to have better time next time we travel to wisit our relatives.
During the weekend all the snow has melted and there is no ice on the roads. Today it's 6 degreez celsius and cloudy, but
no rain today. During the weekend the sun was shining, and we had real spring feeling.


Sunday February 3rd

Today we have had a wonderful winter weather. Sun and a little bit of newly-fallen snow.

I have done a lot of stuff today: I have moved our bed and some other furnitures around in our bedroom. We got much better space in our bedroom, now.

Joakim and I have also made room for a guest bed, in Cecilie's old room. (When Charles' son, Morten who is 21 years, moved out, Cecilie took over his room.) Her old room will now be used as a guestroom. Cecilie's old room is still filled up with furnitures that we are not using, hunting equipment, leisure clothes and other stuff. But, at least, we made room for the guest bed today. We will continue to tidy this room later. I also got time to wash lots of laundry, and to wash our floors.

We have also, of course, been outdoors today, in the nice weather, and walked our dogs.

Next weekend we are going to wisit my parents, and my sister and her family. (My parents and my sister with her family are living 20 kilometres from each other. While we are living a 6 hours car ride from them.) Cecilie is going to have a friend from her class together with us on our trip. Charles can not come together with us. Rex becomes car sick after only 15 minutes in a car, so Charles is staying home with the dogs. Rex is to young to sit in a car for 6 hours.



Saturday February 2nd

Now it's February, and weekend. We have some quiet day's, and are relaxing during the weekends.

I have read another book. This one is written by the Sweedish author, Henning Mankell. I like Mankell's books, and I have written several of his books. I have also seen several of the movies that are made from his books.

This book: Before the frost, was very exiting.

On the evening of August 21, 2001, the Ystad police receive a strange call: a man claims to have seen burning swans over the Marebo lake. Kurt Wallander drives to the lake to examine what has happened. He is accompanied by his daughter Linda who a couple of weeks later is to start service with the police in Ystad. They find nothing. But a few days later a shocked farmer calls and reports that someone has set fire to his one of his young bulls. Everything points to a tormenter of animals being the sadist behind these gruesome deeds.

A few days later a female ethnogeographer, who is mapping the ancient roads of Skåne, disappears without a trace and so does shortly thereafter one of Linda's best female friends. The tracks point straight into the jungle of Guyana and to Christian visions of doomsday. And Linda's police career is jeopardised before it has even started.


Yesterday evening I was on a barbeque party together with my collegues. We were sitting in a barbeque cottage, like ours (see a photo of our barbeque cottage here). We were enjoying wonderful food, and had a very nice evening.