January 2008:

Thursday January 31st

Almost all our snow disappeared when it was raining, but we have got 2 centimetres with new snow. Today we have had 2 degreez celsius below zero. Nice winter weather.

Cecilie has been ill until today, but she is now better, and are going to school tomorrow.

Today it's Thursday, and I am going to dance, like I use to, on Thursday's. Cecilie is "working" for the lokal athletic club, and are selling tickets for people who wants to swim in the swimming pool. Cecilie use to swim too, but today she only will sell tickets, to make sure that she will not get ill again. Next Thursday, she can swim again.

I have posted the invitations for Cecilie's confirmation.



Monday January 28th

This weekend I have done lots of housework. I have also been doing some scrapbooking, and walked our dogs, in the nice winter weather. I also got time to relax a lot.

Unfortunately, Cecilie got ill yesterday evening. She got an urinary infection, but we went to the doctor, and got medicine. Hopefully she is going to be better soon, now that she has got medicine.

We have had very nice weather during this weekend. We have got 15-20 centimetres with snow, and periodes with sunny weather. But, today it's 4 degreez Celsius, and rain.

I have posted a new photo of my mother's mother and me.

Earlier this week we sent the invitations in the mail, to all the guests that are going to come in Cecilie's confirmation.



Sunday January 20th

It's nothing much happening here nowdays, so it's not much to write in my blog. We still haven't got any snow.

Earlier this week, I decided to walk to my work, in the morning, and walk home, after work. It takes about 40 minutes to go to my work. Cecilie and Joakim are also clever, and walks to school togehter with me. Their walk takes about 25 minutes.

We got the invitations for Cecilie's confirmation on Friday, and now we have started to put the invitations into the envelopes, and write the guest's names and adresses on the envelopes.

Cecilie has slept over with some friends, from Friday to Saturday, and she have had two friends to sleep over from Saturday to Sunday, this weekend.

We have enjoyed a quiet weekend at home. We have walked our dogs when it's daylight. The day's that we are at work, it's dark when we walkes our dogs, after work and after dinner. I have created a new page with photos from todays walk, here.



Friday January 11th

We still have nice weather, (but no snow). It's not blowing that cold wind today, but yesterday it was blowing a lot.

I have just been reading a new book: Faithless, by Karin Slaughter. The book was very exiting!



Karin Slaughter

The victim was buried alive in the Georgia woods -- then killed in a horrifying fashion. When Sara Linton and Jeffrey Tolliver stumble upon the body, both become consumed with finding out who killed the pretty, impeccably dressed young woman. And for Sara and Jeffrey, a harrowing journey begins, one that will test their own turbulent relationship and draw dozens of lives into the case.



It is not much happening here with us. Everything is going well with our little puppy, Rex. (And with Chico, too.)

We have been started to work on the invitations for Cecilie's confirmation. It's not until May, but it's nice to have good time. Lots of the guest are living far from us, and needs time to plan their trip. I have started to make some pages for Cecilies confirmation, but it's not much there yet, but both photos and more text will come after the confirmation in May.



Sunday January 6th

We still have nice weather, (but no snow), but there is a terrible cold, strong wind. Joakim and Charles went for a long walk with the dogs yesterday, when Cecilie and I took down all our Christmas decorations. It was nice to decorate for Christmas, but I think it's nice to put some normal decorations and candles in our livingroom too. When Christmas is over, I like to remove the Christmas decorations.

We also went for a walk today, in spite of the strong, cold wind. This photo was taken today:



Wednesday January 2nd

We have had nice weather (but no snow) during the start of 2008, but unfortunately we have had lots of cold wind. We have been outdoors walking our dogs almost every day this Christmas.

I took this photo yesterday, when we were walking our dogs.