July 2008:

Tirsdag 29. juli


We had wonderful summer weather yesterday too, but late yesterday night, the fog came, and it is still here. But the weather forecast said it willl be nice weather tomorrow. I hope that we will get the sun back.


Tomorrow I am not going to work. My vacation started today. I am going to stay at home and pack for our trip tomorrow, so that we are able to leave when Charles finishes his work. We are going to see my parents at their cottage. I have lots of photos at this page, from our trips to my parents cottage, during the last years.


We have not been at their cottage this year, so we are very much looking forward to this, the entire family.


After work today, I have "changed color" in our living room. I have not painted, but I have changed curtains, candles, cloths and runners. We have had beige curtains with big red flowers on, and red decorations until now. I think that some times I get a bit tired of the red color. But today I put up pale pink curtains, and almost all of the pink decorations that we used on the tables in Cecilie's confirmation. I bet I am going to be tired of the pink too, but then I just can change the colors again. Blunke




Thuesday July 29th


We are still blessed with wonderful summer weather. This is the 4th day with sun and warm weather. Both Sunday, yesterday and today (after work) we enjoyed the day in our garden and on our terrace, just relaxing in the sun.


On Friday we are taking some vacation again. I am going to have one week of vacation and Charles, who was ill when we went to Turkey, are going to take two weeks of vacation now.



Saturday July 26th


Finally we got nice weather again. Today we have had over 20 degreez Celcius, and sunny weather. I have been out in our garden the entire day. Cool


This morning we spottet two moose's from our bathroom window. It's not often we see the moose's that near our house. It was exiting to watch them.



Yesterday I bought a Rhododendron, which I dug down in the flowerbed today. I had to remove another plant, to get some space for the Rhododendron. I cut the plant that I dug up, in two pieces, and gave one of the pieces to a friend of mine, who also loves gardening, like me. (She also got some other plants from our garden.)

I got several other plants from my friend, in return for the plants I gave her. We had a very nice time, first walking in her garden, and then we did the same in our garden. Walking and watching all the flowers. Learning from each other, how to arrange the flowerbeds.


Tonight I made pizza which we (Charles, Cecilie, Joakim and I) enjoyed in our terrace at 9 PM in the evening, with the sun still shining. It was very nice that we finally got some sun and warm weather again.




Thursday July 24th


When I came home from work today, it was raining, but I went our in our garden, anyway. During the evening it stopped to rain, and we got to see the sun, now and then. Perhaps we will have sunny weather tomorrow. Cool

Last summer we bought a small red Acer tree. (I have a photo of it here. Take a look at June 14th). During the winter it was very reduced. I belive that our winters, here, is a bit too strong and cold for our Acer tree. That's why I decided to put the small red Acer tree in a pot, together with some Semperviwum. Now I can put the small tree indoors, in our garage, during the winter, and then put it out in our garden next spring. Laughing




Monday July 21st


This weekend we have had a wonderful Summer weather. When we woke up this morning, the weather was still wonderful, but during the morning, the fog came, and it went cold and windy. I had to put on warm clothes when I came home from work.


During the weekend, we have enjoyed the nice weather and spent lots of time outdoors. I have been working in the garden, and Charles was working with changing our garage door.


At Saturday I went to see my internet friend Lillian, who lives in the neighbour municipality.



It was very nice to see Lillian again. We sat on her terrace, enjoying the lovely weather with ice cream, waffles and fresh berries. I was happy to see Lillian and her husbands lovely garden and their fantastic aquarium.

In the evening we barbequed fish, in our barbeque house, that Charles had been fishing.


The nice weather continued at Sunday too. I had to do some housework before I went out in our garden, this day too.


I have posted a new photo of Rex.



After work today, I have been buying some new hedge bushes. Some of our hedge bushes died last winter, and I have bought some new ones, to replace the ones who died. It is raining now, and I am not sure if I will go out and dig them down in the soil today, or parhaps I will see if the weather is better tomorrow, and do it then.




Friday July 18th

We have a bad Summer weather nowdays. After work today I have only been indoors, doing some housework, and updating my Web Site.

I have posted some new dog photos.

Now I have posted photos from our garden: Flowerbed at South, our terrace and a new photo of our bush called Nordlandsskjersmin

I have posted some photos from my parents cottage, from Summer 2007.



Wednesday July 16th

Now I have posted photos from our garden: Here, here, here, here, and here.



Monday July 14th


Today was my first day at work, after 3 weeks with vacation. I did not look very much forward to this day, but it was much better than expected. Now I are going to work for 3 weeks, and than I have one more week with vacation, again.


Today I have posted some photos from our holiday in Turkey! Take a look, here.




Saturday July 12th


Now we are back from our holiday in Turkey! We have had 14 nice days there, but our trip did not turn out the way we had planned.

Charles was ill, a few days before we were supposed to leave. He had to go to hospital, with some trouble with his gall bladder and innflammation in his stomach. We were considering to cancel the trip for the entire family, but in the end, we decided that only Cecilie, Joakim and I would go.

But a few day's before we were supposed to go, I got toothache. The dentist told me I had periodontitis. He started to fix my tooth, and gave me penicillin treatment, in case I would get pain during our holiday. Everything went well, until we had 5 days left of our holiday. Luckily I had the penicillin. In addidion to this, Joakim had some trouble with his stomach for several days, and Cecilie had to go to a doctor in Turkey, because she got an infection in her urin way.


But execpt from the fact that Charles could not come with us, this time, and our days with illness, we are agree that we have had a nice holiday. We have been bathing, sun bathing, shopping, enjoying delicious food, been on a boat trip and also on Quad safari (safari where we drowe 4 wheel motorbikes). We also learned to know the staff at our hotell, and some other Turkish people who were working near our hotel. We also learned a few Turkish words from them.



Joakim and Cecilie in the pool.


Even if we agree that we have had a nice holiday, in spite of everything, we also agree that we are not going on another holiday without Charles.



We came home on Thuesday afternoon, and have been at home for 4 days. Our luggage is unpacked and our laundry is washed. Now I have to take care of the garden. Lots of weed has found it's place in our flowerbeds. We have a wonderful weather here today, and I have planned to work in our garden today.