Tuesday June 17th

My mothers mother's 90 years anniversary party was a very nice party. All the guests were having a wonderful time, and enjoyed delicious food, and nice company with each other.

When we came home, after the weekend, I found my Meconopsis flowering!

Blue Meconopsis is the most beautyful perennial I know, and I am so happy to have it in my garden.




Wednesday June 11th

After work today, I drove Joakim to a track where he drove hit ATV, just like I did the last two Wednesday's. The first Wednesday was very cold, and I had to wear winter clothes. The second Wednesday it was very hot, and I only wore a bikini top and a summer skirt. Today it was cold again, and it was back to the winter clothes again.

At Thuesday I had a nice day in the garden. I have made a new flowerbed. I am going to put only white flowers in this flowerbed, and I am very exited to see how it is going to look like, next summer, when the flowers have grown bigger. Helt gira

At Friday, we are travelling to wisit our family, who lives a 6 hours car ride from us. My mothers mother turned 90 years yesterday, and she is going to celebrate her birthday this weekend. I am looking forward to see all our relatives again, both my parents and sisters with their families, and my other relatives that I have not seen for a long time. Smil




Sunday June 8th

Now  it's several days since I have been working in our garden. But today I have been finishing my latest project, with the flowerbed around the area with the sour soil bed. Now I have finished this flowerbed, but I have not got enough flowers in the flowerbed yet. I have plannned to only have white flower in this flowerbed.

During the last few days there have been awfully much dandelion seeds in the air!  Mad In all our flowerbeds there are lots of dandelion seeds.  Shocked It's so much that it makes me want to vacuum-clean the flower beds. Død But that's not possible. I have tried to blow the seeds out of the flowerbeds, but if I get rid of 20 seeds, it comes 50 new seeds flying in the air. I belive that I just will have to wait until the dandelion seeds sprout, and then sift the weed out. Ulykkelig This is probably going to take very long time! Kjempesur

Today I was working for several hours with the new flowerbed. Just when I had finished, it started to rain. Det regner
Now we have had wonderful Summer weather for many days, so we needed some rain, but I hope that it will not rain "for ever", like it uses to do, here. We really wish to get some sunny weather again. Cool
This entire Spring I have been worried about a small tree that I bought last year:

I just love this little tree! Smil But during the entire May, the tree did not get any leaves. I was worried that the tree did not survive the winter. But a few days ago, I discovered several leaves on the small tree! Helt gira I was very happy! I really hope that I will get this tree big and nice.




Thursday June 5th

We have a wonderful weather nowdays. Sun, no wind and 20 degreez Celcius!

But, I have busy days. After work there has been parents meetings for both Cecilie and Joakim's classes at school. And there are more to come. But, I am so very happy about our nice weather. We are not used to warm and nice weather very often, in our part of our country. So, now when we are blessed with so warm and nice weather, we are very grateful about it, after a long cold Fall, Winter and Spring. It's only a week since I went to the track with Joakim, so he could drive his ATV. I wore warm shoes, warm socks, 3 pair of trousers, 1 sweather and 2 jackets, and warm gloves. After watching Joakim for 2 hours, I was cold, in spite of all my clothes. Yesterday I was at the track together with Joakim, again. Yesterday I only wore a summer skirt and a bikini top, and I did not freeze at all. It was very warm! Wonderful! It's a bit strange that the weather can change that fast.

Now it's less than 3 weeks until our Summer holiday in Turkey! This will be my second trip to Turkey. Cecilie and Joakim have never been to such a warm country before, and we are all looking very much forward to this holiday. We are going to stay for 2 weeks. It's going to be wonderful to come to Turkey and to enjoy the sunny warm weather, bathing, the sights, food and activities there.

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A few weeks ago, Charles bought a motorcycle. Today I went for a ride together with him. I have not been riding a motorcycle often during my life, and I thought it was a bit scary. But I loved it too. It was both a bit scary, and very funny!