March 2008:

Sunday March 30th


Yesterday it was a nice day with sunny weather. We went for a little walk with our dogs. After this we wisited some friends at their cottage. The weather was lovely, and we were sitting at the cottage terrace, with lots of winter clothes on, drinking coffee.


Yesterday evening we were at a party. A lady we know were celebrating her 70'th birthday. Nice party, and nice people, and delicious food. Charles and I were dancing a lot. We had a very nice evening.


Today it's raining, but the weather forecast said it will be better weather later today. It's only 11 AM, so I am hoping for the sun to come back.



The weather forecast was correct! We got wonderful weather from 1 PM! Charles and I went for a walk with our dogs in the sunny weather. After this I walked in our garden, and looked in the flower beds. The snow we got on Friday, has now melted again. I have not started to work in the garden yet (it's ice in the soil), but it was very nice to see that some flowers sprout.


Cecilie and Joakim came home by plane at 5 PM. It was very nice to have them home again. The dogs were very happy to see them again too. We enjoyed homemade pizza when we came home from the airport.


The dressmaker has now finished Cecilie's bunad. I have posted a photo of Cecilie with her new bunad, here.



Friday March 28th


Yesterday evening it was Thursday, and I went to dance again. It was really funny to dance again. (We did not dance during Easter.)


When we woke up this morning, we discovered that we had got about 10 centimetres with snow during the night! I am not happy about the snow. We have had very little snow during Easter time, and now I was hoping for Spring. But I belive that this snow will melt away soon. At least, we did not get any more snow during this day.

But, even if I don't like Winter much, and really miss Spring, now, I have to admit that it was very beautiful with the snow and sun today.


Sometimes I walk to my work. This takes about 40 minutes. It's a wonderful walk, when the weather is nice, and today it was very nice: Newly-fallen snow and sunrise.

I took these 3 photos on my way to work this morning:







My kids have had their Winter holiday, this week, and they are still with their father, but at Sunday they are coming home, by plane. I am looking forward to getting them home. I feel that it is a very long time since I saw them. But, we have been talking on the phone each day. They have had a nice Easter and Winter holiday.



Thuesday March 25th

Then the Easter holiday is over. Today we have been at work. But the kids in our town has Winter holiday now, and the schools will be closed until the weekend, so my kids are still with their father. The weather is still very nice, so I went for a walk during my lunch brake today, in the wonderful weather.

During Easter time, I have read Mary Higgins Clark's book. "I heard that song before":

When Kay Lansing marries wealthy widower Peter Carrington, she is well aware of the rumours surrounding the mysterious death of Peter's first wife Grace, who was found floating in the family pool ten years ago, pregnant at the time. Kay also discovers that Peter is a chronic sleepwalker who suffers from periodic nightmares. When the police arrive at her doorstep with a warrant for Peter's arrest in connection with another murder - that of a woman Peter had escorted to a high school senior prom twenty-two years ago - Kay begins to fear that she has married a sleepwalking murderer, and she resolves to find out the truth behind the puzzling deaths. But are the two deaths linked? And why does a melody that Kay cannot identify keep playing in her head every time she approaches the family chapel?

Mary Higgins Clark is one of my favourite authors. I really enjoyed reading this book.



Sunday March 23rd

Easter Day.

Today too, we went for a walk on our feet in the area round where we live. Today we cathed a sight of 3 roe deers, during our walk, but on a further distance than yesterday. The weather is nice today too. We brought some cocoa in a thermos on our walk today, and had a cocoa break in the woods today. Here is a photo from todays walk:

Woods of the Trolls.



Saturday March 22th

Easter Saturday.

Today we went for a walk on our feet in the area round where we live. We cathed a sight of 5 roe deers, during our walk.

We still have wonderful weather, and we had a nice walk.



Friday March 21st

Good Friday is also a public holyday in Norway, and Charles and I have not been at work today either.

Another day with lovely Easter weather! Today we have been wisiting Charles' brother, on his cottage. We were sitting at the terrace, and enjoying the nice weather. We also went ice fishing, but we did not get any fish. We made hamburgers for dinner. We fryed them while we were sitting at the terrace. I took this photo from the ice at the lake, by the cottage.

On our way home from Charles' brothers cottage, we stopped at the cottage of some friends of us, and had a cup of coffee and wisited them at their cottage. They have been working on their cottage for 3 years, now, and they have just started to use their cottage. The cottage is brand new, and they slept in the cottage for the first time, this Easter.



Thursday March 20th

Maundy Thursday is a public holyday in Norway, and Charles and I have not been at work today.

We have had a wonderful Easter weather today. Sunny weather with no clouds. Unfortunately it is a cold wind, but it's okey, as long as you wear warm winter clothes.

Today Charles and I (and our two dogs, of course), has been on a walking tour together with some friends. This walking tour was arranged by some lokal organizer. We were walking over snowy fields, on the beach, and on roads without snow. It was almost like we had several seasons during our walking tour.


After finishing the walking tour, we bought ourselves a delicious dinner at the premises. When we came home, we sat in the sunshine on our terrace, with a cup of cocoa each. We agreed that we have had a wonderful day.



Sunday March 16th

Yesterday we drove for 3 hours, and met Cecilie and Joakim's father. Cecilie and Joakim are going to spend their Easter holiday together with him. He lives a 6 hours journey from us, and we both drove for 3 hours, and met on the half way.

We had a wonderful sunny Spring weather yesterday, but it was a bit chilly. Today it's unfortunately cloudy. We even have had som snow in the air, but, luckily, not enough to be any snow on the ground. 

I still have my cold, but I am much better now, than I was erlier this week.

Charles  and I have been walking Chico and Rex in the woods today. We were very lucky with the weather. We had nice weather during our walk, but when we got home, it started to snow. I hope that it won't snow much now. I want to have Spring! We took this photos of me and the dogs during our walk today:

I have posted this photo, and two other photos from our walk today, at my Easter pages, and at my pages about Rex. In addition to this, I have posted a photo of Chico and Rex, here.


I stroll a round in our garden, before it started to snow. I was very happy to discover that the Spring flower Hepatica nibilis that I bought last year has flower buds! Some years ago, I bought Hepatica, too, but it did not survive the winter. It was very nice to discover that this one have survived, and on top of it all, has flower buds. I have posted a photo of it on my garden pages, here.


Today it's Palm Sunday, and the Easter is about to come.

Charles and I are going to work for the next two and a half day. Then we are going to enjoy our Easter holiday, and have some day's off.

I wish you all a very happy Easter!




Thursday March 13th

Today it's 14 years since Cecilie was baptised. 

After 3 days home from work, I have been to the ear aqupunkturer, today. She put 7 needles in my ear, at the points for influenza, energy and other in relation to my illness. It might seem strange, but a couple of hours after this, I started to feel better. It is not like I suddenly by miracle, was well, but I certainly felt much better, and I had less pain in my head and throad. This is the first time, during these 3 days that I am feeling better.

Actually I managed to participate at the dancing course. But the only reason I managed this, was because the dance that we were learning on this course, is a very slow dance. I did even not get sweaty during the 2 hours dancing course. 

After the dancing course, I went to the culture cafè, together with Charles and Joakim, while Cecilie was sitting by the swimming poole, selling tickets to people who wants to swim, and after selling tickets, she was swimming herself, too.



Wednesday March 12th

I have been home from work today too. In fact, I am in worse shape today, than yesterday. I belive that I might thank myself for that.

Every year, Norwegian churches and congregations mobilise people for fundraising activities all over Norway. The majority of NCA's Lenten Campaign fundraising is carried out by volunteers across Norway. Every year, thousands of young confirmants, their parents, and local congregation members go from door to door raising both money and public awareness for global justice. Norwegian Church Aid chooses a different theme for the campaign each year, related to a specific area of NCA's work.

Yesterday evening was the day for this Campaign, and Cecilie who is going to be confirmated this year, participated in this, just like the other 40 000 confirmants from all over Norway. I had volunteered to drive some of the children, so that they were able to go from door to door, and ask for money for the good cause. I drove Cecilie and a friend of her. I did not leave the car, because I was ill. But the girls went from door to door, while I drove them, when the distances were too long to walk. I do not know how much money they raised, but I belive that they god quite much.

Today I am going to stay indoors the entire day, and do nothing. Exept that both Cecilie and Joakim are not going to school tomorrow, they are going to bring their skies, and are going to be outdoors the entire day, together with the other pupils, skiing and enjoying snow and outdoor life. We must find the skies and shoes that Cecilie and Joakim are going to wear tomorrow. We must also plan some cocoa and sausages for their "skiing day". But luckily Charles can help me with this, when he gets home from work.

In addition to this, I am supposed to bake a cake until tomorrow evening. Joakim's class (and some other classes) are arranging a culture cafè tomorrow evening. But as it seems now, I belive that I am going to bring a cake bought from the grocery store, instead of a home made cake.

On top of all this, the dancing course, Boogie woogie, continues tomorrow afternoon too (before the culture cafè), but I don't think that I will be well enough to participate on the course. It was not suitable for me to catch a cold right now, but I belive it never is.



Thuesday March 11th

I have catched a cold, and today I have been home from work, with fever, sore throad, headache and a cough. It's a lovely weather here today, and it's boring to spend the day indoors, when the sun is shining on the outside.

Yesterday we saw a bird called "Tjeld", for the first time this year.

My work is by the ocean, and we saw the Tjeld outside our windows at work.

Earlier this week I spotted the first Coltsfoot. (This is the first flower to come, here in Norway, during Springtime.)

My pages of Coltsfoot is here.

I am so happy about these signs of Spring!



Saturday March 8th

Yesterday's party was very nice. We enjoyed ourselves for several hours, with delicious food, chatted and danced.

Today Charles has been arranging a skiing contest for the kids in our town, Cecilie has been with some friends, while Joakim and I went for a walk with our dogs. The weather is nice, but it's blowing a very cold wind, and it's freezing outsoors. Here are a couple of photos from our walk:


I have also posted these 2 photos and another one, on my pagees about Rex.



Friday March 7th

Yesterday it was Thursday, and I went to dance, like I use to do on Thursday's. In addition to the normal dancing evening, where we are dancing for two hours, it also was a dancing course, for two hours, where we were learning to dance called Boogie woogie.

Tonight I am going to a party, together with my collegues. We are going to celebrate two of my collegues' 50 years birthday's.

I have posted a photo from our garden.


Saturday March 1st

Now it's weekend again, and now we got March! This gives me hope about spring, in spite of the fact that we got 6-7 centimetres of snow yesterday.

As usual, when it's weekend, I have done a lot of housework, I have relaxed and read a book, and also taken the dogs for a walk. In addition to this, we have started to move Cecilie's stuff and furnitures to her old room. When Charles's son, Morten, got a job in the North Sea, and moved out, (actually he bought our old appartment, and we are very happy about that), Cecilie wanted to have Morten's old room, but this room is smaller than her room, and now she decided to get her own room back.

Now we are waiting for our homemade pizza, which is in the oven.






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