November 2008:

Saturday November 29th

Today I have been washing windows, dusting, clearing up, and decorated our home for advent, with purple table cloths and all the new purple decorations that we have bought this year. I have been playing some of our CD's with Christmas music, and burning incense with "Christmas smell". We have also got some snow (not much), so now the Christmas spirit is coming. I have also put up our advent stars with light in, and our two other advent decorations for windows with light in. Cecilie also decorated a couple of bushes in our garden with Christmas lights, so now we have got some Christmas spirit outdoors too.

Here are a couple of photos I took yesterday:


Tomorrow I am going to sell cockies and coffee on a cafeteria on the kids' school. Each year the parents who are having kids in the 8th grade, (and Joakim is in 8th grade, now), is responsible for this arrangement, in connection to the lighting of the Christmas tree on the school. (Ourside the school, they are placing a large tree, with lights on. This is happening on the first Sunday of advent.)

Hugs from Bente





Thursday November 25th


The bad weather that the weather forecast was predicting, did not come. Lucky for us.


When we woke up this morning, 3 roe deer's were on our lawn.

We was standing on our knees in our bed, at 6 AM, watching them for a while, before we got our of bed.

Today I got a gift from Zeno.

Hugs from Bente




Thuesday November 20th


We have gotten snow, again, and the weather forecast said that we will have a very strong wind, and lot of snow tonight and tomorrow.


The last 3 weeks, I have had an inflammation in my ankle, and I haven't been able to dance lately. Today it's Thursday, and I should have been dancing, but I have to stay at home, because of my ankle. I don't think that I will be able to dance again, until Christmas is over. But, I hope that my ankle is well after Christmas, so that I can dance again, next year.


Next weekend, it's the first Sunday of advent. The color of advent, is purple.

We have never had any purple advent decorations. We have only decorated our house with purple candles and napkins. But, today I have bought two purple table cloths, a purple round candle and a purple glass angel. I will probably buy some more purple advent stuff, so that we really will get an advent decorated house this year. I have always wanted to do this.

This is what I bought today (The 3 glass candlesticks and the black one is not new. We had those from before.):



I am really looking forward to decorate our home for advent, with purple decorations this year.

Hugs from Bente




Monday November 17th


Now, the snow that we got, during the weekend, has melted. Today it's 5,5 degreez Celcius, and rain, again. Det regner


As I wrote, on Friday, I have taken this day off too, and are staying home from work. I have just been driving Cecilie and Joakim to school, and today I have planned to do some housework, and just relax and enjoy my day off.





I got this cutie from Kia and Zeno! Thank you very much! You made my day! (I have also posted her on my page with other gifts.)





Sunday November 16th


During this morning, we got the first snow!



Here are Chico and Rex on our terrace, playing in the snow.




Friday November 14th

It is raining today, again, and we only have 2 degreez Celcius. Wet and cold. The weather has been terrible, the entire Fall.Det regner


Both today and on Monday, I have taken the days off, and are staying home from work. We are very lucky at my work, that we are able to do this.

I have planned to tidy and wash our house, and to get rid off "a couple of tonnes" of laundry too, so I don't think that I will be short of work for a long time...




Sunday November 9th

The 50 years party we went to yesterday, was nice and cozy. Delicious food, superb music and nice people.

Here you can see Charles and me when we are dancing swingdance.

I took this photo of the beautyful sunset today at 15. (3 PM).




Saturday November 8th

Now it has finally stopped to rain. I hope it's going to last for a long time.

This morning I drove Joakim and two friends of him, to a painball turnament, over 30 kilometres from where we live. The boys were looking forward to participate in the turnament.

When I came home, I went to the gym, and exercied. Cecilie has slept over with a girl in her class. The next night, Cecilies friend are going to sleep over, with us.

Charles went to hunt for deer's both this morning and now in the afternoon.

Tonight, Charles and I are going to a 50 years party, in the same place where we were celebrating our wedding, Morten and Cecilie's confirmations and our 40- and 50 years birthday's. This premises are close enough that we are able to walk home, when the party is over, instead of taking a taxi. The man who is celebrating his 50th birthday, is in the dancing club, so I expect it to be much dancing tonight. I am looking forward to the party. I think it's going to be nice.




Thursday November 6th

We have had bad weather for almost 2 months, but today it has not been raining at all!

When I came home from work, at 4 PM today, I took this photo of the sunset. A few minutes later, it was dark.

Now it's less than a month until advent. This year I have bought most of the Christmas presents early. I only have 5 Christmas presents left to buy.

Today it's Thursday, and I am going to dance for 2 hours, soon. I am looking forward to dance, again.




Saturday November 1st

We woke up to sunny weather today, but an ice cold wind, and 2-3 degrees Celcius. We got some rain during the morning, but it stopped to rain, after a short time.

Charles went out early in the morning for hunting, but he did not get any. We light up a fire in our wood fuel stove, and enjoyed the warmth, with our breakfast and coffee, when Charles came home from his hunt.

Later in the morning Charles went out and started to tidy in our outhouse. Cecilie, Joakim and I also put lots of warm clothes on, and went out. We did not freeze, because of all our warm clothes, but it was nice to get in to our warm house again, after a while.

Later in the afternoon, Charles went hunting again. This time he was more lucky, and got two deer's. While Charles were hunting, Cecilie was very clever, and made homemade pizza for us.