October 2008:

Friday October 31st


Happy Halloween!



We are, sponsoring a child, from Souch Africa. His name is Njabulo and he is 8 years old (April 2008). Today, we got a letter from Children of the world, where they told us that Njabulo's family did not need help from us anymore. Njabulo's mother has now gotten a job, and they will manage by themselves. But, in the same letter, we were offered to help another family, with a little girl who was 1 year at October 17th 2008. Of course, we said "Yes, thank you", to help this family instead.


My page about our sponsored child is also updated. And a photo of her.





Thursday October 30th


For the first time in a long time, we have had some sun today, but it started to rain again, before we got home from work. Nowdays, it's twilight when we go home from work, and dark when we have finished our dinner, so now the polar nights definitive are here. I already long for Spring. But I am also looking forward to Christmas.


Today both Cecilie and Joakim have participated in Operation Dayswork.


It was at the annual meeting of the School Student Union of Norway in 1964 that a young man ascended the speakerís rostrum and said that it was high time that Norwegian students took a good, hard look at the world. It was wrong merely to work for improved conditions at their own schools when youth in other countries did not even have the opportunity of going to school.

Every year the ODW-Day is the last Thursday in October. On that day, Norwegian students can get the day off in order to do a days work, and the money they earn that day goes to the education of youth in the South. In advance of the ODW-Day, the information campaign International Week (IW) is organised. The IW offers an educational program and lecturers dealing with global topics such as solidarity, equality, human rights and education, as well as information on that yearís project. Among other events, 20 youth come from the country or countries to which ODW-funds are to go to that year, and give lectures at Norwegian schools. Prior to the launching of the campaign, ODW also cooperate with youth from the project countries in order to prepare texts for the teaching material that is distributed to the schools. 

In 1964, Norwegian students earned 103,000 Norwegian kroner for the reconstruction of school buildings in Algeria. Today approximately 120,000 youth work and earn 30 million kroner annually in order to provide youth in the South with educational opportunities.  


The places where the kids are working, are paying a salary for all the kids who work for them. This salary is given to kids in a poor country. This year the money goes to education for poor girls in Bangladesh.

Cecilie has been working on a farm, together with to girls in her class. They have been packing wood into 15 sack's. They also were clearing up outdoors, on the farm.

Joakim has been at my work, together with two other boys. They have been helping our janitor, clearing up and sweeping outdoors, and putting together some office furnitures.

Both Cecilie and Joakim were very happy about their day's on Operation Dayswork.




Saturday October 25th


We are still having a terrible Fall weather here. It is raining, hailing and blowing a lot.


A couple of days ago, I got some bulbs in the mail. Today I have been out in our garden og put them in the flowerbed. It was blowing, raining and hailing, during my little time in the garden. I am very exited to see how this new flowerbed will look like, next summer. I hope that it will be nice.


Today Charles and I have been out, eating dinner, on a kind of food trade fair. It was very, very delicious food. The food had been made by young cook students and their teachers, together with some lokal chefs. All of the food was homemade, and was made of lokal Ingredients.





Sunday October 19th


Now the big dancing weekend is over. After the dancing course was finished, yesterday, some of us went to dance on a stage. The municipality had invited all the non-profit associations to come to a large gym hall, to show themselves, so that people who lives in our municipality could see the different associations, and what they do. It was a bit strange to stand on the stage, but when we started to dance, it was all right.


Today it's 1 year since Rex was born! See my pages about Rex, here.




Saturday October 18th


We had a nice time, together with my family, but on our way home, my stepson called us, on his father's cellular phone, and told us that he was at the hospital. He had been stabbed in his chest with a knife! The wound was so deep that one of his lungs was punctured. This was a very traumatic and shocking message to get, but we were reassured by the fact that he told us this, himself, and not a doctor. He also told us that he was going to be fine, again, and that he would not be permanently marked. Now he has come home from the hospital, and he recovers, day by day. Charles went to see his son at the hospital, and we have been wisiting him, the entire family, after he came home from the hospital. It was good to see him, and to see that he was all right, in spite of everything.


This week, Cecilie, Joakim and I have been at the gym two days, after work and school. In addition to this, I was dancing on Thursday. And, Friday evening, and Saturday's morning, I went to dance again, on a dancing course, so this turned out to be a very active week for me.





Thursday October 9th


On Thuesday I finished to put the bulbs and perennial roots into the new flowerbed. I am looking forward to continue working with this flowerbed, which is going to have only pink flowers in it. But, I think that I will have to wait until Spring to do more with this flowerbed. The winter will soon be here and we will have frost in the ground.


Yesterday I was at the gym, and practised, after work.

Today it's Thursday, and my dancing day. Tonight I have  been dancing.


Tomorrow Charles and I are travelling to wisit my family, who lives a 6 hours car ride from us. We are going to stay with my sister and her family. At Saturday we are going to wisit my parents. We are going home on Sunday. Cecilie and Joakim, who has been with their father during their Fall vacation, are going home together with Charles and me.





Thuesday October 7th


After work today, I bought 3 more bags with soil. (I bought 3 yesterday too.) After eating dinner, I went out in our garden, and put the new bulbs and perennials that I got yesterday, into the soil. I have posted a photo from the new flowerbed today.


I love to work in our garden, and even if the weather is bad, like it is now, I really enjoy doing this. I only have to put on warm clothes.

It's almost like I have got a new Spring, during Fall.





Monday October 6th


Yesterday I went to the gym, and practised. After this, I went bicycling with Chico. Charles and Rex were still on their moose hunt, but they came home during yesterday evening.


Today I got some bulbs and perennials that I have ordered. I am going to make a new flowerbed next to a new terrace that we will make by our flagstaff. See some photos of our project here. This project is not finished yet. We will do this during Spring 2009. But when I got 100 bulbs, and 10 Echinicea purple, I just had to start working with the flowerbed. I did not have much time, after work, and before it got dark at 7.30 PM. I hope that I will be able to continue with this flowerbed tomorrow, so that I can put the bulbs and the Echinicea roots in the soil before the Winter starts.








Saturday October 4th


Today I have been driving our car for 7 hours. Cecilie and Joakim, are going to stay with their father during the Fall vacation, next week, and I drove them halv the way, where he met us, this morning. I took several photos during the drive:









I wish you all a nice weekend!


Hugs from Bente





Thursday October 2nd


After several days with strong wind and rain, we now have had a couple of days with cloudy weather, with no rain and wind.


I have got more birthday gifts.


At September 30th, Cecilie, Joakim and I started to practise on a gym. This is a gym where a physiotherapist is available when we are practising. I belive that it's nice to have him there, if there is something that we wonder about, during our practising. Or if the kids are going to practise by them selves, I know that there is a liable person there, when they are practising. We have planned to practise 2 times a week.

Cecilie and Joakim went to practise yesterday too, after school, while I went to practise in our gym room at work, as I use to, on Wednesday's, together with my collegues.


Today it's Thursday, and I am going to dance tonight, like I use to on Thursday's.


Tomorrow, after school, the Fall vacation starts for the kids, and the school will be closed for a week. Cecilie and Joakim are going to wisit their father. We are going to drive for 3 hours on Saturday morning, and meet him (he will also drive for 3 hours. We meets about halv the way betveen where we live). He lives a 6 hours car ride from us.

Next weekend, Charles and I are going to wisit my family, who lives in the same town that Cecilie and Joakim's father. Charles and I are staying with my sister. We will be picking up Cecilie and Joakim on Sunday 12th, and drive home, the entire family.


Charles has been working this week, until today, but tonight they are going out hunting for moose again. He will be hunting until Sunday. This weekend, the weather is much better than last weekend, when they were hunting too.