April 2009:

 Sunday April 26th


It started to rain, yesterday evening, and it has raining this entire day too. I had big planes to paint the railing on our new terrace today, but I was not able to do that in the rain. We stayed indoors almost the entire day, but it was good to have a day to just relax.



Tomorrow the weekend is over, and it's back to work. The weather forecast has told us that the weather will be nice tomorrow. Not bright sun, but no rain, no wind and partly cloudy. I wish we could have nice weather during a weekend, soon, but I am happy about the nice weather on weekday's too. We can enjoy the nice weather after work. Cool





 Saturday April 25th


Today I have painted the boards under the new terrace i the color black. I also have finished the extancion of the flowerbed.

I think it went nice with the black color, under the terrace. The railing will be painted in the same colors as our house.





Later in the day, I drowe Joakim to a track so he could drive his ATV together with a friend. This was the first time they drowe on the track, this year, and I believe that they thougt it was very funny to get started again.



During our drive to the track, I spottet lots of hvite Anemones. This is the first hvite Anemones I have seen this year. My page about white Anemones is here.



While Joakim and I were at the track, Cecilie made homemade pizza that we enjoyed for dinner.





 Friday April 24th


After we removed the soil, and put all the soil on the lawn, when we put up our new terrace, the lawn has not been nice (check out photo of the lawn down at this page, from April 2nd. Yesterday I put grass seed's in this area. Now we just will have to wait 3-4 weeks, and hope that the lawn will be green and nice.


Today it's cloudy, but it's no wind and 8 degreez Celsius. I decided to walk home from work today. It was lovely to walk, listenings to the seagulls and other birds, and looking in people's gardens. I am so happy it's weekend.


I am going to relax, and work in our garden, of course, during this weekend.





 Thuesday April 21st


During the afternoon's, after work, I often go out in our garden, and potter about the flowers.

Yesterday I cut a small new hedge, and today I have put some bulbs in the soil..



The Blue Anemones are not quite open yet, but it's not long till it does.





 Sunday April 19th


The snow we got yesterday has melted, but it has been raining this entire day. Charles and I put on warm clothes and went for a long walk in the woods with Rex, even if the weather was bad. Actually, it's not bad to be outdoors in bad weather, when you have good clothes, that keep you warm and dry. Det regner



During the afternoon today, we have been wisiting Charles' cousine and his family. This have been a quiet and relaxing weekend.





Saturday April 18th


Look what we woke up to, today!



Snow!!! Ugh! During this morning it has been snowing several times,

but now and then there are some crack's in the layer of clouds, and 3 degreez Celsius over zero,

so we hope and belive that this will melt away fast.





Yesterday evening Charles and I went to his aunt's 80th birtday party. She had rented premises, and had 70-80 guests. We had a very nice evening.





 Thursday April 16th


Yesterday Joakim was helping Charles with the railing on our new terrace. I am looking forward to have paint on the railing.




After work today, I have been out in our garden. It's still cold temperatures outside, but I wore warm clothes, and managed to stay outdoors for a while.





 Easter Monday April 13th


This day Charles and I have been working in our garden. We have extanded the large flowerbed with perennials.

After we started working with the new terrace, we decided to make the large flowerbed with perennials as long as the terrace.



See photos of this day's project here.


I have also posted a photo of the flowerbed with sour soil. (Not much flowering here, yet.)


I have also posted another photo from Easter (photo taken on our trip yesterday, to our brother- and sister in law's cottage.)




This afternoon, the entire family went to a birthday party.




Tomorrow the Easter Holiday is finished, and we are going back to work, and the kids are going back to school.





 Easter Sunday April 12th


This morning, after breakfast, my parents left. They way home takes about 6 hours, so they will be home during the evening some time. We have had a wonderful time together with my parents, while they have stayed at us.


Today we have cloudy weather with some rain. Okey weather for my parents to drive in. And nice that we got sunny weather when they stayed at us, so we got nice weather for our walks in the woods.


Later this day, Charles and I are going to wisit Charles' brother and our sister in law on their cottage. (The cottage is only 30 kilometres from where we live, so we are going home at dinner time.) Cecilie and Joakim are staying at home. They are waiting for some friends to come and see them.



The weather turned better during the day. It stopped raining, and we even got to see the sun now and then.

We had a nice time at our brother- and sister in law. We sat out on their terrace at their cottage and enjoyed waffles.





 Easter Saturday April 11th


My parents have been wisiting us since Thursday, and both yesterday and today we have had a wonderful weather! We have been walking in the woods both days in beautiful sunny weather. We have been outdoors almost the entire day, both days. Before and after our walks in the woods, we have been enjoying the day's on our terrace.


I have posted more photos from Easter (photos from our walks in the woods yesterday and today).





 Maundy Thursday April 9th


My parents, and Cecilie and Joakim are on their way to us now. They are going to drive by car for about 6 hours. I have used this morning to make the guestroom look nice, and to tidy and clean a bit.



I have created a page with photos from Easter (this year). More photos will come, later.


Charles has continued working with the new terrace, but now the weather was so nice, so he decided to take his motorbike for at little trip.


Later we are going to take Rex for a walk.


And then we are going to prepare roe deer meet for dinner, to have a nice meal to serve our Easter guests.





 Wednesday April 8th


This day started with rain in the morning. Then we got a cloudy afternoon, and a rainy and windy evening. I was at work from 8 to 12 today. (The last day before Easter holiday, is normally short working day in Norway). After work, Charles and I went out in our garden. Charles has started working with the railing on the terrace, while I finished "spring cleaning" in all our flowerbeds. Hoppende glad I removed all the old flowers, from last year, so that the new sprouts will grow nice.



I have posted a couple of photos on my garden pages. I have also created a new page with photos of our new project with our new terrace.





Tomorrow my parents are coming to wisit us. They are also bringing Cecilie and Joakim, which has been with their father since Friday. We are looking very much forward to see my parents, and to have Cecilie and Joakim home again.





 Thuesday April 7th


Yesterday we had rain the entire day. But I was at work, so I did not notice it much.



This day started with a foggy morning, but later in the day the sun came, and we got a wonderful sunny day. Charles has a vacation now, so he has continued working with our new terrace, while I have been at work.




 Sunday April 5th


We have had a wonderful Spring weather today.

Charles has continued working with our new terrace, and he has worked a lot!

I continued working in our garden. Among other things, I have moved two rose bushes which had been too big for their flowerbed.

The two rose bushes is moved in front of the terrace.



Friday morning I heard a bird called "Spove". This is a bird that are coming to our country during Springtime. This bird is not in every place in Norway, but we used to hear it at the place I grew up, so when I hear this bird, it's Spring! While Charles and I were working in our garden today, we heard the Spove all the time. Very nice and made us get into "Spring mood".

After we had lunch, we enjoyed our coffee on our terrace for the first time this year. (Not the new terrace, which is not finished yet, but our other terrace, by our main entrance.)




 Saturday April 4th


Today Charles has started to work with the terrace that we have planned to put up by our flagstaff. It has been raining for some days, and it's raining today too, but in spite of the weather, we went ourdoors, to work.Det regner I was helping Charles a bit, but mostly I did some other stuff in our garden. (Spring "cleaning" in the garden.)



Even if it was raining when we were working, it was fun to getting started with this. Laughing



I also have big plans for the area you can see at the back in this photo, Helt gira so, during the afternoon, I went on the internet, and ordered several bushes for this area. It's not easy to draw the garden on a piece of paper, and then go out and make it look like I want. But I hope that everything turnes out like I want it to do.  Blunke





 Thursday April 2nd


We have very changing weather now: Snow the day before yesterday, wonderful sunny weather yesterday, and today the rain has been pouring down the entire day. We have pools of rainwater on our lawn. Our garden does not look nice now. Nothing has turned green, yet. And all the soil we put on the lawn when we digged out the lawn to make space for the new terrace, by the flagstaff, does not look nice. I am looking forward to everything is turning green. It will look much nicer then.






 Wednesday April 1st


The snow we got yesterday, fortunately, has melted. Now there only are some spots of old snow on the fields.

We have had a wonderful weather today. 5-6 degreez Celsius, and sunny weather.


This morning I went to work, but after a couple of hours, I went home. It was too early, after my surgery, to go to work. It was painful to sit by the office desk. In fact it's better to stand or walk, than sitting on an office chair. So now I have decided to stay at home until Monday, like the doctor said. I am going to work the 3 days that is normal to work in Norway, during Easter. (Monday, Thuesday and Wednesday, but Wednesday is only half a working day. We only work until 12 this day.)


Cecilie and Joakim are going to their father the first part of Easter. They are leaving on Friday (in 2 days), after school.


During today, I have been out in our garden for a short time, to cut our hedge. It only took about 15 minutes, and the branches are so thin that I could use a small pruning shears. Now I only have one more hedge to cut. I am not sure if it is too early to cut the hedge, but I hope that the hedge will become nice now, and not be damage by my early cuttting. Pinlig berÝrt


Today I have created a page with photos from last years Spring.