August 2009:

Thuesday August 27th

Today it is Joakim's 14th birthday!

This afternoon, we are going to have a lot of guests, and celebrate Joakim with coffee, cakes, ice cream and soft drinks.


Me, with the birthday boy.






Monday August 24th

This Summer I have been reading A LOT OF books! At least 18-20 books. Last week I did not have any more books to read, and I went to the library, and borrowed 8 books. I have already read 2 of these books. Most of the books I read, are detective novels. I love to relax with a book as often as I can.

Thursday (August 27th) is Joakim's birthday. He is turning 14 years old, and the afternoons, after work, this week are going to be used to bake some cakes and tidy and clean our house for Joakim's birthday. In addition to this, I am going to the hairdresser on Thursday, and I really are looking forward to this.

This afternoon, Joakim and I have been baking two brownies cakes.






Wednesday August 19th

Today was Cecilie's first day at upper secondary school.

Joakim are going to start at 9th grade in compulsory school, tomorrow. (In Norway we have 10 year compulsory school.)

Today I have posted some photos of Rex.






Sunday August 16th

Today it is 6 years since Charles and I got married. If you would like to read about our wedding day, and see photos, you may do that on my wedding page.

Tomorrow, it's back to work again, for Charles and me, after 3 weeks of vacation. Cool




Friday August 14th

After almost two months with no rain, we finally have gotten rain. It has been raining for four days, and I am already tired of rain and cold weather, already.

Our vacation is almost over. Charles and I are going back to work om Monday, while the kids have some more days off. Cecilie, who is starting on Upper secondary school, starts on Wednesday, and Joakim, who is starting in 9th grade, starts on Thursday. In addition to school, Joakim has to concentrate on preparation for his confirmation. He is going to be confirmated at Spring 2010.




Monday August 10th

We had some rain here, the night before last night. This is the first rain we have had for a very long time, but during daytime, we still have nice weather.

Here are a couple of photos from our garden, taken today:

Black Pancey's

Pink Phlox.


I have also posted a photo of the flowerbed with perennials, and a photo of the flowerbed with sour soil (look down at the pages).

We have decided to postpone our painting of our entrance hall. It's too hot to paint, now.

I have almost finished picked redcurrants from our bushes. I have picked about 15 litres, and put it into our freezer.

We still are having vacation, and enjoyes ourselves at home.





Friday August 7th

We still have hot summer days here, and we are very happy that we are having vacation now. Cool (Now we have 24 degreez Celsius here, and no wind.)

Now we are finished, working with our entrance. We just have to decide if we want to have any decorations, a bench or some plants here.

I have created a new page with photos from our entrance by our house.





Wednesday August 5th

We almost have had no rain since mid June. It is very dry, both in the fields and in people's gardens. We are not allowed to water our gardens, because of the dry weather. But we are having vacation, now, and are enjoying the hot days. We have been one week at my parents cottage and at my sister and her family's cottage. We have had a very nice week. Relaxing. And it was very nice to see my family again.

We came home on Friday, 5 days ago. The rest of our vacation we are going to spend at home. We have several plans about things we want to do during our vacation: Yesterday I put down 23 hedge bushes by our neighbour's fence. While Charles put down flat slabs of rock in our entrance. We have big plans for our entrance: We are going to put gravel, with some flower by the flat slabs of rock (tiles). I don't know if it will turn out like I want it to, but we must try, to see. Blunke

It seems like I have to paint our entrance room again. I don't like to paint, but I have already painted our entrance room twice. First I painted a bright yellow-greenlike color. Too bright. I decided to repaint in a pale color. See photos of our entrance room here. The new color has started to flake off. It does not look nice, and I will try to fix it. I am not looking forward to paint, again, but I am looking forward to get rid of the flake painting. 

In addition to these projects, we have two large bushes of ribes. I have picked redcurrants from our bushes today. I have picked about 7 litres, but I still have about 75% left, until I have finished. But after using two days putting down flat slabs of rock in our entrance, Charles now has finished, and we will use most of tomorrow to finish the rest of our entrance.