December 2009:

Sunday December 20th

Almost all of Advent has passed, and I haven't written anything in my blog. But, there haven't been much to write about, exept for one big thing: Cecilie has moved away from us. She has been a half year at high school in our town. Now she is going to continue the same type of high school in a town, 400 kilometres from us. She is going to live together with her boyfriend, and his parents, so she is not going to live by herself. I think that she is to young to live alone.

Joakim is going to stay with his father during Christmas. After Christmas Eve, Charles and I are going to wisit my parents. They are living in the same town that Cecilie has moved, and the same town that Cecilie and Joakim is living.

Here is a photo of Joakim and Cecilie, taken before Joakim went to a Christmas party together with the students at his junior high school:


The weather has been nice this December, and I have taken several photos of beautyful sun sets. Here are two photos taken at December 17th:


Today I have been walking in the woods with Rex. I took this photo during our walk:


I wish you all a Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




Saturday December 5th

We have not gotten any more snow, but the snow we got a week ago, is still on the ground. But the roads are free from snow.

Inside our house, we have been decorating with purple Advent decorations, curtains and table cloths.

Today I have been baking a typical Norwegian Christmas cookie. A kind of donuts. I made about 160 donuts. This took about 4 hours. This is something that I always try to finish early, because it takes a long time to do. I am happy to be finished with this, now, early in December.


2 photos taken from my window at work:

Sunrise at 10 AM December 3rd

Sunset at 2 PM December 4th