February 2009:

 Saturday Februar 28th

Today we have had fantastic winter weather. 2 degreez below zero Celsius and sunshine the entire day. Unfortunately I have been working overtime today, so I was not able to enjoy the entire day, but I started to work early (at 6.40 AM), so I was finished at work at 1.40 PM. When I came home from work, I took Chico for a long walk in the nice weather. Charles had been out, skiing together with Rex when I was at work. I really enjoyed my walk with Chico. The sun was shining, and it was lovely to walk in the nice weather. Here is a photo I took, during my walk:





 Wednesday Februar 25th

We still have winter weather here, but we are all longing for spring.

Today Joakim and I have been in a meeting with Joakim's teacher at school. This is something that we do, two times a year. I was happy to hear positive stuff from Joakim's teacher.

Tomorrow it's Thuesday, and I am going to dance, like I use to do on Thuesday's.

Normally I don't go to work, during weekends, but on Saturday, i will probably work overtime. I am working in a state company, and our boss has asked us to work, on Saturday, if we want to. I have been working 3 Saturday's this year, and I belive that this will be my last Saturday at work, for a very long time. i am tired, and need the weekend's to relax.

I wish you all a happy weekend!





 Saturday Februar 21st

On Thuesday evening I went dancing, like I use to do on Thuesday's.

While Cecilie and Joakim went for a Valentines Day's ball at their school. They had a great time!

Cecilie and Joakim also went out to enjoy themselves yesterday too. They went to our lokal Theatre. They were very happy about their evening.

We have had wonderful winter weather the entire February. Today our town has decided to arrange a skiing contest in the middle of the main street in the town. Last night lots of trucks dumped ton's of snow in the main street, and Charles is going to use the athletic's club's machine to make skiing tracks on the snow.

It's a pity we have gotten so much rain today. I belive that not so many people will participate in the skiing contest when it's raining so much.

Det regner

All this rain will probably make most of the snow to disappear. If this happends, I hope that we will have no more snow. I am longing for spring! But, it's only February, so I believe it's to early. But one can hope. Blunke




 Saturday Februar 14th

We have got a lot of snow the last few days. And it is still snowing. We have a very large yard, and we have a rather long road from the main road and up to our yard, so I am very happy that we have a tractor that Charles uses to shovel the snow away from our yard.

This weekend I am going to learn a new dance. The dancing course was both yesterday, it is today and it is tomorrow too. I don't know the English word for this dance, but if you wish to see someone who is dancing this kind of dance, it's a video here:


It's not easy, but I hope that I will learn this dance, after some practising.

This morning we had a pretty sunrise. This photo is taken from our house. I love our view.

Today it's Valentine's Day, and I wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day.


After the dancing course, Charles and I went skiing with Chico and Rex in the woods by our house.


In the evening, the entire family enjoyed homemade pizza.




 Wednesday Februar 11th

Now we have got very, very much snow, so we do have real winter weather! But the temperature is about zero degrees (Celsius), so it is not that cold.)

I was chalenged by Ala, and the challenged rules are:

1. Go to your pictures
2. Take the 6th folder
3. Choose the 6th picture
4. Show the picture on you blog and write something about it.
5. Invite 6 new people to this challenge.
6. Link to them and let them know they are challenged.

I challenged these friends:

-And here is my 6th photo in my 6th folder.

This is a picture of my kids, Joakim and Cecilie, from May 17th 2006. Norway's birthday. (My pages about Norway's birthday are here.)

Ika surprised me with giving me this sigtag as a gift! Isn't she cute! Thank you so VERY much, Ika!




 Sunday Februar 8th

Yesterday's party was really funny! It's a very long time since I have been laughing so much that I did yesterday. And  the food was delicious.

Today it's Mother's Day in Norway, and I have gotten both Mother's Day's cake, and a package.

Charles has been helping Cecilie and Joakim to buy this Mother's Day cake.

I was very happy and surprised when I got a package too, with a brand new digital camara! I have been sad about dropping my camera in the floor so it was broken. I am going to take really good care of my new camera!


My Mother's Day's pages are here

I have called my own mother today, and congratulated her with her Mother's Day. Since we are living a 6 hours car ride from my parents, we are not able to wisit them so often as we want to. But, it's nice to be able to call them instead.

Charles and I have been at the cemetery today, and put an outdoor candle light in his parents grave. After doing this, on our way home we spottet 3 row deers and two mooses (elks).

Today we are going to celebrate Mother's Day with homemade pizza for dinner.




 Saturday Februar 7th

We still have got the snow, and since Thursday the temperature has been from 7  to 10 degrees below zero.

Today is the first Saturday in 4 weeks that I am not at work. The last 3 Saturday's I have been working overtime. But, the last few days I have been very tired and worn out, so today I decided not to go to work. We have a wonderful winter weather today, with 7 degrees below zero and lightly cloudy weather. Real winter weather! It's so beautyful when the sun is coming out from the clouds from time to time, shining on the snow.

Here are a couple of photos taken today, when Charles and I went for a walk in the woods with our dogs:

Beautyful winter weather.

Chico and I in the wood.

In my blog at January 28th, I wrote that I dropped my camera in the floor, and it was broken. The photos I have posted lately is taken with my cellular phone, or with an old camera that we used several years ago. I have never been very satisfied with this old camera, but when I started to use it, now, I belive that the picktures turned ut nice. Bright and clear.

Tonight Charles and I are going to an annual party arranged by the athletic club. We are going to enjoy buffet supper. I am sure it's going to be a nice evening.




 Wednesday Februar 4th

Yesterday it started to snow. Now we have got 10-20 centimeters of snow already! We haven't had snow for alomost a month. I have to admit that it is beautyful with the newly fallen snow, but the Spring person in me, longs for Spring and warmer weather.

Cecilie came home from the trip together with her class on Sunday evening, after driving by bus for almost 10 hours! She have had a wonderful and fun trip, from Thuesday to Sunday. About 50 students at the age of 15-16 years, and about 5-6 grown ups. (No teachers, only parents.) The trip will become a memory for life, for Cecilie.

Today I god a very cute and sweet gift from Kia! This cute Valentines girl. Thank you SO much, Kia!




 Sunday Februar 1st

Yesterday we had a very mild day. Almost like Spring! It was no wind, sunny and 8 degreez Celsius! (We haven't had snow for a long time.) I was working from 7 AM til 2 PM, yesterday, but when I was finished at work, I walked from my work and home. This took about 35 minutes, and I had a nice walk in the sun. When I came home I started doing some housework.

Then Charles, Joakim and I went for a walk with our dogs. Cecilie is not at home. She has been on a trip together with her class from Thuesday to Sunday. She will be coming home during the evening, tonight.

Today we woke up to another lovely day, but today it was colder than yesterday. (About 2 degreez below zero, Celsius.) I continued doing housework today too.

Later in the day, Charles and I went for a walk with Rex and Chico in the woods and up on a small mountain. It's nice for the dogs to run free some times and not have to be in their leash all the time.

I took several photos during our walk today, but the photos of the dogs, did not turn our well. The dogs was running all the time, and all the photos I took of them, was not good. But here are some of the other photos I took.

Click on the photos to see them in full size:


On our way down from the mountain, Rex found himself a moose (elk) and run away (Rex is a sporting dog, and when Charles uses him for hunting, he is supposed to do this, but there is not hunting time in Norway now). It took us about one hour to find Rex and the moose, but we heard him all the time. He was barking at the moose all the time. This kind of sporting dog is supposed to do this, and Charles was very happy to discover that Rex was doing what he was supposed to do, without any training. When Charles found Rex and the moose, Rex did not feel like coming, but finally he went over to Charles, and the moose could run away. Happy to get rid of the annoying, barking dog.

When we found Rex, he and the moose was standing by the sea, to the left on this photo.

Charles was very happy about this incident with Rex and the moose. He got a proof that Rex knows how to do this, without any training. Charles uses Rex during the hunt, (which is during Fall, each year), and now he knows that Rex will do his job, during the hunt, even if he is a young dog, yet.

When we came home from our walk, both Charles and the dogs lie down and relaxed a bit, while I was sitting down with my computer. But, now I am going to take a shower, before we start with our dinner. Today we are going to enjoy stockfish served with boiled potatoes, pea stew and fried bacon. Yum-yum.