January 2009:

 Sunday January 28th

It's nothing much happening here nowdays. We haven't had snow for a long time, but we have had much strong wind.

I have been working the two last Saturday's, and I don't have much energy these days, but, finally I have finished scrapbooking all our albums, and I am very pleased with that. I have been very unfortunate and dropped my camera in the floor, and it was broken, so I will not be able to take photos until I can afford to buy a new camera. But, for now, I am able to use my camera on my cellular phone. This camera does not take as good photos as an ordinary camera, but it's better than nothing.




 Sunday January 18th

Yesterday I went to work from 7 AM to 2 PM. We were 6 ladies at work, and we did pretty much work, and were satisfied with our day.

In the evening, we enjoyed Taco for dinner (Cecilie, Joakim, Charles and me).

After working a whole week, and then working on Saturday too, you get extra tired, so today I did not want to do much. But I did some scrapbooking, after breakfast. Then Charles and I went for a walk with our dogs. It's very cold here today. The temperature is a bit below zero (Celsius), but there is a very strong wind that makes it very cold. But the sun was shining, and we put lots of clothes on, so we did not freeze.

I took this photo today (from the marina) at 2 PM today.

After our walk with the dogs, I went to the gym. When I came home, Charles had started to prepare roast of moose (elk) for dinner.

I have posted some photos of my husband and me.




 Friday January 16th

Yesterday I went dancing, for the first time in about 2 months.

My foot has been hurting since November, but the doctor told me that I could try to dance, and stop if it hurt too much.

I went to dance, and I was very happy to discover that my foot dit hurt, but not too much, if I was careful when I was dancing. I did not dance the fastest dances.

Today my foot was not worse than before I went to dance, and I was very happy to discover that I was able to dance, without my foot getting worse. Laughing Hoppende glad

I will try to dance each Thursday, from now on.




 Sunday January 11th

The snow that we had, is now melted. It's 7 degrees above zero (Celsius), strong wind and a lot of rain.

Today I have been really active! I started the day with scrubbing our shower. Then I made some bread dough, and put it for rising, and went on the gym to practise. After being at the gym, and taking a shower, did some laundry, and baked out the breads. They have been rising a lot, so I got 1 bread more than I use to. Smil

Yesterday i used almost the entire day tidying in our clothes and washing clothes.

 Both mine and the kids' clothes. It was nice to check out clothes that we can't use anymore, and tidy up in our drawers and closets. Cecilie was very helpful, and did this together with me. After this I did some scrapbooking.

Then we enjoyed homemade pizza in the evening!


I have just posted a couple of photos from New Years Eve. And, I have posted some old birthday photos.


Just now I am sitting alone with my cup of coffee. I have my computer on my lap and are enjoying myself. The dogs are relaxing. Cecilie is with some friends, and Joakim is with a classmate. Yesterday the same kids were wisiting Cecilie and Joakim.  Blunke

Charles is working as a car salesman, and this weekend he has been on a business trip. But the places he went, made it possible for him to spend a day together with his sister and brother and their families, which lives a 12-14 hours car ride from us, (Charles has 6 siblings, and two of them does not live in the same town as the rest of the siblings), and one day together with my parents, who lives a 6 hours car ride from us. I am looking forward to Charles coming home. We are going to enjoy eating stockfish with boiled potatoes, pea stew and bacon, when he comes home.




 Wednesday January 7th

Today I have removed all our Christmas decorations, the Christmas tree and all our Christmas stuff.

It was a bit sad when I started to pack the Christmas stuff away, but when I finished, it was very nice to get better space in our living room. It was also lovely to get rid of all the red stuff. Now we have purple curtains, table cloths and decorations on our living room, and green in our kitchen. I used almost 6 hours doing this, and I was very happy when I was finished.




 Sunday January 4th

Yesterday it was cold here. Almost 10 degreez below zero Celsius. But today it is 4 degreez below zero Celsius.

Today we have been skiing for the first time this winter. We are very lucky to live here. We put on our ski's at home and went skiing into the woods, nearby our house. Both Cecilie, Joakim, Charles and me (and our two dogs, of course), enjoyed the skiing trip very much.

When we came home, the entire house smelled dried mutton ribs. I had put the dried mutton ribs on the stove for boiling, before our trip. We are looking forward to eat dried mutton ribs with mashed swedes for dinner today. This is Traditional Christmas food in Norway.

When it is real winter weather, like we are having now, I have to admit that the winter has it's charm too.




 Friday January 2nd

Yesterday I enjoyed the New Year's Concert from Wienna. Normally this is not my kind of music, but on New Year's Day, I like to relax and enjoy the music, played by very talented musicians and the very beautyful flowers.

Today I have been at work. It was hard to stand up from my bed, but it will be better, gradually.

Now we have gotten LOTS of snow. I am not sure if I like it, but it's better than if it's raining.