July 2009:

 Torsdag 23. juli

After work, tomorrow Charles and I are having 3 weeks vacation!

Most of our vacation, we are staying at home, but we will wisit my parents, and my sister and her family at their cottages, during our vacation.

I have created two new pages with my own photos from Norway: Tosen, Velfjord and Vega.





Monday July 20th

Charles and I are still at home, while Cecilie and Joakim are on their vacation. Charles and I are at work on day time, while we have used many afternoons, and the entire Saturday, driving trips with our motorbike. We have also been painting some stuff, both outdoors and indoors.

Our motorcycle trip on Saturday was wonderful. We took a lot of photos. This is one of them:


We have had wonderful Summer weather this entire Summer. I can't remember last time it was raining. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to water our garden's and wash our cars here. Our municipality wants us to economize on water, something that our shows in our garden. But I have enjoying working in our garden anyway. It's always something to do in the garden, and I really enjoyes myself when I am able to do some gardening. 




 Monday July 13th

Cecilie and Joakim has left for their vacation, while Charles and I are working during daytime. It's almost 2 weeks left until our vacation. But after work, we enjoy our very nice weather. After we had enjoyed our coffee on our terrace, in the warm sunshine, today, we went for a long drive with the motor cycle. When we came home, we bicycled with Rex.

Charles took this photo of me, by the motor cycle, during our trip today.





 Saturday July 11th

Finally weekend, and I am trying to do some housework.



Here are 3 photos I took yesterday:


Norway is beautiful. Smil





 Thuesday July 7th

It's not much happening these days. During daytime Charles and I are at work, while Cecilie and Joakim are staying at home, enjoying their Summer holiday. Luckily they have friends who have not gone for their vacation yet, so they have someone to spend their days with.


This afternoon I have went for a little walk in our garden. Checking our what is blooming now.

Our garden.

The flowerbed with sour soil.

The flowerbed with perennials. I have not been quite sure if this orange Lily fits in, with all the pink, purple, yellow, white and blue, but I have decided that this orange color fits in, and actually makes this flowerbed look more fresh and nice, so I have decided to leave the orange Lily where it stands.




 Sunday July 5th

Now I have finished one week vacation, and the weather has been very nice, the entire week. Cool

I had a bath in the sea. The water was freezingly cold (about 14-15 degreez Celsius), but I enjoyed my bath in the sea, anyway:

We have been wisiting one of my sisters and her kids, and my parents. Our other sister and her kids also came at my parents cottage. In addition to this, both my grandmothers also came to my parents cottage. It was very nice to see them all again. We had a very nice time together, relaxing, sunbathing and bathing in the water.

Sunset. This photo is taken from the terrace at my sisters cottage:

Yesterday evening Charles and I drove by the motorcycle to an outdoor consert with several artists. It was a very nice evening. Smil