June 2009:

 Wednesday June 24th

Today we have sunny and nice weather for the first time in many days. Cool

During the last days, I have been reading the last Harry Potter book, so now I know how it ends with Harry Potter and his friends.

The books about Harry Potter is probably written for youngsters, but I love both the books and the films, and really enjoyed myself reading the book.

Cecilie and Joakim has finished school for the Summer now, and enjoyes their days off, while Charles and I are at work during daytime.

But from Friday (in two days), I will have one week of vacation too. I will also have 3 weeks later this Summer, and one week in September, so this Summer I am going to have a lot of vacation's!


I am really looking forward to having vacation! It seems that the weather will be nice too. I hope that we will be lucky, and get nice weather during our vacation.





 Sunday June 21st

This weekend I have completed my large project in our garden: The large flowerbed with bushes and perennnials. Joakim were very kind and helped med digging a lot, so that I was able to finish this weekend. Here is a photo of my new project:

In this flowerbed we have 2 small trees, 9 small bushes and almost 30 perennials. I am very happy about finishing this flowerbed. Now I just have to wait and see, to look at the plants growing bigger.

I have posted photos on the Perennials page, the Flowerbed with sour soil, and the photo over here, is posted at the page with photos of our new flowerbed with bushes. The new photos are posted down at the pages.





 Friday June 19th

The weather is a bit better. We have about 11-12 degreez Celsius, cloudy and not rain. Now and then we may spot a gleam of the sun. Cool But we still have a very cold wind.

Yesterday Charles and I went to a examination party for Cecilies class. She has now finished ten-year compulsory school.

It was a very nice evening, with delicious food, speech's, songs and entertainment from the class.

Cecilie got her certificate from the headmistress and her teacher.

This gratuation party is very solemn. The pupils dresses very nice. Almost all the girls are wearing "bunad" (traditional folk costume), and the boys wore suits. We were served delicious food, coffee and cakes.

Cecilie by the table, at the gratuaation party.





 Monday June 15th

It's not much that reminds me about Summer, here. But in spite of the bad weather, we have spent the weekend at a cottage that we rented for the weekend. It was raining the entire Saturday. On Sunday it was not raining much, but is was freezingly cold. This cottage is primitive, with no water and no electrisity, but we had a nice weekend, and enjoyed ourselves. We did know that the weather was going to be bad, so we brought warm clothes. Here are some photos from our trip:

The cottage (to the left) and the boat house (to the right).


This is the outdoor toilet. (With no water; no WC).


Beautiful nature.


Charles and Joakim went fishing both Saturday and Sunday, while I brought the two last Harry Potter books, and enjoyed reading, both outdoors (wearing lots of clothes), and indoors while I light a fire in the stove. I also went for some walks in the woods around the cottage.






 Wednesday June 10th

It has already passed 10 days of June. The weather has been cold. Some days vere rainy, some days we have had sunny weather, but the days with sun, also had a very cold wind from north, so it was cold, even if the sun was shining.

Today I have just came home from a trip. I have been at a seminar or workshop for two days, together with my collegues. We have had two wonderful days, with a very interesting lecture for over 4 hours, yesterday, very funny fysical tasks outdoors (like children also would love to participate in), and a wonderful party dinner, in a kind of barbeque house, with bonfire and delicious food. Today we have had several hours with information and working tasks (related to work). Two very nice, funny and interesting days!


Today my mothers mother is celebrating her 91st birthday!

This photo is of Cecilie and my grandmother, from her 90th birthday last year.


Here you can see a new photo of our garden:

I have also posted this photo at my garden pages.




 Monday June 1st

Yesterday was Charles' birthday. We had a nice day, with coffee, cakes and guests. bursdag.

Charles and me.