March 2009:

 Thuesday March 31st


Tonight we got some snow again. Heavy wet snow. But it's 3 degreez over zero Celsius, so there are no snow on the roads, only on the lawns and fields. On the roads, the snow melts in the same second it's landing.


It has continued with sleet showers during the day. I wonder how Joakim's day have been. His class is spending this day outdoors today. But he is wearing warm clothes, so I hope that he have had a great day.

Joakim brought hammer, saw and boards to school today. They were supposed to make "houses" and nests for the Eider (a kind of duck). In our area, the people has done this for ages and ages. Made "houses" for the Eider, and taken care of the ducks, while the ducks has given the people eider down, when they have finished brooding.



Every year when spring arrives the eider keepers return to look after the ducks. They prepare nests and protect the eider ducks from dangers during the breeding season. As a reward the ducks return year after year and provide their keepers with valuable eider down, eggs and lasting memories of nature experienced.

Eider duck = female
Eider drake = male
Eider run = house for several ducks
Eider house = house of stone or wood for a single duck
Harp = stringed instrument for cleaning eider down

No other duvet filling is so light and gives off so much warmth as eiderdown. The fluff from the eider duckís breast has a special quality. In contrast to down from ducks and geese, eider down has small barbs which keep it together. This provides eiderdown duvets with a unique capacity to insulate. The keepers make sure that the Eider are not disturbed by mink, otters, eagles or ravens.

When the eggs have hatched, the eider duck takes her ducklings down to the water, then the collecting of down can begin. The down has to be collected, cleaned of egg shell and laid out to dry. Afterwards it must be shaken out, sieved on the harp, and then given a final thorough cleaning before it is transformed into the worldís best eiderdown duvets.






I have baked rolls during this morning. It is very good to relax after the surgery, but I am much better now, and able to do this and that. But if I gets tired, I just lay down on the couch for a while.


Later this week, I will try to go to work for a few hours a day. I don't have to do this, but if I feel like it' I am able to do so. I think that I will try, for some hours.






Joakim came home from the trip together with his class. He have had a wonderful day. They had put up houses for the Eider, and had a nice day!

When Joakim and Cecilie came home, we enjoyed homemade rolls.






 Monday March 30th


This day started with cloudy weather and wind, but luckily, no rain. As the hospital told me that I could go for some short slow walks, I took Rex for a little walk, during the morning.



Rex enjoyed our walk.





When Rex and I came indoors, I sat down by my computer, and I was very happy when I got an e-mail from Kia, with the most wonderful Spring Sig tag!



Thank you SO much, Kia!



I have posted lots of photos of Rex taken from Fall 2008 to Winter 2009



Unfortunately, during the evening, it started to rain, and the temperature were falling from 5 to 1 degrees Cesius.






 Friday March 27th


Lovely weather today, but, unfortunately, very cold.


Today I called the hospital, and asked if I could go for a little walk. The doctor told med that I could do that. I am not allowed to cycle, go skiing, dancing and practice at the gym, but a little walk was okey, he said.


Joakim took Rex, and we went for a walk. It was lovely to out and go for a walk, I think.


This afternoon, Charles, Joakim and another man, went to a cottage, that the dog club have at their disposal. They will be back tomorrow. Cecilie and I are staying at home, but next time we probably will go there too.


I have made some new pages today, with photos from "good old days" when I was I kid.





 Thursday March 26th


Since I just have had a surgery, I have to take it easy, so after I came home from the hospital, I have spent most of the days, reading in old garden magazines, watching gardening programs on TV and drawing and planning our own garden. 2009 will be the 4th year that we have our garden, and I have SO MANY planes, but time and money makes it hard to fulfil my planes as fast as I wish. 


Today I strolled through our garden (pretty fast, it was very cold), and took some photos. I have posted the photos at the following pages:

Spring photos, photos of our new terrace and photos of my new project.







 Thuesday March 24th


I came home from the hospital today, after having my surgery.

Surgery yesterday, and home today. But I am in good shape. Of course the operating wound hurts, and I get tired often. But apart from that, I am okey.


My trip to the hospital took over 3 hours, by busses and ferries. I brought 6 small books to read during the trip, my stay at the hospital and the trip home again.

I finished book number 6, about one hour before I came home, today, so I belive that bringing 6 books, was well planned. Blunke

It was wonderful to come home again. When I came home Cecilie and Joakim were at school and Charles was at work. But Rex was wishing me welcome home, and that was pleasant. Actually it was nice to have the house for myself for a few hours. I spent the first hours after I came home, to eat lunch, drink coffee and watch some garden programs at TV.

We have a wonderful weather now, but it's cold (only 1-2 degreez Celsius).

I am not able to spend time outdoors (because of my surgery, I have to take it easy), but I can enjoy our "Spring window".

As you can see, it is almost no snow at our lawn. But it has not turned green, yet.

When Charles was finished at work, and after eating dinner, he went out, and fixed something on his motorbike. He also went for a little "test drive". His first drive on his motorbike this year. It was very cold, so he could not drive long, but he was very happy, so I belive that it was worth it, even if it was a bit cold. Blunke




 Saturday March 21st


As I am going to have a surgery on Monday, and have to be careful for 6-8 weeks, after the surgery, I have started with working in our garden, today. It's a bit early. We still have some snow on our lawn, but in the flowerbeds there are no snow. I know myself well enough that I would have felt terrible, if I had to sit and look at our bad flowerbeds. The flowerbeds do not look very pretty after a long winter:



That's why I have started a bit early with the garden. It was very nice to start working in the garden, even if we had some snow, betveen the moments with sun, during the two hours I was outdoors. After a couple of hours in the garden, I was exhausted and very hungry. I decided to be satisfied with tha fact that I finished the two largest flowerbeds in our garden. Then the other 6 smaller flowerbeds have to wait a month or two.



It's not much sprout in the flowerbeds yet. It's only March. But, now I have prepared these two flowerbeds for the flowers that are going to come up, here. Besides, it looks a bit nicer, when all the withered are gone.





Rex was in the garden, together with me. He got a bone to enjoy, while I was working. As you can see, we still have some snow on our lawn, but not much. But in the flowerbeds, there are no snow.






 Friday March 20th


We are still having sad days here, after we lost Chico. We miss him a lot. But we know that he is in no pain, now, and that is good. Besides we are very glad that we have Rex. He can not replace Chico, but it's very cozy to have Rex, now.




We have had a terrible rain this entire day, but during the afternoon, it started to sledd. This is something that I am not very happy about. I want to have spring now!


We have got a new photo of our sponsored child, Mbali.





On Monday I am going to the hospital to have a small surgery. Nothing big. I am going home the day after the surgery, and the doctor told me that I have to stay home from work a few days, but I don't know for how many days. We'll see.






 Wednesday March 18th


I have a very sad thing to tell you:

On Monday (March 16th) we had to go to the vet and put Chico to death. He was 10 years old, a month ago. Chico has been like Cecilie and Joakim's little brother, and Charles and mine little boy, so we have very sad days here, now.


The last days we have noticed that Chico have been stiff in his legs and back. The last few days he did not even enjoy his walks, and on Sunday we had to break off our walk and return home, after walking only for a few minutes. When we came home, Chico was shaking, and he did not want to go up the stairs, so I lifted him up on the terrace. When we came indoors, Chico was relaxing for a long time, before he stood up and came into the living room. After about one hour, he was almost as normal, but we could see how stiff he was moving.


We went to the vet on Monday 16th of March, and we were very worried about what she (the Vet) could tell us about Chico. She told us that Chico was in very much pain, and that he probably had articular arthritis in his entire body. She offered us painkillers for Chico, to help him keep on for about two weeks or so, but she recommended us not to do this. Both the kids and Charles and me agreed that this would be animal cruelty to do, and decided to end it at that time. We were sitting by Chico, all four of us, until it was over.


It was terrible. Completely terrible. But, we were, all four of us, satisfied and pleased that we choose to be with Chico.


When we came home, Rex was remarkable calm. We let him sniff on Chico's collar.

Before we went to bed, Rex went a round in all the rooms in our house, almost as he wanted to check out that Chico really was gone. He did the same, next morning. But, in other ways it seems that Rex is okey. He is eating his food. Not at eager as before, but he is eating it. Rex has been very restless lately. But now he is much more relaxed. Perhaps he had noticed that Chico was in pain, and that he is relaxed now, as he knows that Chico is in no pain anymore.


I have made a memorial page for Chico here.






 Saturday March 14th


Unfortunately we did not get the same nice weather today, as we had yesterday, and the day before yeaterday.


I have photographed our new coffee table. (The photo was taken before I ironed the cloth, but it was nicer after ironing.) Blunke



The plant and the flower pot on the table are also new. We bought them today. It's nice to renew a bit, when the Spring is approaching.

When it's too early to do something outdoors, and in the garden, one just have to make it cozy indoors, while we are waiting for Spring.



Between the rain showers, I have been taking a walk in our garden. I was very happy to see that the Snow drops I got from a lady, last year, has started to sprout:








 Friday March 13th


Today it's 15 years since Cecilie was baptised.


We have had another day with wonderful Spring weather. It's not very warm yet, only 3-4 degreez Celsius, but the birds are chirping and the seagulls are screaming, and today we spottet the first sign of a typical Spring bird here in Norway, called "Tjeld" (Haematopus ostralegus).



Now I hope thta all the snow in our garden will melt soon, so I am able to start working in our garden.










 Thursday March 12th


Yesterday I sold our coffee table and the cupboard in the same sort as the table. This table was very low, so it was upleasant to sit by the table and drink coffee and eat. In addition to this, the glass table has often irritated me. It looks very nice with glass tables, but it's not very useful. Luckily someone wanted to buy both the table and the cupboard, and they seemed very happy about buying this.

In January I worked overtime 3 Saturday's, and I wanted to buy something nice for these money. I decided to buy a new coffee table. this is made of wood, (it's called walnut wood), and is much taller than the old table. We had lots of glasses and bowls in the cupboard. I will try to find other places for this stuff, so that we don't have to buy another cupboard. It's nice to have better space in the living room, I think.


Today we have a wonderful weather. Sun, and almost no wind. It's a pity one have to spend days like this indoors at work. I hope that the weather will be like this during the weekend too.


Tonight I am going to dance again. I am looking forward to this. Last Thursdag, we were at school in the evening, to see the kids entertain, and to enjoy coffee and cakes.






 Thuesday March 10th


This week, my kids has their winter holiday. Both Charles and I are at work during daytime, but Cecilie and Joakim are 15 and 13 years old, and big enought to stay at home by themselves, while we are at work.




Yesterday I spotted the first Coltsfoot. (This is the first flower to come, here in Norway, during Springtime.)

My pages of Coltsfoot is here.


Today I have been at the gym after work. It was hard work, but pleasant when I was finished.


Since we put away the Christmas decorations, early January, we have had purple curtains, purple table cloths and runners, and other purple decorations in our living room. This afternoon I have put away the purple curtains, and put up light curtains, and changed all the other purple stuff, with real Spring colors: Light green, yellow and orange.

Tomorrow I am going to buy two light green runners, to make it all complete. It was very cozy and nice to get a Spring feeling into our living room.






 Sunday March 8th


Today there are blowing a very strong wind here. Our house is squeaking and cracking. Very unpleasant.


I have spent this morning doing some housework, and put a dough for rising. I will bake coarse rye rolls, later. I have also finished reading a new book. This time I read a book written by a Norwegian author called Unni Lindell. The book is translated into English too. In English it's called The Dark Angel.



In one of Osloís poorer suburbs, fiftyseven year old Britt Else Buberg has been found dead in front of the high-rise she lived in, apparently after falling down from her own balcony. She had been a lonely woman with no friends, apart from an old lady at the nearby nursing home. But what had first looked like a suicide, is deemed a murder when a witness claims to have seen her being pushed.

Approximately at the same time nineteen year old Lilly Rudeck disappears from a rural camping ground south east of Oslo. A Polish season worker, Lilly is reported to have had a feeling of being spied on at night in the cabin where she lived. The police quickly discover that the owner of the camping ground lives in the same high-rise as Buberg did. But again things are not the way they seem.

The police are close to giving up, when they suddenly discover that a young girl was raped and murdered at the very same camping ground in 1972. The victim was only 16, and Lilly bears a disturbing resemblance to that girl. Could there be a link between the disappearance and the murder? And is there a connection with the murder of the older woman?


The book was very exiting, and it was nice to read more about Cato Isaksen, and to get to know Marian Dahle better.






 Friday March 6th


Luckily I am better from my cold, and I was at work both yesterday and today.



We are five ladies who have been saving some money each month for 2 years now. We have planned to use this money for travelling. Yesterday we ordered a vacation trip to Greece!

 We are leaving in September. We are very exited and are looking very much forvard to our trip.






 Wednesday March 4th

Today I am sick. I have been home from work. My head aches and I have a sore throat.


Yesterday we had a beautiful sunrise. I took this photo from our house about 7 AM in the morning.


I have posted a photo of our house.


Kia gave me a blog award! Follow the link, to see it.


Now I have finished the book by Mary Higgins Clark. It was very exiting, and had a surprising end. I did not read the book in English. I read it in Norwegian. It has been translated into Norwegian. I am a member of a Norwegian book club, and got it from there.





 Sunday March 1st

Now it's March, and we gets a little hope that the Spring is on it's way, even if it don't look like that yet, outdoors, with all the snow that we have got. Today we have had a very strong wind, and even if the temperature only has been around zero (Celsuis), is has been freezing outside.

I have done some housework today, and then I have just been relaxing. I am tired, after working overtime yesterday. I have also started to read a new book this weekend: Mary Higgins Clark "Where are you?"

It has been ten years since 21-year-old Kevin MacKenzie, Jr. ("Mac"), has been missing. A Columbia University senior, about to graduate and already enrolled in Duke University Law School, he walked out of his room in Manhattan's Upper West Side without a word to his college roommate and has never been seen again. However, he does make three ritual phone calls to his mother every year: on her birthday, on his birthday, and on Mother's Day. Each time, he assures her he is fine, refuses to answer her frantic questions, then hangs up. Even the death of his father, a corporate lawyer, on 9/11 does not bring him home, or break the pattern of his calls.

Mac's sister Carolyn is now 26, a law school graduate, and has just been hired as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan. She has endured two family tragedies--her brother's inexplicable disappearance, and the loss of her father. Realizing that neither she nor her mother will ever be able to have closure and get on with their lives until they find her brother, she sets out to discover what happened to Mac, and why he has found it necessary to hide from them.

Her journey into the world of people who willingly disappear from their own lives leads her to learn about others who may or may not still be alive, and ultimately to a deadly confrontation with someone close to her who suddenly becomes an enemy--and cannot allow her to disclose his secret...


The book is wery exiting. We are going to have homemade pizza for dinner today, and I think that exept for making dinner, I will use rest of this day reading. Blunke