May 2009:

 Saturday May 30th

We have had rainy weather for several days, and I haven't been out in our garden for a while, but today it's cloudy, but no rain.

I have posted new photos on these pages: flowerbed with sour soil, flowerbed with perennials and the flowerbed by the flaggstaff.

Today I am going out in our garden again. I have to dig up some grass from our flowerbed. I have to do this as soon as possible so that the grass will not be able to spread over the entire flowerbed.

Later today, and tomorrow morning, I will make some cakes. Tomorrow is, Charles, my hubby's,  birthday.

During the afternoon, the clouds disappeared and the sun came! Charles and I drowe for a trip with the motorbike, before we went home and made Taco for dinner.

I wish you all a nice Whitsun weekend.




 Monday May 25th

He he. Barbara wanted to see a photo of me, after I have been at the hairdresser. Pinlig berÝrt I don't like to take picktures of myself, but, ok. Blunke

And here it is. (Scroll down at the page to the date's May 17th and May 2nd, to see how I looked like before I cut my hair.)

Today we have had rainy weather for the first time for a very long time. It was very good for the garden to have some rain, but I have to admit that I enjoy sunny weather much better than rainy weather. During the afternoon it stoppet raining, and we got som clouds and some sun.

During the entire weekend we have had nice weather, but a very cold wind. I have been out in our garden all the time. I love gardening, and really enjoyed myslelf.




 Friday May 22nd

At May 20th, I went to the hairdresser. I wanted to get short hair again, and to get my hair to have light stripes.

I was very satisfied. It was wonderful to have short hair again, and I am happy about the pale stripes. Smil


Yesterday it was Ascension Day, which is a public holiday in Norway. I spent the entire day in the garden, in the wonderful weather. After we put up our new terrace, we also extended the flowerbed by the terrace. I decided to move all the flowers in the flowerbed on the south side of our house, to this new flowerbed. The flowerbed on the south side of our house, has a large rock under, and the plants had not much soil, and bad conditions. I belive that the flowers will have much better conditions in this new flowerbed.

This took the entire day, but I was happy, working with this. I love working in the garden.  Hoppende glad Helt gira

In the fowerbed by our new terrace we only have pink flowers. Now 50 pink Tulips are flowering.




 Sunday May 17th

Happy May 17th, everyone!

Today it's Norway's constitution Day, and all the children have been walking in the May 17th parade.

We have had a wonderful weather here on Norway's birthday. See more photos of our celebration of May 17th here.




 Friday May 15th

We have had a couple of days with fantastic weather. Mild and nice, sunny and no wind. 12-14 degreez Celsius. It's a pity that I have to sit indoors at work when the weather is so nice. But I really do enjoy the weather after work. Besides, I am very lucky to work where I do. I have a wonderful sea view from my window at work. I see and hear Seagull's and other sea birds from my window. During the last couple of days large flock's of goose have been flying above us. It's impressing to watch houndreds of goose, on their way "home" from warmer countries, where they spend their Winter time. It's a special smell in the air now, from salt sea and Spring. It is day's like we have now, that make me love Spring time.


I often go out in our garden. Some day's I don't do much. Just walk around, and enjoy the flowers. Other day's I work in the garden, and make new flowerbeds and other stuff. I have posted some photos from our garden on the page with photos of: Perennials, Sour soil and my page about Tulips (the latest photos are down at the pages).


Yesterday I brought Joakim to an alternative therapist.

Complementary medicine is a term used for a wide variety of health care practices that may be used along with standard medical treatment.
People often use yoga, meditation, and other complementary practices to improve wellness and quality of life. But in recent years, lots of people have been turning to complementary medicine to help treat a wide range of conditions from hot flashes to high blood pressure. Other examples of complementary medicine include acupuncture, herbal remedies, naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, and light therapy.

Since we were on our holiday in Turkey last Summer, Joakim has had enormously much trouble with his stomach and intestine, with lot of pain and diarrhoea. He has turned worse and worse, for each week. We have also been to doctors, but I decided to try alternative medicine, to see if this could help him, because it seemed like nothing could help him to get better. The kind of alternative care that we tryed, is a kind of machine that you are beeing connected or swithced to, with some electronic connections on your wrist and ankle. This machine sends electrical impulses (electrical frequency) into your body. This do not hurt. You don't feel anything. You can even sleep when this machine works with you.

The machine scan your body for two hours, and finds out if you have any bacterium, virus, fungus disease or other imbalaces in your body. When the machine is finished with the scan, it starts to treat you with electrical impulses (electrical frequency). The machine also makes medicine for you.

I am not sure if I belive in this kind of alternative medicine, but nothing seemed to help Joakim to get well. He has been ill for almost a year. The last weeks, he has had pain in his stomach each and every day. That's why I decided to let Joakim try this very expencive therapy.

I am very happy, and a bit surprised, that after this therapy, Joakim's stommach did not hurt. When he woke up this morning, he felt well too. I am so happy, and a bit worried if this will not last. But most of all I am so very very happy. The therapist also told us to use 4 kinds of natural alternative medicine, to help the body to get rid of all the bacterium, virus, fungus disease and imbalaces that Joakim has in his stomach and intestine. And in 2 weeks, Joakim will be scanned in this machine once again. If this machine will cure Joakim, I will be a very happy mom!



Yesterday Charles' son, Morten, celebrated his 23rd birthday. We ordered pizza from our lokal pizza restaurant, and invited Morten to eat pizza and drink coffee and eat cakes together with us, on our terrace. It was very nice to sit on our terrace in the sun.



Now it's only two day's left until May 17th, Norway's constitution Day, and the weather forecast has promised us nice weather on Norway's birthday. I belive that it will be a nice day. Happy May 17th, everyone!






 Monday May 11th



After work today I have bought 8 flowers for this area. These new flowers are supposed to cover most of the soil in this flowerbed. It's not very nice yet, but I hope that it will be luxuriant when the flowers are getting bigger.



Instead of walking with Rex today, I took my bike, and cycled a little trip with him. During the afternoon the weather was quite nice, with sun and no rain. Even if it was a bit chilly, it was a nice bicycle-trip.





 Sunday May 10th


This weekend I have used most of my time to make this new flowerbed for the new bushes. Yesterday we had nice weather, but today it has been raining a lot. In spite of the rain, I have been out in our gardne, working. I am not quite finished yet, but I have done a lot. I have put all the new bushes into the soil.





View over our garden, with the new flowerbed, on top on the left hand side.







 Thursday May 7th


Yesterday it was very nice weather here. After work, we had a barbeque party, in our barbeque house. We enjoyed moose/elk meat with red wine. Charles' brother and his wife, his sister and her hubby and Charles' son, Morten spent the evening togehter with us. We had a nice time in the barbeque house, and on the terrace, where we enjoyed a cup of coffee, and ice cake in the sun, later in the evening. We were able to sit ourdoors until almost 9 PM (of course with warm clothes on, but anyway). It was a nice evening.


Today it has been nice weather until we were finished at work. Then it started to rain.. Det regner



But I am happy, in spite of the rain: Today the plants that I had ordered, came in the mail. I hurried to the post office to get the parcel, so that the plants should get out of their box, and into fresh air. I have planned to make a new large flowerbed with mostly bushes, here. I am looking forward to start with this.






 Thuesday May 5th



I found a list at Annette which I have translated and posted in my blog. I have tried to ansver the questions. Feel free to copy the list, and ansver these questions in you blog. (Copy the text here).


Right- or left handed: Right handed
Mood, right now:
Happy and satisfied
Favourite sweet: 
Does it exist something that you never will eat?: 
Common mussel. And food made of blood, like blood sausage.
Clothes, right now: 
Jeans, dark pink top and light pink cardigan.
Music right now: 
Andrea Boccelli
What was the latest thing you said: Yes
If you vere forced to live in another time, which era would you choose?:
I like it now, but if I have to choose, perhaps in the 1950's?
Plans for this Summer: We are going to wisit my parents, at their cottage, and take some short trips. Rest of the Summer, we will stay at home.
Limonade or alcohol: 
I seldom drink limonade. I rather drink water, or a glass of red wine or beer.

How many pillows do you use when you sleep: One.
Favourite weather: 
A mild day of Spring (like we have now).
If you have been stuck on an island, which 3 "things" would you bring: 
My hubby, my kids and a boat.
Do you play any instrument: 

Morning or night person: Morning person.
Saver or waster:
Best movie: 
It's hard to choose only one: All Harry Potter movies. Ice Age. The Green Mile.

Do you believe in life on other planets?: I am not sure. Perhaps?

Do you remember your first love: Yes
Do you still love him/ her?:
Do you have any gay friends?: 
Not someone that I know about.
Do you believe in miracles?: 
Yes, some times.
Do you believe that it's possible to be faithful (in relationship) for the entire life: Yes, absolutely.
Do you see youself as tolerant: Yes
Do you see love as a mistake:
No, of course not.
How many kids do you want to have:
I have two kids. That's perfect for me.
A movie or a walk:
A walk.
Do you snore? 
I don't think so.
Zodiac sign? 
Are you afraid of insects? 
I don't like them, but I am not afraid of them, exept of wood tick.

Worst insectWood tick.
Your biggest weakness:
I am too much fond of chocolate.
What I am good at: 
Best book? 
I love to read, and can't just choose one. I like Margit Sandemo, Dean Koonz, Mary Higgins Clark among others.

If you could choose a super power, what would you choose to have? To be magical. I would have stopped all wars, stopped starving in poor countries, stopped all violence and obliterated all diseases.

What do you want to have as an occupation? I work in an office, and I love my work. But I also love gardening, so perhaps a gardener?

Chips, carrots or sweets? It depends. Carrots are good, but some days I juse HAVE TO have sweets. Chips is not important for me.
Pizza or hamburger? 
Pizza, but hamburger is good too.
Do you write a diary?
No. (But I do have this blog...)
Would you ever consider a tattoo or piercing? 

Messy or clean? Clean.
Would you like to try bungee-jumping? 
My kids have tryed this, in Turkey, but I will not do this.

Are you afraid of blood? 
Do you put salt on you food?

Do you like to singNo. But I sing along, if there is a nice song in the radio.
Are you strong?
I am not very strong physical, but I am mentally strong.
Do you sun bath? Not very often, but I like to sit on our terrace with a good book, in the sun.

What do you do if you get the hickupsI drink a glass of water.

Do you smoke? No, I have never smoked.
Do you use a pinch of snutt?
Do you use drugs?
Coffee, tea or none?
Coffee, coffee and coffee again.
Do you have any obsession? 








 Saturday May 2nd


We have had two days with wonderful weather. A brilliant sun, warm and nice temperatures, 17-18 degreez Celsius.



Today we have been in a confirmation. The weather was nice this morning, but during the day we got some rain, and in the evening it stopped to rain, luckily. The confirmation day was very nice and cozy. Lots of nice people and very good food. The photo of us, under here, was taken when we was at the confirmation party.



Joakim, Cecilie, me, Charles.