November 2009:

Sunday November 29th

It has been snowing a lot since yesterday, and we have got real Winter. This is much more nice than all the rain that we have hat, earlier.

This is a photo of our church, where Joakim is going to be confirmated in, at Spring 2010.

The photo is taken today.

I have also posted this photo on Joakims confirmation pages.




Saturday November 28th

Tonight we have got a centimetre with snow!

Even if I am not very fond of the Winter, I prefer to have 2 degreez below zero and some snow, than 5 degreez, rain and wind, like we have had the last days.

It was nice to have some snow now, when it is the first Sunday of Advent tomorrow. It is clean and bright, outdoors, now. It was dark, wet and dirty before the snow came. But I don't think that we will be so lucky to have this snow for a long time. I belive that the snow will melt soon, but I hope that I am wrong, and that we will have some snow, for a long time, now.

I have got a Winter gift from Kia & Zeno:

Thank you SO much!


My pages about Advent are here: Advent

My pages about Christmas are here: Christmas pages





Wednesday November 25th

It is not much happening here with us. The days goes by, as normal, with school  for the kids and work for us grownups.

Last weekend, we went to wisit my sister and her family. They lives 400 kilometres from us. We had a very nice weekend, and I also wisited both my grandmothers, which are 86 and 91 years old.

But I did not see my parents, this time. They have gotten the swine flu, and had to stay at home and indoors. They are well again, now, fortunately.


The upcoming weekend, Advent starts, with the first Sunday of Advent. I am looking forward to decorate our house for Advent. Today I have already been on our attic to get our box full of Advent decorations.

I have also bought a plant that is common to decorate with, for Advent and Christmas, and I have also bought a candle with the numers from 1 to 24. We are going to burn this candle each day until Christmas. A nice way to count days until Christmas, I think.




Thursday November 12th

Me, on our new motorcycle:

Charles and I are both looking forward to many nice trips on this one.




Thursday November 5th

I have got this from Susan today:

Thank you so much, Susan.






Sunday November 1st

We have had a wonderful Fall weather today, and Rex and I went for a long walk in the woods:








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