October 2009:

 Monday October 26th


Yesterday Charles and I went to a small island, called Ylvingen, together with our motorcycle club.

It is less than 30 people living at Ylvingen.

A famous Norwegian TV-series called "Himmelblå" (means "Blue sky"), was filmed on the island Ylvingen.


This is me, by the Himmelblå sign at Ylvingen:



There is a small mountain or hill at Ylvingen, called "Tyskhåjen" (means "The German Hill"), where you may see

old memorial monuments from the 2nd World War, like old cannons, trench, nursing home for the soldiers and barracks from the war.


The Germans choose this place because from the top of the hill there is a very good view.


I have created a page with photos from Fall 2008, Fall 2009, and a new page with my own photos from a beautiful island in Norway, called Ylvingen.




 Thursday October 22nd

I just want to show you the view from my office, at work. I feel very lucky to have a view like this. Lots of people who are working in a office, are sitting watching out their windows, looking at a large city with asphalt, huge buildings and pollution. I am so happy that what you see on these photos are my view, and when I open my window, I hear and see, small fishing boats and sea birds.



 Thuesday October 13th

I took this photo of the sunset today (at 6.40 PM):

I have created a page with photos from last Christmas.





 Thuesday October 6th

The nice weather we had this weekend, disappeared fast, unfortunately.

Charles and I have quiet days, now that Cecilie and Joakim are at their Fall vacation. We are at work at daytime, and during afternoon's we relax, surfe on the internet, Facebook, house work, and so on.

I have got a Fall adoption from Kia and Zeno, and a Fall award from Annette.

I have updated my page about me.




 Saturday October 3rd

Today we have had the first day, for a very long time, with nice weather. It has been raining tonight, and early morning, but the rest of the day, we have had sunny weather and no rain. We have had a cold wind from north, but as long as it is not raining, I don't complaint.

While Charles and Rex went hunting for moose (elk) this morning, I went for a nice walk in the sun. I took this photo on my walk:

Fall colors, sun, blue sky and snow on the mountains.

This afternoon Charles and I have enjoyed Calzone for dinner (pizza), from our local pizza restaurant.





Thursday October 1st

Today I have been dancing for two hours. It was very funny!

Cecilie and Joakim are going on their Fall vacation this weekend. They are coming home next weekend. I am sure that they will have some very nice days, off school.