September 2009:

Sunday September 27th

Today is my 42nd birthday!


We have gotten a new photo of our sponsored child who lives in South-Africa, Mbali.





Saturday September 26th

It has been raining this entire Fall, and I am very sick and tired of all this bad weather. But I am perhaps not allowed to complaint, I have been very lucky and spent one week in Greece. Blunke

Now it's several weeks since I have done anything in our garden, but today I have been gardening, betweeen the rain showers. I have ordered lots of bulbs on the internet, and these bulbs came in the mail some days ago. I hope that this will make wonderful flowers in our garding durng Springtime. I am hoping that some of the bulbs will flower while Joakim's is going to be confirmated, early May.

I was just finished, putting the bulbs in the soil, when it started to rain, again.


Tomorrow it is my 42nd birthday, and Kia and Zeno, and Annette have sent some gifts for me. Thank you SO much!

 I have posted the gifts on my birthday page.






Saturday September 19th

September 10th til 17th, I went to Platanias, Crete, Greece, together with four good friends and collegues. We had been saving money for this trip for 2 1/2 years, and it wes very nice to come to a warm country for a week, while we have cold and wet weather in Norway.

We were living in an appartment with two floors, with 5 beds, and 2 bathrooms. We had a wonderful week. Unfortunately, it was raining on the evening we arrived Platanias, and on the next morning. But it was 23 degrees Celsius, and nice and warm. It stopped raining during day 2. During our week in Platanias, we had sunny weather for 3 days, and these 3 days we spent at the beach.

One day we went to Elafonisis. This is a beach which is named worlds most beautiful beach. It was cloudy and blowing a very strong wind on the day that we went to Elafonisis, but we all agreed that it was a nice trip. It was a very beautiful place. On our to Elafonisis, which took over 2 hours by bus, we stopped at a holy cave, that is guarded by a holy woman. The cave is called Agia Sofia.

I have posted lots of photos from my vacation, on my pages about Greece.





Monday September 7th

On Thursday I am leaving for Greece!

We are 5 ladies who are working together, and we have been saving money for 2 1/2 years, and now we are leaving to get some warm weather and to relax. Cool

One week in Greece! I have never been to Greece, so I am very exited about this trip. I will post photos as soon as I am home again.






Thuesday September 1st

Today it is September 1st, and the autumn is unfortunately here. But, as the Spring lover I am, I have already ordered Crocus and Tulips bulbs for next Spring. I am looking forward to Spring already. Blunke

Today we have had both sunny, cloudy and rainy weather, but it is mild: 17 degreez Celsius.

It is not much to write in my blog nowdays. The kids are at school and we are at work, during daytime. The afternoons and evening are "flying away":



Last weekend we went to see my sister and my brother in law, on their cottage. Here are a couple of photos I took:

Joakim was tough and went for a swim in the cold sea water.


Bad weather is coming. Soon after this, the rain was pouring down.