April 2010:

Thursday April 22nd


The snow that we got last weekend, melted, and we have had nice weather the last days, but it has been very cold. The temperature has been around zero during the nights and 2-3 degrees Celsius during daytime.

Here is a photo I took, a few days ago, on one of our many walks in the woods:

Now it is only 10 days until Joakim's confirmation.

On thuesday we went to a photographer and took Joakim's confirmation photos. Joakim also went to the hairdresser this day.

Even if I am a bit stressed out, I am looking forward to the confirmation. I am looking forward to the party, and are looking forward to see all our relatives.




Sunday April 18th


This weekend we have gotten more snow. Most of the snow that we got yesterday, melted away during the day, but tonight we have gotten even more snow again:

The view from our livingroom windows this morning.

I want Spring!




Friday April 16th


Last weekend we had wonderful Spring weather, and I had a real ”Spring cleaning” in our garden. I have removed all the old dead flowers and leaves, in all 6 of our flowerbeds. Nothing is flowering yet.



This week we have had rain almost every day, but tonight we got a few millimetres with snow. This melted away, and today turned out to be a nice day, with some clouds and glimpse of sun.


Charles and I are going to 2 birthday celebrations this weekend. Tonight we are invited to a 50 years party, and tomorrow, our brother in law is celebrating his 60th birthday.


Now it is only a couple of weeks left until Joakim’s confirmation, and I am starting to get stressed out. But I am going to bake some cakes during this weekend, and put in our freezer. We have done some other preparations too, so I belive that this will turn out well. J

Happy Weekend.




Thuesday April 8th


This day started with some rain, but during the day, the sun started shining again. Wonderful Spring weather!



Now we have finished with our front entrance:



Nice and bright, I think.

I have also posted this photo, down at the page of our house.






Thuesday April 6th


The Easter Holiday is finished, and we have been at work today, and the kids at school.



Today I bicycled to work for the first time this year. It was only 3,5 degrees Celcius this morning, but it was sunny weather. I wore warm gloves, and had a nice bicycle trip.




The last day's of Easter, we have stayed at home. We have been walking in the woods, painting our Front Entrance and been on trips with our motorcycle.








Friday April 2nd


Good Friday.


We have been on a Easter trip, wisiting my parents from Palm Sunday to Wednesday. We had some very nice days together with my family.


Yesterday, on Maundy Thursday, Charles and I painted our front entrance. This is the third time we are painting the tront entrance. First we vere painting it in a bright yellow-green color. (This was in 2006, when we bought our house.) Later we painted it with a nice beige color. Unfortunately this beige color started to peel off. To fix this, we have now painted it once more, and this time we used a special paint, to fix the bad paint which had peeled off. This time, we painted the front entrance white.


The front entrance turned out very nice and bright. When the Easter Holiday is finished, we are going shopping, to see if we can find a little shelf to put our shoes on, and parhaps a nice painting to put on the wall.