August 2010:

Monday August 2nd

It's Summer, and we have our Summer Holiday now, but the weather here is not much to be happy about. We have been on a couple of small trips during our holiday, but just now we are staying at home. Perhaps we will go for a little trip later in our holiday too.

This Summer we have had a lot of cold weather, and very much of rain. Also today it's raining, and the temperature is 12-13 degreez Celsius, but the weather forecast said that it might stop to rain, later today. In spite of the bad weather, we have been working a bit in our garden, with several projects. Among other things, we have finished the terrace by our flagstaff, so that we have something to walk on, when we are going down from this terrace. Earlier, we just jumped down on the ground.

Charles and Joakim a putting up the passage down from the terrace.

In this gap, I decided to make a flowerbed for roses.

Now we have 6 different pink roses here. (Hurdalsrosa, Celestial, a kind of Dew rose, The Fairy, Coral Dawn and Bonica.)


Another thing that we have done this Summer, is that we have sold our caravan, and bought ourselves a new motorcycle instead. We are also going to sell our other motorcycle. We only need one motorcycle. Blunke  Here you may see phtotos of our new motorcycle: Honda Goldwing:

The trailer that came with our Goldwing has been art lacquered. This is something that the former owner hired an artist to do for him. Lucky for us. Laughing Here is a close up photo of the trailer:

I am not driving the motorcycle. I am only passenger, while my hubby is driving. This is something that I am very satisfied with. I do not feel for driving myselv.


Goldwing is the ultimate touring motorcycle. It is very comfortable to drive long trips with it. We are looking forward to many long trips with our new motorcycle.



I have posted some photos from our garden: The terrace by our flagstaff, the flowerbed with bushes and perennials, the flowerbed with sour soil and the flowerbed with perennials.

I have posted some photos from The Artic Circle.






Sweet Rainbow