January 2010:

Saturday January 30th

We have cold weather nowdays. Today it's 11 degrees Celsius below zero and strong wind here.

In spite of the cold weather, it's beautiful, and Charles and I put on warm clothes, and went for a walk with Rex. Here are a couple of photos I took, during our walk:

Today I am quite satisfied with myself. I have been in the city, shopping, on sale, several birthday gifts for our nieces and nephews, several months in advance. This will be very okey, when the birthdays comes, and we will have their presents finished. In addition to this, I have bought several clothes for the little girl that we are sposoring, who lives in South Africa. Read about our sponsoring child, here.

Tonight the moon is 50 000 kilometres closer to the earth than normal. Just now, at 8 PM in the evening, I am sitting indoors, with fire in our fireplace, looking out on the big moon.




Sunday January 24th

It has not been snowing here for several days, and we have not had much snow. But today, it started to snow, and it has been snowing the entire day. My hubby, Charles, took this photo of me, when we were walking in the woods with Rex today:




Thursday January 14th

I have taken a new photo of the nice view from my window at work. This was taken yesterday:

Now we have got the cold weather back. Today it is 8 degrees below zero and sunny weather. I have been for a long walk in the woods together with Rex. It was wonderful with the snow, the rimed trees and the sun:



Saturday January 9th

We have had about 15 degrees below zero for several day's, but today it's 2-3 degrees over zero (Celsius), and rain. I don't like winter much. I love Spring and Summer, but I have to admit that I would rather have had 10-15 degrees below zero, no precipitation and no wind, than 2-3 degrees Celsius over zero, wind and rain.

This is going to be a short note. I am taking Joakim to the hairdresser now.



Thursday January 7th

We have cold winter weather here with us. Here are two photos I took when Rex and I went for a cold walk in the woods:

Rex is admireing the sunset (at 1 AM).

Grass in the snow.




Monday January 4th

I have posted some photos from Christmas, and some Winter photos.

I have also created a page with photos from Spring 2009.



Sunday January 3rd

Today it has started to snow again. We did not get much snow during christmas, but now it is starting to become white ourdoors, and the roads are covered with snow. It seems like the winter is coming to us, now.

I have posted a couple of photos on Joakim's confirmation page.

During Christmas we have had a quiet and nice time. We have been wisiting family and enjoyed ourselves.

Tomorrow it is back to work again. It has been wonderful to have the day's off from work, and to have a long Christmas Holiday.