July 2010:

Wednesday July 14th

It is raining today too. 10 degreez Celsius and rain. We had nice Summer weather at Friday, and at Sunday. The rest of the days, it has been raining. But if I decide to do something in our garden, I go out to do this, in spite of the weather. i love to work in our garden, and I enjoy to get the garden as I am dreaming about.

I have created a page with photos of Joakim, taken by a photographer, when Joakim was confirmated at May 2nd.

I also created a page with photos of the church service at April 28th. And a page with photos from Joakim's confirmation day.




Saturday July 10th

Now it's a long time since I have written in my blog. Again. It's Summertime, and I spend a lot of time in our garden. But I will try to tell you a bit of what I have done since my last update. Unfortunately it is raining today.

We have had some days with no rain, but the warm summer heat has not come to us yet, this Summer.

Thuesday June 29th, we put down some Lilac bushes down at our lawn. These bushed are supposed to, in some years, grow to become a nice hedge against the main road.


The day after, I started to paint our second terrace. (The terrace by our entrance, I painted mid June.) Unfortunately, I went out of paint, and had to stop, without finishing.

Some days later, Joakim, my 14 years old son, helped me finishing paint the terrace:


In addition to this Joakim also helped me to redecorate an old bench.

I had put up and ad, and asked if someone had a bench to sell. A lady called me and said that if we came and picked up their bench, so that they did not have to deliver it to us, we could have it for free. This is what it looked like:

The bench was full of rust, and in bad shape, but I wanted to paint it, and get rid of the rust.

Joakim helped me to fix the bench. He used 1 1/2 hours doing this, and the bench turned our very nice!

I went down in our garden and dug up some flowers, (Hosta) and grass. The grass lookes a bit weak and infirm, but it grows very fast, and will spread out in the pot soon.


The last weekend Charles and I went to a motorcycle meeting to a place called Dorotea in Sweeden, together with some other members of our motorcycle club. We had a very nice trip. The meeting was very nice and so was the Sweedish.


Here you can see me, at a nice place in Sweeden, where we had a rest. This waterfall is called "Trappstegsforsen", which means the staircase waterfall.


This weekend, from 9th til 11th of July, it is our motorcycle club which is arranging a motorcycle meeting. I am going to help out, by serving breakfast, and selling dinner, Coca Cola and bear to the participants on the motorcycle meeting. I was hoping to spend some time in our garden this weekend too. It's a pity the weather is so bad today, but I hope that Sunday will be better.

This is a Veronica in our garden yesterday, July 9th.






Sweet Rainbow