June 2010:

Thuesday June 29th

Today we have the third day this year, with nice warm Summer weather. The first day with this kind of warm weather was at May 16th. After this we have had a couple of warm sunny days. But, today we have a wonderful day. 13 degreez Celsius, sunny weather, and no rain or wind. I really hope that we will continue to have this lovely Summer weather.


In spite of this cold weather and rain, I have been working a lot in our garden.

We have changed our old homemade garden entrance. The old one was put on two boxes with plants in. The plants did not grow nice in these boxes. And I did not like the boxes either.

It was raining when I took this last photo, but I hope you may see the new garden entrance:

I am not finished with this area yet.




Sunday June 20th

The weather is still cold, and the last few days it has been raining all day long. It is raining today too, but today we have seen the sun in betveen the rain showers.

Cecilie has been living 400 kilometres from us, when she has been at school. Now she is finished at school, and has Summer holiday. This weekend we have been driving and picked her up, and all her stuff. It was very nice to have her back home again. Smil

We used our caravan to get her, and had a nice weekend trip on our way home. Here are a couple of photos I took during our trip. This is where we vere staing, during the night:


In spite of the bad weather, I have been working a lot in our garden.

I have posted two photos from our flowerbed with sour soil. And two photos from the large flowerbed with perennials. I also posted a photo from the flowerbed with most bushes.





Monday June 14th

We still have cold days, here with us. Often the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius. We have had some sunny days without rain. But there has been a very cold wind. But I have been outdoors, working in our garden, and staining our terrace floor, in spite of the cold weather.

We stained our terrace floor last year, too. But this year it looked like this:


I used 3 days to stain the floor and the furniture on our terrace. I did not like the brown color we used last year, so this year I decided to use a dark grey color. I think that is is much better with this new color:





Thursday June 3rd

Now it's a long time since I have written in my blog, so this is going to become an update post.

We have had a very cold Spring here. We only have had two days with warm weather. The other days the temperature has been from 6 to 10-12 degreez Celsius, with wind and rain. Some days it has not been raining, and it has even been sunny weather, but these days it has been cold, in spite of the sun, and often it has been a very cold wind. In spite of the cold weather, I have been several times working in our garden, and enjoying myself. I love to be in our garden.


At whitsun I went out and bought stain for our terrace floor. Unfortunately it has been raining regularly, so we have not been able to stain yet.

For several years I have been dreaming about getting a rose called "Namdalsrose", but this is a very popular rose, and I haven't found it. Some days ago I found out that our local market garden have gotten some of these beautiful roses, and I bought one.

This photo is not mine (unfortunately), but it's a photo I found on the internet. My rose is very small, and have only a few leaves on. I really hope that my rose will look like this in a few years:



At May 27th I started to move some of our hedge bushes that used to be placed by the main road, at the end of our lawn. But several of these hedge bushes have been broken by van's that are cutting the grass in the ditches. Now I have started to dig down these hedge bushes another place in our garden.


At Friday May 28th I was on a trip to a wonderful island called Hysvær, together with my collegues. This day was not very warm, but it was sunny weather, and we had a wonderful evening at this island.

Some information about Hysvær:

Restaurant at Hysværøyan, built from driftwood found on the island. In addition to traditional Norwegian food, you?ll get great stories from the owner of the restaurant and you'll experiene the archipelago.

At Hysværøyan, the old school has been renovated, and is used as accomodations. The islands is great for activities like kayaking, fishing and birdwatching.

When we got to this island, we were served delicious fish soup.

After eating, we went out to take a look at this wonerful island.



During the last few days I have not been working in our garden. But on Monday my hubby and I went out and enlarged on of our flowerbed, to get some space to the new rose.


This is a photo of one of the tulips in our garden. I don't know the name of it, but it's beautiful, i belive.



I am so happy about this sweet gift I got from Kia:

Thank you so much, Kia!







Sweet Rainbow