March 2010:

Saturday March 27th


Yesterday I spottet the first sign of a typical Spring bird here in Norway, called "Tjeld" (Haematopus ostralegus).





Now our Easter holiday has started. It's wonderful to have many days off.


Yesterday Cecilie came home for her Easter Holiday. It's nice to have her back home for some days.





Saturday March 20th

I have been buying lots of decorations, candles, and table cloths that we are going to decorate the tables with, for Joakim's confirmation.

I took a picture like this of the decorations for Cecilie's confirmation, two years ago. If you want to see it, I have posted it down at this page.

It's more than a month until Joakim's confirmation, but I like to be finished with as much as possible early. I don't like to stress when I plan a big party, like this.

Yesterday I went to the bakery, and ordered two large cake's for the confirmation. We are going to have a cake with a picture of Joakim on, just like we did in Cecilie's confirmation.



Thursday March 16th

We have gotten even more snow. I have taken a photo of our garden. Normally it's not this much snow at this time of year:

I have also posted this photo in my garden pages.




Saturday March 13th

I am starting to wonder if this Winter never will end. I am longing for Spring, but now we have gotten even more snow.


I have to admit that the Winter may be beautiful, but I think that we have had enough snow and cold weather. I want to have sunny and warm weather!

Just now it is early Saturday morning, and Rex and I are the only one's who have gotten out of bed. I am sitting with my laptop on my lap, with a cup of coffee, and at the same time watching a Travelling program on BBC Knowledge on TV. I have not been able to travel much in my life, but I am very facinated of other countries and other cultures. I hope that I will be able to travel more in the future. The program has showed travelling in China with the Chinese wall, Peru and the Inka people's treasures and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the 38 meter tall statue of Christ. I have turned down the sound on the TV, as the English speaking is translated into Norwegian, and texted. Instead I have put on my newest CD: The best of Andrea Boccelli - Vivere. I belive that Andrea Boccelli is a very talented singer, and I have several of his CD's. Wonderful music!




Sunday March 7th

We  have 5-6 degrees Celsius over zero and rain. Actually I am happy about it, even I don't like rain, but I want Spring, and if it is raining, the snow disapperes. But with all this rain, we have got lots of dangerous ice in our yard, and on all the small roads.

On friday I went to a party together with my collegues. My work is 15 years old, and we were celebrating this. We had a very nice time.

Yesterday evening we discovered 3 roe deer's in our garden. They were on our lawn, and it was very exiting to watch the roe deer's at this close range. We switched off the lights in our livingroom, and were watching them for a very long time, before they ran into the woods.

I have taken another photo from my window at work:



Joakim is going to be confirmated this Spring, and I have made invitations, and sent these invitations in the mail to our relatives:

I have also started to buy decorations and table cloths for Joakim's confirmation. We will have black table cloths with blue and turquoise candles and decorations for Joakim's confirmation.




Monday March 1st

The kids have had winter holiday the last week in February, and Joakim has been with his father, while Cecilie, who is living away from us, when she goes to school, have been home with us during her winter holiday, together with her boyfriend.

I have been at work during daytime, and we have been together during the afternoons and evenings.

Now it is back to normal days, and the schools have started up again.

But, itís only four weeks until the Easter holiday starts. I am looking forward to have a long holiday, the entire Easter.


We still have snow and winter, here with us, and this weekend, Charles and I went skiing.