May 2010:

Wednesday May 19th

Just now (at 9 PM) I am sitting on our terrace with my laptop and enjoying a cup of coffee. It's mild and nice. I am so happy that we finally got some Spring weather. I really hope that we will have a nice and warm Spring and Summer.

I have just been walking in our garden, checking out what's blooming right now. In this photo, we have blue Scilla in the back to the left, pink "Bells" and yellow Narciss:

I really enjoy our garden now days. You may almost see, from day to day, that it's sprouting.

It's not much blooming yet, but it's very nice to see what has survived the Winter.




Monday May 17th

Unfortunately we did not get to keep the lovely weather from yesterday, on Norway's Constitution Day. It has been raining the entire day.

See my pages about Norway's birthday here.

In spite of the bad weather, both Charles and I have put on our bunads, and been out, looking at the parade with all the kids. We have enjoyed an icecream and a cup of coffee, before we went home. Later today, we are going to have coffee with our family.

Charles and me, at May 17th.





Sunday May 16th

Wonderful weather today. This is our first day this year, with warm weather! 24 degrees Celsius!

I have been working in our garden thie entire day!




Monday May 10th

We still have cold weather. And during today, it actually started to snow!

Here is a photo of our garden, this afternoon:

Today we woke up to 3 degrees Celsius and sunny weather, so I took my bike and bicycled to work today, wearing my jeans, a fleece-jacket and no socks in my summer shoes. It was very cold to cycle home from work in 1 degree and snow. But it was coldest on my hands. I missed my gloves, more than I missed my socks.

Yesterday the weather was much better. I took this photo while I was walking in the woods with Rex:

There are no green grass or leaves on the trees yet. But I really like this photo from yesterday, much better than the photo from today, of our snowy garden. I really hope that the snow will melt again fast, and that we will get sunny and warm weather soon.

I have posted several photos on my garden pages.





Thuesday May 4th

At Sunday May 2nd Joakim was confirmated. It was cold and windy, but apart from that, it was a very nice day. I believe that both Joakim and all the guests were satisfied about the day, and we enjoyed ourselves, each and everyone.

Me, Joakim, Cecilie and Charles in the church.

We have had all my family wisiting this weekend, from Friday to Monday: Both my parents, Cecilie and her boyfriend, both my two grandmothers and both my sisters with their families. In addition to this, my ex and his girlfriend, my ex father i law with his wife, also spent som time and some meals together with us. Only my grandmothers slept in our house, the rest of the family slept in caravans in our yard, and cottages on a camping, near our house. We enjoyed all our meals togheter. We have had a very nice weekend togheter with my familiy.

Friday afternoon I made 3 homemade pizzas for everyone. Most of my family had to drive for about 6 hours to get to us, and were happy to have homemade pizza when they arrived. On Saturday we had a barbeque party and enjoyed the afternoon and evening in our barbeque house.

We celebrated the confirmation day at the lokal sports clubís skiing cottage. We did not have enough space in our own home to serve dinner and coffeee for 37 persons.

Yesterday morning, when my family was going to drive home, we woke up to snow and winter! My parents decided to leave their caravan, and come and get it some days or weeks later. My family drove together, later in the afternoon, when some of the snow had melted. My sister and her family had Summer tyres on their car, and my parents has winter tyres, but could not take their caravan with them.

Now itís normal dayís again, with work for us, and school for Joakim. I really hope that we will get warmer wether soon. (Luckily, the snow that came yesterday, has melted again.) I am looking forward to spend some time in our garden soon. This year I donít have any large ĒprojectsĒ in the garden, like I have had earlier. This year will be most maintenance.