September 2010:

Saturday September 25th 2010

After a short and cold Summer, with lots of rain, the Fall has continued at the same. We have perhaps had a bit better weather this Fall, than the Summer, but, I don't think that it becomes the same, with nice day during Fall in Norway, and nice weather during Spring and Summer. I am a person who loves Spring and Summer. After a long cold, dark Winter, it's always wonderful to have the sun and warm back, in springtime.

My hubby and I have enjoyed lots of trips with our new Goldwing motorsycle during this Summer and Fall. Here is a photo of us, by our Goldwing motorsycle:


This Summer and Fall I have been doing mostly two things: Trips with our new Goldwing motorsycle together with my hubby, and gardening.

Here are some photos of 3 of the roses that we have in our garden:


In two days, at Monday September 27th, it is my birtday, and I will turn 43 years old. Kia and Zeno has been very kind, and sent me some gifts for my birthday:

Kia and Zeno: Thank you so much!



The gifts from Kia and Zeno is also posted at my birthday page.


I wish you all a nice Fall!