Bente July 13th 2006

Bente  August 31st 2007


My name is Bente. I am from Norway.


I was born at September 27th 1967.


I have two kids: I girl, born in 1993, and a boy, born in 1995.

And a beautifyl granddaughter, born in 2011.



I am married to Charles. We got married at August 16th 2003.

Charles and I. May 31st 2009



My husband has a son, Morten, born in 1986.

Now we have one dog: Rex. Check out my dogpages to see photos and read about all the dogs in my life.

My hobbies are gardening, my Web Site and blog, reading books and taking photos, and putting these photos into our photo albums. (I have lots of photos at my Web Site, of my kids, travel photos, garden photos and so on.)



I have also learned to dance swingdance. My husband and I learned this at Spring 2005. Once a week, I go to dance swingdance. At these dance-evenings, we are dancing for 2 hours. I think that it's very fun. And I am happy that I finally have learned this.

Charles and I are dancing swingdance. November 8th 2008