March 2006

March 30th Thursday


Today, there has been a ice cold wind from the North. We had 3-4 degreez below zero, but it felt like much colder than that, because of the cold wind.



March 29th Wednesday

Each Wednesday, after work, me and some of my collegues are training in our training room at work. It's very expencive to do sports at at gymnastic studio. We are very lucky to be able to do some training, at work. (Not in our work time, of course, but we may do it after work.) Today we were 4 ladies, who were training.



 March 28th Thursday

We got the 4th Harry Potter-DVD in the mail today. (Harry Potter and the goblet of fire). My children and I have been to the cinema, and seen thes film, but we all love Harry Potter, and we sat down to see the film once more, today.

After the movie, my kids did lots of homework, with some help from me.



March 27th Monday


Today I heard a bird, called "Tjeld" for the first time this year. This is a bird who are flying to a warm country, when we have winter here in Norway, and during the Spring, they come to Norway again, so when we hear this bird, we are happy, beleving that the Spring is coming soon.

It is also a couple of weeks since I spotted the first Coltsfoot. (This is the first flower to come, here in Norway, during Springtime.)

My pages of Coltsfoot is here.



March 26th Sunday

The party from last night var fun. We were dancing and having fun.

Today we have turned our clocks one hour forward. (It's Summertime.)

This weekend, there has been something that we call "Messe" in our town. I am not sure what this is called in English, but I can try to explain: Lots of companies and organisations are standing inside a large room in a building. (And some are also standing outdoors.) They are standing there to show their products, and are often offering their products to a lower price than the usually sell them.

My husband has been standing at the "messe" this whole weekend. My kids and I has not been there yet. But, today, we went to this "messe". We saw lots of nice stuff. Cecilie was able to ride a horse, and Joakim was able to try to shoot with at rifle, to see if he could hit the paper, with rings on it. He was wery good! We also went several times to see 13-14 dogs. The dogs were lovely! One of them has won the Iditarod-race 3 times, (a dog race in Alaska, I think it is). He also have won a very difficult dog race in Northern Norway 7 times. His new owners had just bought him from the man who used him in this dog-races in Alaska. I am impressed by all of these dogs. There were lots of kids there, cuddling them all the time. But the dogs were very calm and quiet.

When we came home from the "messe", I went for a long walk with our dog, Chico. The sun was shining and we had a wonderful walk.



March 25th Saturday

Today, it's Saturday, and I have been doing some housework. I also have been changing some of the water in my two aquariums.

Tonight, my husband and I are going to a party, together with his colleges, and their wifes. I am sure that it will be nice. I hope that I will be able to dance a bit at the party.

We still have snow here, but today it has not been cold.

This is our dog, Chico, today, outside our house.


March 24th Friday

This day started with sunny weather, but in the afternoon, it was cloudy, and started to snow. I have been at home, after work, today. Relaxing.

 Just now, I am sitting with my computer, listening to the latest CD of Andrea Bocelli, with a glass of red wine. It's Friday evening, the kids are asleep, and I have a fire in the oven. Wonderful!



March 23rd Thursday

I woke up to 10 degreez below cero (celisius) this morning. But the sun warmed nice, and it was warmer during the day. Today it's Thursday, and after work, in the evening, I was at "swingdance". We were dancing for two hours.



March 2006:

This winter, from November 2005 to February 2006, we have had very little snow. It has been raining a lot, and we have had very strong wind and storms/hurricanes.

But, when I started to look forward to Spring, the snow came. The last month, we have got LOTS of snow.  March is normally our first Spring month, but it's far from Spring now.

Even if we long for Spring, we have been skiing several times. I have to admit that when the sun is shining and we have 20 centimetres of new snow, it's wonderful to go skiing.

This is a couple of photos from March 19th, when we went skiing: