December 2006:

Sunday December 31th






Saturday December 30th

This day, I have been emptying boxes and bags in our bedroom. Now we have finished our bedroom closets, and I have put clothes, shoes and some other stuff in the closet.

We have not sold our old appartment, but someone are going to rent it. We are sorry that we have not sold it, but we are happy that we at least have been able to rent it out.

In the evening, we wisited Charles' oldest sister. We also went to see her daughter, who is at my age, and her family too.




Friday December 29th

The party was pleasant. We were dancing and had a nice time together with our friends.

Today we had planned to go to some furniture shops, to see if we could find a new sofa. We have decided to buy a new sofa, as a Christmas present to ourselves. But both the shops which are selling furnitures here in our town were closed today.

When we came home, we started to empty some boxes and to put up some shelfs, and tryed to tidy our new house. We did quite a lot, but we have still got lots of stuff to do, before we are finished.

Later today, we wisited Charles' sister. Charles' brother and his family also were there.




Thursday December 28th

I have been at work today, too. (From 10 AM to 3 PM).

Tonight Charles and I are going to a party, to dance and to have a nice time, together with some friends. I am sure it will be a pleasant evening.



Wednesday December 27th

Charles, Chico and I came home yesterday. We have been wisiting my parents this Christmas, while Cecilie and Joakim are spending Christmas together with their father. But I have talked to them, on the mobile telephone, each day. Unfortunately Joakim is not well yet. He has been to the doctor twize during Christmas. He has got pneumonia in his right lung. I hope that the medicine will help him getting well, fast.

We have had a nice and lovely Christmas, together with my relatives. At December 23rd, we went to see my mothers mother. She always arrange a Christmas party at December 23rd. This year we were 21 people in her small appartment. It was a very nice party.

Rest of the Christmas days we spent together with my parents, my sister and her two boys and my mothers mother. We had some wonderful days together with them, before we went home, yesterday.

I have been at work today. (From 10 AM to 3 PM).

It was a terrible storm when we drove for 6 hours, to wisit my parents, and also when we went home. But the trip went well, and we came safe home.

Charles' sister came to see us, yesterday evening.

Tonight we went to see Charles' brother, and his family.




Thursday December 21st

Joakim is better today, but he has not been at school. He still has fever (but it's not very high). Today was the kids last day on school before Christmas.

We were not able to decorate our Christmas tree yesterday. Joakim was ill, and we decided to wait until today, and hoped that he would be better, and that he could partisipate in decorating it. We also have made a gingerbread house today.


Cecilie and Joakim are decorating our Christmas tree.



More photos of our Christmas preperations are here.


Cecilie and Joakim left, by plane, this afternoon, to see their father in their Christmas Holiday. They called me, when the plane has landed and told me that the flight had went well, and that everything was all right.

Tomorrow morning, Charles and I are driving to wisit my parents. We will be home at December 26th.. 




Wednesday December 20th

It's a pity that the snow has melted away. Today it's 8 degreez Celcius and rain. But, it's still 4 days left for Christmas. We are still able to get a white Christmas. At least we can hope for it.

This year Christmas Eve is at the 4th Sunday of advent:

Joakim is still ill. I am home, togehter with him today too. He still has fever and sore throat. But he is better today, so I belive he will be well for Christmas.

I have been unpacking 4-5 boxes with stuff from our old appartment today. It seems like we will never finish unpacking all the boxes.

Today we are going to buy ourselves a Christmas tree and decorate it. We are also going to decorate our house for Christmas.

Cecilie and Joakim are leaving for their father tomorrow afternoon, and Charles and I are leaving to wisit my parents at Friday. We are coming home at December 26th, but Cecilie and Joakim are staying with their father until next year.

It's possible that I will not have time to update my blog before we are leaving, so I am taking advantage of the opportunity to wish you all a Marry Christmas and a happy new year!




Thuesday December 19th

Today it is raining. A lot!

Joakim is ill. He has the fever and sore throat. I am home from my work, together with Joakim today. I have been taking care of Joakim, and I also have started to pack some clothes for Cecilie and Joakim, who is leaving to wisit their father at Thursday.

Cecilie is at school. Since I am home today, I am going to get her by car, soon. It will only take 5 minutes, and Joakim are able to stay alone for a few minutes. Cecilie are going to a Christmas school ball tonight. She is 13 years old, and this is her first Christmas school ball. She is looking forward to it a lot.




Monday December 18th

We have got more snow. Now we are really getting the Christmas spirit, here.

If you wish to take a look at our new house, in the snow, take a look down at this page.

I have been tidying in our front entrance hall today. We have had several furnitures and lots of boxes there, which not was supposed to be in that room. Today I have removed all that stuff that was not supposed to be there. It's wonderful to have another room that looks okey. (Now the front entrance, the kitchen and the livingroom are tidy, but we still have boxes and stuff in all the other rooms yet.

The family who has been considering to rent our old appartment, told us, today, that they will rent it from 2007. Since we have not managed to sell our old appartment, we are happy that we at least are able to rent it out.

Charles sister came to see us this evening. She brought her Christmas presents. When she left, we gave her our presents too.

Then I baked the last Christmas cookie for this year.




Sunday December 17th

I have continued to bake today too. But now I am almost finished. I just have one Christmas cookie left to bake. I am going to do that tomorrow.

Today is the 3rd Sunday of advent, and we have lightened the 3rd advent candle.

Normally the shops are closed at Sunday's, but today they were open. We have been on a little trip, to buy some stuff.

I have also been at the attic, to get our Christmas decorations. (We have several boxes!) Cecilie and Joakim are going to their father, by plane, at Thursday, and Charles and I are driving by car to my parents at Friday. Because of this, we are going to decorate our home, some day's early. But, we are not going to be away for so many days. I am going to work at December 27th, and it's nice to come home to a Christmas decorated home.

Today it has snowed a bit more, but not much. Enouch to make it white and nice outdoors. I hope that we wil have a white Christmas.



Saturday December 16th

Now we have moved our computer to our new house. 4 of my friends, and I washed our old appartment at Thursday. First we went to a pizza restaurant, and enjoyed a good meal of pizza. Then we went to wash. We were washing for 4 1/2 hours. I am SO happy that we are finished with our old appartment. Unfortunately we have not sold it yet. But a family has been considering to rent it. If we can't sell it, we just have to rent it out. This family have not said that they will rent it. They are just considering it. We are waiting to hear from them, if they want to rent it.

Yesterday I bought the last Christmas present. Fortunately I bought almost all of our Christmas presents in October and November.

Charles has worked this day to get broadband to our computer. He have also put up some stuff into our wardrobe at our bedroom, so that we are able to put up our clothes in it.

We got some snow today, but not much. And the weather forecast told us that the snow will melt until Christmas. I am not very fond of snow and cold weather, but I hope that we will have snow for Christmas. I love some snow during Christmas time.

Normally I have almost finished with my Christmas cookies at this time of December. But this year we have been too busy with our old and our new house. But, today I started to bake. Cecilie and Joakim was helping me a lot. They have grown to big and very helpful kids.



Monday December 11th

Yesterday was the 2nd Sunday of advent!

And, today is Cecilie's 13 th birthday. I can't belive that I have a teenager! Time flies.

  We are going to make a bathroom out of an old bedroom. This new bathroom is not quite finished yet. We are waiting for a friend of ours, who is a plumber.

For over a week, we have had lots of boxes and furnitures over our whole house. This weekend I have managed to fix the kitchen and the livingroom, so now the house looks tidy and nice. But we have lots of stuff in some of the bedrooms, which we have not got in the correct places yet.

 I have not had time to bake any Christmas cookies yet. But I will start soon. Perhaps this weekend (15th to 17th).

 We have not moved our computer to our new house yet. We will not get internet until December 19th in our new house, so that's why we still are having our computer in our old appartment. But I am not in our old appartment very often, so I am not updating my blog so often, now.

 Next Thursday (14th), 4 friends of mine and I are going to wash our old appartment. I am so grateful that they are willing to use their busy time before Christmas to help me with this.



Thuesday December 5th

We are still using every spare minute (after work), on trying to get our stuff in order in our new house.
Yesterday, we went to get the old appartment, to get the aquarium. It went well! All the fishes survived the moving.
Charles emptyed the freezer, too, yesterday, but we could mot move it yet. It's full of ice. We had to let it stay in the appartment, until today. We are going to move the freezer to our new house, today. We have borrowed some space in Charles' sisters freezer, until we will get our own freezer in our new house today.
We have gotten a bit in order, in our new house now. But still there are lots of boxes and some furnitures that we have not got in the correct places yet. And there are still some stuff left in our old appartment. But we are very happy that we have moved. I am looking forward to empty the appartment, and get it washed.
We have not moved our computer yet. It may take about 14 days until we will get internet, at our new house, so we are keeping the computer in our old appartment, as long as possible.
I took these 3 photos of the sunrise, yesterday. Click at the photos, to enlarge them:

I have also taken 3 photos from our new house, from the kitchen, the livingroom and the hall.




Sunday December 3rd

Today is the first Sunday of Advent!
We have decorated our new house with Advent candles and lights.
We have now been sleeping for 3 nights in our new house. We are not finished with our new bathroom. Charles has been working with the new bathroom for two days, now. But, while we are waiting for the new bathroom to finish, we are using the small, old bathroom. (We are going to use this old bathroom, as a washing room, for our washing machine, when our new bathroom is finished.)
Both Charles and I have been using a lot of time trying to get in order. And we are going to use even more time doing this.
This will take a lot of time, to finish working with our new house, and to move our stuff to our new house.



Friday December 1st

We are going to move in to our new house this weekend. It will take a few days until I am able to update my Web Site and blog, and reply to e-mails.
I wish you a nice and peaceful advent!




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