April 2006:

Friday April 28th

After work today, Joakim and I went to buy him new shoes. The shop is halv hours car drive from our house.



Thursday April 27th

 Charles and I went to kidergarten, to get two kids that we are aunt and uncle for. We were babysitting them for a couple of hours.

After this, we drove our kitchen furnitures to a lady who has bought our old kitchen table and -chairs.

When Cecilie and I was dancing swingdance, Charles and Joakim put together the new kitchen table and -chairs. We got much better space in our kitchen now.



Wednesday April 26th:


It's actually nothing much to write about nowdays. Today I only have done some housework and helped my kids with their homework. (And I have been at work, of course.)
We have had lovely, warm Spring weather today (about 15 degreez Celisius), but strong wind.
Today I have been ordering some boards to make some cases for our flowers. I hope that we will have nice weather this weekend, so that we can make the flower cases.


Thuesday April 25th:


At my cycle trip, on my way home from work today, I spottet the first White Anemones this Spring.

If you wish to see my pages about White Anemones, just click here.



Monday April 24th:


We had wonderful Spring weather today.
Today I ride my bike to get to work. I only live 3 kilometres from my work, so it's not that far.
During Spring, Summer and Fall, I use to cycle to work. But I have to admit that I don't cycle if the weather is bad (if it is rain, wind or cold.)



Sunday April 23rd:

We don't have nice weather here today. But it's not cold. (Abuot 8 degreez Celsius.)
Since I finished my garden Spring cleaning yesterday, and the weather is not nice, I have been doing some laundry today. We are a family of 5, and produce lots of laundry.
I also have been clearing up in one of our storerooms. We had "tons" of shoes, and some clothes that we have not wore for years. We must check if there are anything to store any more, or give everything to the Salvation Army.
In the afternoon, it stopped to rain, and the sun came. We went our, and spent several hours outdoors. Wonderful!


Saturday April 22nd:

This morning I went out to buy some more soil for my garden. I also bought a new kind of carpet, for outdoors use. Our old carpet, that we had in front of our frontdoor, was worn out, and we had to change it with a new one.
After lunch, I went out to finish Spring cleaning our garden.
Later this evening, my husband and I are going to a kind of party. Our athletic club are having a meeting, where my husband partisipates. After this we will eat some delicious food, talk and have a nice time at the athletic club's cottage.



Friday April 21st:

Some of my collegues, and me, went to eat pizza during our lunchbreak today. When I came home from work, I was not hungry for dinner, and I went out into our garden instead. I was working with our garden for almost 3 hours, and since we have a very small garden, I will only have to work for another hour, to finish my "garden Spring cleaning". But, when you have a garden, you will never be finished. You always have something to do. I love to work in our little garden, so I am happy about this.



Thursday April 20th:

Joakim will be 11 years old at his birthday in August. He has grown so much lately, that his bike is too small for him. Today my husband Charles and Joakim has been buying a new bike for Joakim.

Today it's Thursday, my "Dancing Day", and after work, in the evening, I was at "swingdance". We were dancing for two hours.



Wednesday April 19th:

Today I have been to the dentist.
I am not very fond of the dentist, so I have arranged it, so that the dentist sends out a letter to me in the mail, once a year. If I hadn't done this, I would probably not go to the dentist as often as once a year.



Thuesday April 18th:

Finally all of the snow has melted away from our garden, and the Tulips are coming up.

I took this photo on April 13th (5 days ago), but the Tulips still looks like this. It's cold, and the plants are growing slowly.


I have this Hoya in my livingroom. Right now, it has several flowers, like this:

April 18th 2006.


This morning, when I was going to work, I heard a bird called "Spove". This is a bird that are coming to our country during Springtime. This bird is not in every place in Norway, but we used to hear it at the place I grew up, so when I hear this bird, it's Spring!




Monday April 17th:

We have bad weather today. Rain and cold. Luckily we were a lot outdoors yesterday, when the weather was nice. Today we are going on a 3 hours car ride, to get Cecilie and Joakim. They have stayed with their father some days during the Easter holiday. I am looking forward to get them home again.



Sunday April 16th:

Today I have re-organized and cleand up (not with any soap) my little aquarium. (I have two aquariums: A small one; 17 litres, and a bigger one; 105 litres). I was not looking forward to do this. But, in about 1 1/2 hours, I was finished! I beleved that this could take several hours. I was happy when I finished in only 1 1/2 hours.

This is something that I normally do once a year. But, weekly, I change about 10 % of the water in the aquarium. If you wish to see photos of my aquariums, and perhaps read a bit about my aquariums, just check out my aquarium pages. (I am sorry, but some of the text are in Norwegian. But some are in English too.) Photos of my fishes (taken by me) are here.

After this, I went out into our little garden. I was doing some "spring cleaning", before my husband and I was invited to our neighbours, to drink coffee out in the sun.

Then we went home to get our garden furniture out. (We have had the garden furniture stored away during the winter.) Finally it seems to be Spring!



Saturday April 15th:

I have created a page with photos from Easter 2006.

The last couple of days it has been bad weather here. Rain and some wind. I have been much indoors, working with re-decorating my Web Site. I started re-decorating my Web Site this last Fall, and I am still not finished. But, the last couple of days, I have been doing a lot of re-decorating. If you wish to take a look, just check out my "What's new-page"



Friday April 14th:

Yesterday, I had planned to start up working a bit in our garden, but we went to see my husbands brother and his family, at their cottage, instead. Today it's raining, but I hope that the weather will be better, so that we may work a bit in our garden, later today.

The weather did not get any better, but my husband and I took warm clothes on, and went out to work in our garden. We went indoors again, after one hour. But, it was nice to get started with the garden. Today was the first time we were working in our garden, this year.

The rest of this day, I have been sitting by my computer, working with creating new pages to my old collection of Curly Dolls, drawn by Bibben.


Thursday April 13th:

Yesterday evening my husband and I (and our dog, Chico), came home from our Easter Holiday. We have been at my parents cottage for 3 days, and then staying with them, in their house, for 3 days. We have had wonderful weather all of the days. Sunny weather, and mild temperatures. My kids, Cecilie and Joakim, also stayed with us, together with my parents, but yesterday, they went to their father. They are staying with him the rest of their Easter Holiday.

Today I have planned to do lots of housework. And, after finishing that, I am hoping that I will find some time to take a look in my garden. The snow has melted in some parts of the garden, but, some other parts, there are still some snow left.



Thursday April 6th:

This week I have been preparing our Easter Holiday. We are going to my parents cottage the first day's of this Easter. The last day's of the Easter Holiday, my kids are going to their father. Yesterday I was practiseing one hour, in our gym room, at work. When I came home, I was packing clothes for my kids. They are going to be on a 10 day's long Easter Holiday, so there are lots of clothes to pack.

After job today, I am going to the ear acupuncturer with Cecilie. After this we must go to the grocery store to shop some food for Easter. We are going to take some food with us, to my parents cottage, and we must leave som food at home, to Charles' 19 years old son, who are staying home this Easter. Then I am going to dance swingdance for two hours (I do this each Thursday). I think that it's going to be very late, this evening, until we are packed and finished for our Easter Holiday. Tomorrow, both Charles and I will work to 11.30 AM. We must leave home at 12.00. (We have a ferry to catch). The whole family are looking forward to come to my parents cottage again. We are going to stay there, together with my parents and my sister, Eva, and her family.

HAPPY EASTER, everybody! I will "see" you all after the Easter Holiday.




Sunday April 2nd:

Another day with sunny weather. Perhaps it will be Spring soon, after all?

In Norway, it's pretty common to have two sets of curtains for the livingroom. One set for Winter time and one set for Summer time. I have never had this. It has been too expencive for me with two sets. But last year (2005) I bought some cheap curtains for our livingroom. It's not very exclusive, but it's nice to change a bit, between Winter and Summer.

Today I have changed our curtains. I took down the dark winter curtains, and hung up the new ones. I think that it was nice to get the new ones up. The new curtains let the sun and the light come in. You can see our livingroom, after the change, here:




Saturday April 1st:


This weekend I have done lots of housework.

I also have read a lot. (Now I am reading Mary Higgins Clark's book "No place like home". This book is translated into Norwegian.) My husband and I also went for a long walk with our dog, Chico.

Today I have heard another one of these birds which are flying to a warm country, when we have winter here in Norway, and during the Spring, they come to Norway again. This bird is called "Trost".

Now I really hope that the snow will be melting soon, so I will be able to see my garden grow again.







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