May 2006:

Wednesday May 31st


Today is my husbands 49th birthday.
We have had a lot of boxes standing on our floor. Today I have carried all the boxes outdoors, and Charles transported them to our new house. We have not got the key to the house yet, but we have put the boxes in the garage. I also have been baking a cookie for my husbands birthday party today. Luckily I have been baking some other cookies earlier, and put them in the freezer, so I only have to bake one cookie today.



Thuesday May 30th


Today I have bought new curtains for my kids. I let them deside which kind of curtains ther are going to have in their new rooms at our new house.

Cecilie choose to have horses on her curtain, and Joakim wanted the curtain with the Chinise signs:


Sunday May 28th


This weekend I have been participating in arranging a great dance arrangement. People from different places in Norway has come to dance here. I have been working a lot (in the kitchen, serving, cleaning, washing and so on), and I have been dancing a lot. So now I am exhausted. But happy. I have had a very fun weekend. -Dancing a lot!

So, now, when the big "dance weekend" is over, I can, again, continue planning and working with packing, sorting and throwing stuff, until we gets our new house.



Monday May 22nd


I have not had much time to write in my blog, or work with my web site lately. Since we have bought a "new" house, all my spare time, after work, goes to packing og sorting our things.

We are going to get our new house at June 15th, so until then, we must just store our boxes and cases here in our flat, when we are packing.



Happy May 17th!


Monday May 15th


Yesterday, Morten (Charles' son) was 20 years. We were celebrating his birthday with Morten and his girlfriend, with taco for dinner.

Today, we have had several guests for coffee and cookies. But, I beleve that I am very stressed nowdays. I am thinking a lot about our new house, and about packing and moving. I had made a delicious cream, with lots of good stuff in. I had been looking forward to serve, and eat this cream, but I forgot to put it on the table. We found the cream in the refridgerator when the guests had left!

After the guest had left, I started to pack for our moving. I have only been packing 1 box, yet. (With crystal glasses.) But, it's a start. I will continue packing today.

The man that we are going to buy the house from, has told us that he will move out from the house at June 15th. -In just a mont! And, next Thuesday, we are getting a man, here, to check our house, to find out what price we can get for our house. -So, now things are happening very fast!



Saturday May 13th


Today, I have been at the post office, buying tickets for a theatre at Dyreparken, where we are going to wisit at our Summer holiday.

I have also been baking a cake for a friend of mine, who has a son who is going to be confirmated tomorrow. They will have a big party, and needs a lot of cakes. It's two years left until we are having a confirmation. Cecilie is 12 years old, now. The kids use to be confirmated when they are 14 years old.

Later today, I went out into our garden, to divide some of my plants. I am planning to have some of the plants in our new garden, by our new house. And, by dividing them, I will not ruin our garden by our old house



Friday May 12th


Yesterday, we went to take another look at the house that we have bought. We did not take a proper look, the first time. There were a lot of people there, that day. Other people who also were considering to buy the house were there too.

Now we have taken some pictures, and measured the kitchen and livingroom. This will make it easier to plan what to do, when we get the house.

After seeing the house, I went to dance swingdance.

Today, Joakim went with his friend, and his friends family, to their cottage, a 2 hours car ride from where we live. I am sure that thay will have a nice weekend, even if it's a bit cold. He has warm clothes with him.



Wednesday May 10th


Lately we have been looking for a house to buy. We have a very small house plot, where we live now. Our garden is very small. We even don't have a lown. Our kids, and our dog, don't have much space to play on. Today we have bought an old house. It was built in the year 1969. The people who lived in the house, have not been re-decorating or putting the house in order, since they built the house, almost 40 years ago.

We have a huge job to do, with the house. We must change all of the windows, change the roof, change the boarding, and paint the new boarding (not in the ugly brown color that the house have, now), we must change and paint all of the walls and floors, indoors, both the kitchen and the bathroom must be changed everything (both the furnishings, the floors and the walls). All of the bedrooms have old closets that we must remove.

Even if we must do a huge amount of things, I am looking forward to move to this house. Our kids, our dog, and my husband and myself are looking forward to having this great garden, and playing space.

Here you can see a photo of the house that we have bought:

I am looking foreward to getting started with changing both the house and the garden.



Monday May 8th


We have now started on our third week with lovely Spring weather. It's a pity that some of the days are cold, because of the wind, like today, but I suppose we are not allowed to complaint. We are not having any rain, though.

This weekend we have been doing some work outdoors. Charles has been doing some carpentry, and I have been painting some more of my flower cases og some other stuff. Now all of our flower cases are having the same nice brown color called "Mocca".) Here you can see a photo of our house, and some of my new brown flower cases:

Yesterday we went to by I "new" bed for Cecilie and a chest of drawers for Joakim. A lady I know, and her husband are going to move, and they are selling some 1 year old furnitures very cheap.

We also went for a nice boat ride. If you wish to see photos, they are here.



Saturday May 6th


This has been a wonderful week. We have had warm and sunny weather each and every day. Some days it has been some wind, and some other days there were no wind at all. Today we had 19 degreez Celsius at 9 AM!

The last few days, all of the trees has started to get leaves on. It's lovely to see that all the plants are turning green now.

Each day, after work, we have been outdoors, enjoying the wonderful weather. But at Thursday I went to dance swingdanse. In spite of the lovely weather, lots of people were at the dance. (In Norway, we are not spoiled with nice weather very often, so people often choose to be outdoors, the few times that the weather is nice, but it seems that we all love to dance, so we choose dancing indoors for two hours, than spending the two hours outdoors.)



Monday May 1st


This weekend we have done lots of stuff:

We have been formatting our computer, and as usual, when we do this, something is going wrong. I lost all of my e-mails and documents. But fortunately, I had a copy of all my documents from April 22nd, so I did not loose that much. But I know that I had got some new adoptions, which I only had in my documents, and that were not at my copy CD, but I am not able to remember which adoptions there were.

At Saturday, it was World's Day of Dance, and I was dancing for 4 hours, from 12.00 to 16.00.

While I was dancing, Charles made 3 big flower cases.

Now I have put soil and plants into the cases, and I have painted them in a beautyful brown color, called "Mocca". We also have bought a new bench to have in our garden:

At Sunday two of Charles' sisters came to our house and had dinner with us. After dinner, we went to a birthday party, to another one of Charles' sisters. (He has 4 sisters and 2 brothers). Later this evening, we went to see a camping ground, where we possible are going to have our caravan, which we bought at Fall 2005.

We also have washed down our garden stones, in front of our house, and cut our hedge and some rose bushes.

Today, at May 1st, Cecilie and Joakim exchaged their rooms. We had quite a job, moving all the furnitures, toys and clothes from one room to another. We are not totally finished yet. But, the kids were both happy about it. Cecilie and Joakim has exchaged their rooms a couple of years ago too, so now they got their original rooms back.

We have had a terrible wind the last days, except Saturday, which was a lovely day, so in spite of the sunny weather, it has not been very nice to be outdoors. But, we still have been lots outdoors, anyway.