June 2006:

On vacation! I will be back at July 9th.


Friday June 30th

Joakim's stommach was better today, so I went to work. We agreed that he would call me, if he was feeling worse. I work only a 3-4 minutes car ride from home, so I am able to get home fast.
Today we have nice Summer weather. We have had much bad weather this Spring and Summer. So I think it's lovely when the sun is shining and there are no wind og rain. Wonderful to wear only a skirt and a top, and not jeans, sweather and jacket.
Today I will pack and get ready for our little vacation. My kids and I are going to my parents cottage, later today, together with my two sisters and their kids for about a week. We will be 3 adults, 7 kids and Chico, our dog, at the cottage. I really hope that the weather continues to be nice, during our holiday.



Thuesday June 29th

I went to work this morning, but I had to go home again after 1/2 hour. Joakim called me on the telephone, and told me that he was not well. His stommach hurt. We went to the doctor. We are fortunate to have a doctor in our neighbourhood. The doctor is an old man. He checked Joakim, and told us that there were nothing seriously wrong. Joakim will be well during the next couple of days.
At Saturday, my kids and I are going to my parents cottage, together with my two sisters, and their kids. Charles are staying home. He will work with our new house. He always keeps one week of vacation for the fall time. Hu uses to go hunting for a week. (Hunting for moose, which is very common in Norway.)
I am looking forward to be together with my sisters and their kids. It's not very often that we see each other all 3 of us and our kids. We lives a 6 and 8 hours car ride from each other.
I have two aquariums. Today I have put the 3 fishes that I had in the small aquarium over into the big one. I have got snails in the little aquarium, and are going to empty it, to get rid of the snails. Besides, it's easier to have only one aquarium to worry about, when we are going to move to our new house, during the next month.

Wednesday June 28th

I have been home from work for two days, now. Joakim is sick. He has been vomiting each time he has tried to drink or eat something, since Monday afternoon. But, now, at 10 AM, he has managed to drink both a bit water and some Coke, and also have eaten a few bits from his cheez crescent roll. I belive that he is turning better now.
We did not work in the new house yesterday. I had to stay home because of Joakim, and Charles was emptying our old caravan, and drove it to the caravan-store. We have bought a new caravan, and the caracan-store will take the old one in return.
This afternoon, Charles have put new floor boards in Joakims room. He also removed some of the old doors in the house. We are going to buy new doors for the entire house.

Sunday June 25th

We are still struggeling with bad Summer weather, here. But today, the rain did not come until the afternoon, so I had time to paint this wall on our new house. I an not used to paint, and my muscles are hurting. I used 5 hourse to paint this wall:
While I was painting, Charles was working in the entrance hall. He was changing some old pipes, that the electric cables are inside. After this he tear down the old panel in the entrance hall, and put up the new panel, which I am going to paint, later.
He also changed the outer door. The new door looks very nice!

Saturday June 24th

Yesterday we went to our caravan, and stayed there for the night. We were celebrating midsummer, by grilling a moose-steak, and having a nice meal. The weather was bad (about 10 degreez Celcius and rain), so we had to enjoy our meal indoors, in our caravan.
In Norway, people usually celebrates midsummer by grilling food, and lighting bonfires.
We went home after breakfast today. Charles and I went to work a bit in our new house, but we did not work all day. It's Saturday, and we decided to go home early, to make a homemade pizza and have a nice time with Cecilie and Joakim.


Wednesday June 21st

I finished painting the kitchen walls today, after work.
Charles and his son, Morten, put up the ceiling boards in the hall.
After I finished painting, I went out in the garden, and finished the flowerbed that I was working with yesterday.



Thuesday June 20th

After work today, Charles and I went to our new house to work. I painted more of the walls at the kitchen. Now I just has one wall left.
Charles put up the new hatch, with the ladder on, that we are going to have to get to the attic.
When I finished painting, I went out in the garden. I planted some plants in the flowerbed that Charles helped me dig up this weekend.


Monday June 19th

This weekend (June 17th to 19th) my kids and I have been on a car-drive with a van that we have borrowed. We have bought lots of stuff that we needs for our new house.

I have bought outdoors paint for the house (light grey for the house, and dark grey to paint by the windows and door), I also bought boards for the ceiling, walls and the floors, and paint for the boards to have on the walls. I also bought a front door, 2 cabinets and 3 lamps. I am very exited to see it everything that I have bought is as nice as I am hoping for.

Today, at Monday, Charles put up boards at the kitchen, and in one wall at a bedroom. I painted one of the walls at the kitchen.

Charles also helped me digging up rest of the flowerbed, so now I am able to plant my plants there.


Thursday June 13th

I have bought several new flowers today, to decorate outside our new house. Even if we have not moved into our new house, it's nice to have flowers there. We go there every day, to work with the house.
Today Charles and his son har changed the outdoor panel at the south wall. It will be my job to paint the new panel wall.
Yesterday, I dug up half the old flowerbed by hand! I was working for 3 hours, and I only managed half the flowerbed. We had very warm, sunny weather yesterday. (26 degreez celsius). I drunk over 2 litres of water while I was digging in the old flowerbed.
Today I have put flower in the part of the flowerbed that I dug up yesterday. But, I need to get some help to dig up rest of the flowerbed. It's too much grass, weed and moss. I am not able to dig the rest of the flowerbed. (It's the wose part of the flowerbed which is left.)
Later this evening I have been on a meeting for the parents in Cecilie's class. She is going to go to 8th grade next year.


Sunday June 11th

Also this weekend my husband and I have been at our new house, working, all the time. I have painted the walls and the window frames in Joakims bedroom. I also painted the walls in the hall.
Charles has taken down the old kitchen furnishings, so now we will just wait to get the new one.
Charles also made the doorway from the kithchen to the livingroom bigger. (This was very narrow, earlier.)
He also has panel wall over the old door opening betveen Morten's room and Cecilies room. We are going to make the house bigger, and will built two new bedrooms too. When we have done this, Cecilie's bedroom is going to be changed into a new, big bathroom.
We also have done lot of stuff outdoors: I have made a nice flower bed. While a friend of Charles and his son, who is a friend of Joakim, had come to help us to get rid of two very big trees in our garden. They working for several hours, and did a great job!
After this, I was raked the lawn, and Cecilie and Joakim removed the grass and the moss.
We also tryed to dig up an old flowerbed, by using our tractor, but we must borrow an other machine to do this.

Monday June 5th

This weekend my husband and I have been at our new house, working, all the time. I have painted the walls and the window frames in the livingroom. My husband has pulled down the old walls in the hall, and started to put up the new panel walls. He also have put panel wall over the old kitchen door opening. (In the house, there were two kitchen doors. One lead to the livingroom and one lead to the hall. We only need one door from the kitchen, so my husband has put panel over the door that lead to the hall. This will give us more wall space in the kitchen, for the kitchen furnishings.

This weekend we have had terrible weather. Cold weather, rain (lots of rain) and wind. But, at Monday, the sun was shining again.

Saturday, we sold a cupboard that we used to have in our livingroom. But the livingroom in our new house it smaller than our old one, so that we can not take all of our furnitures with us to our new home. But we will have more kitchen furnishings in our new house, so I hope that we can put our glasses and bowls into our new kitchen furnishings instead.

With the money that we got for the cupboard, we bought a "Trampoline" (I am not sure if this is the correct name in English, but we call it "Trampoline" in Norwegian.) We have not had enouch space around our old house to have a "Trampoline", but around our new house, we have plenty of space, and a big garden! Even if we did not move to our new house yet, we have put together the "Trampoline" in our new garden. Both the kids and I have been out, jumping on it already. -Funny, and nice way of practising.



Thursday June 1st

Today we got the keys to our new house! Finally we can call it our house!
But we are not moving into the house yet. We are going to paint, and do lots of other stuff, to make the house look better, before we are moving in. The house is from 1969, and the former owners have not done much with the house during all these years.
The house that we have bought, only has 4 bedrooms. (In our appartment, where we live now, we are having 5 big bedrooms.) 3 of the bedrooms in our new house, are smaller than the bathroom, in our appartment! We have planned to build another floor, to get a bigger house. We have been drawing the house, just like we wanted it to be, and checked the costs to do this.
Today we were informed that there is a new rule in our town which say's that we are not allowed to built the house taller. So, now we must start to plan it all over again, and try to figure out the best way of building the house bigger, without making it taller.
My kids and I have been to our new house to cut the grass, today. Or cut the moss and weed, I probably must say.
But, even if the garden is bad, I am looking forward to make it look nice. I already have drawn an outline plan for our new garden. I assume that we must work in our garden for several years, to make it look like we want. But I love to work in the garden, and are looking forward to it.
But now I must go.
I am going to dance. Today is the last dance-evening before Summer. We will start up again late in August.