July 2006:

On vacation! I will be back at August 6th


Friday July 28th

Today has been Charles' and mine last day at work, before our sommer holiday.
After work today, Charles put up CD-player and TV (and did all of the electric work with the CD-player and TV) in our new caravan, while I was watering and organizing our flowers that we have outside our flat.
I have always loved a plant called "Stemor" in Norwegian. I bought two of these plants the last couple of years, but the plants have died during the cold winter. But today, I was very lucky and happy to find that the plants had spread their seeds under our terrace. I dug up the two plants and put them in pots. I am going to plant them in my new flowerbed by our new house. I hope that they will spread their seeds again, and continue to grow in the new flowerbed. Here is two photos of the plants:

 The flowers are wery tiny (about 1 centimeter tall).

Thursday July 27th

After work today, I did not go to our new house to work, as I usually does. Today I spent the afternoon at home, washing all our laundry, so that we will have noe laundry waiting for us at home, while we are on our vacation.
But Charles went to the house, working. He and our brother in law finished the boards where the  foundation wall is going to be. We have ordered cement for tomorrow, and they had to finish everything before the cement is delivered.

Wednesday July 26th

Actually, it went well to make the strawberryjam yesterday. It only took 2 1/2 hours, from I started to the jam was in the freezer.
Charles took a day off from work today, and worked at the house, together with his son and our brother in law. We also got all the stuff from Ikea, today.
After work today, I went to the house too, and helped the guys a bit. I also fixed a watering-system for the new flowerbed.
We have bought ourselves a new caravan. We got it from the caravan store today. It's brand new. (Came from the factory a few days ago.) We are going to use it on our holiday, which starts this weekend.


Thuesday July 25th

Today I have bought a case of strawberries (6 kilograms). I am going to make strawberry jam later this afternoon. This is something that I am not very fond of, so that's why I am sitting here, by my computer, with my cup og coffee, instead of going out to my kitchen, and starting with the berries. But, I suppose it's better to start, and than be able to finish a bit early.
The weather is, by the way, like we are used to, again: Cloudy and 10 degreez Celsius. (I suppose I shold be happy that it's not raining or blowing strong wind.)
This weekend we are going for a weeks holiday, with our caravan. I hope that we will get some better weather during our holiday, than we have had here lately.
After a week holiday, we are going back, home, to spend the last two weeks of holiday working with our new house.

Sunday July 23rd

Charles removed the floor covering at the bedroom that we are going to change into a bathroom. Then he put up the moulding around the door opening betveen the hall and the livingroom.
I finished painting the door frames. Now I am finished painting all of the door frames. (We will have 3 more doors, gradually. So I will have 3 more doorframes to paint, later. We have not put in the door for our new bath, yet, and we will have 2 new doors, when we are finished with building the 2 new bedrooms for Cecilie and Joakim.)
Later this morning, Charles started to dig, where we are going to built the new bedrooms. (The house is a bit to small for our big family, and we must built it bigger. We are going to make 2 new bedrooms for Cecilie and Joakim.) Charles has borrowed a tractor, to dig down to rock ground. After this he must build a foundation wall, before he starts to do the carpentry.



Saturday July 22nd


Today I have continued with putting perennials in my new flowerbed. I have been trying to find flowers that are suitable to each other. Both the colors and the size of the perennials must match.


Now I am finished putting the plants into the flowerbed. (I only have to buy stones to have around the flowerbed.)


While I have been doing this, Charles has been sweating and working with changing the wall boards in a wall. After a while, Morten also came to help Charles.



Friday July 21st

Finally, it seems like we are going to have some Summer weather here. But, we are also having an ice cold wind from the North. But, I don't complaint. This is a thousands times better than having the rain.

Yesterday I painted the south wall foundation of our new house. I only used one hour doing this.

After painting, I stated digging a new flowerbed. I removed a climbing rose called Flammentanz, which I have had in a big case, from our appartment, and put it into the new flowerbed, by our new house. Next to the climbing rose, I put a white Veronica.

Here you can see how it looked like, when I started to dig:

While I was doing this, Charles put up the wardrobe in our hall. And then he started to tear down the wallpaper in the bedroom which we are going to change into a bathroom.

Then we had to stop. We are in the habit of watching the TV-serie 24, with Keifer Southerland, and hurried home to see it. 24 started at 9.50 PM, so I beleve that it was time to stop for the evening anyway.

I will continue with the new flowerbed this weekend, but tonight we are going to Charles' sister. She is celebrating her birthday today.

After eating a lovely dinner with Charles' sister, Charles and I took our bicycle's and cycled to the town. We are having a festival here in our town, now, and we had agreed with Charles' cousine to meet him in a big tent, where several kinds of music was played, live.



Wednesday July 19th

This has been the first day, in 10 days, without any rain! Even if we have had cold wind from North, and only 10-12 degreez Celsius, it has been wonderful to have a whole day without rain.

After work today, I have been painting the last two door frames. I have to paint eatch one of them two times. Today I painted them one time, and then they must get dry until I paint them the second time.

Charles, Morten and our brother in law, changed one of the three windows at the livingroom. Two of the windows has two layers, but one of them only has one layer. Now we have changed the window with only one layer. This will make the house warmer during the winter.

Lately, I have been looking for a perennial called Prydsvinerot in Norwegian. The flower store did not have it, but I noticed that one of our neighbours has it. I asked if I could get a small part of it, with roots on. She sayed "Yes". I went to her, and dug up a small part of her flower. I gave her a Yellow Lily as a thank you gift.




Thuesday July 18th

Yesterday we got a photo, by e-mail from a friend of Charles:

Charles and me.


We also went to the house, after work today. I finished painting the window frame in our bedroom, while Charles tried to dig a ditch with the tractor that we have borrowed. Unfortunately, the ground was full of stone (very big stones), so he just had to give up. Earlier this day, while we were at work, Morten has removed almost all of the wall boards on one of the walls of the house. (The old ones are very poor, and we must change all the wall boards.)



Monday July 17th

This afternoon (after work), we actually had some hours without rain. It still was cold and windy, but not rain. I just had to stay outdoors. I beleve it's wonderful to have some hours without rain!

After work, I drove directly to the market garden. I enjoyed my self for an hour, by looking at all of the flowers and roses. I could not leave the market garden before I had bought some nice flowers for our garden to be, by our new house.

We have been waiting to get the moulding for our new house. Today we got it, and Charles started to put up the moulding at Joakims room.

We also tried to dig some holes in the lawn to some bushes that we have planned to remove. But the lawn was too wet. The tractor that we have borrowed was sinking about 50 centimetres down in the lawn, so we just had to stop, and give it up. We must think about another was of doing this.



Sunday July 16th

We are still having at terrible Summer weather. 10-12 degreez Celcius, rain and wind. It has been like this for a week, now. Since I got home from my vacation. I was very lucky to have wonderful Summer weather during my vacation week, last week.

Charles and I have been working every available minute with our new house. Both after work, and during the weekend. We have now finished with putting in new doors. I have painted a wall in our kitchen.

We also finished with the boards in the ceiling in our entrance hall, and painted the walls in Morten's room.

Charles also assembled the wardrobe for our bedroom, while I have painted the window frame in our bedroom.



Wednesday July 12th


I have been wisiting Wanda Lucia, and played her game,

by recognizing 16 graphics artists drawings. I won this gift:



I also have posted her gift here.



After job today, I went to the house with almost all of our plants, which we had in our livingroom. I have sold the old flowerpots, and bought new ones, so I decided to move the plants, when I sold the old flowerpots.


Thuesday July 11th

This day started with nice weather, but in the evening, it started to rain again.

After work today, Charles and Morten put up the ceiling boards in the main bedroom, while I finished painting the entrance hall. I had to paint two times, to get it look okey. I am very exited and a bit worried if the color I choose is going to be nice. The color is very bright, a tone of yellow and green. (More like a Lime-green, with a touch of yellow in it.) I have decided that we must only have black and grey colors in this room, to make the color on the walls look less bright. I hope it will be nice, or else I must find another color, and paint it once more.



Monday July 10th

Today it's raining and blowing a strong wind again. We have had nice Summer weather for about a week now. Luckily this was one of my Summer holiday weeks! Today, when the weather was bad again, I have been at work.

I have gotten the same stommach infection that Joakim had. But I went to a health food shop and bought some great stuff, which helped Joakim, and which is also helping me. But I am not able to go to our house to paint today. Instead I am staying home, washing some clothes, and uptating my blog. I hope that I am feeling better tomorrow, so that I may go to our new house, and paint the entrance hall after work tomorrow.



Sunday July 9th

Charles has done lots of work in our new house, while we (my kids, our dog and I), has been on a weeks holiday. We have been at my parents cottage, together with my two sisters and their kids. The weather was wonderful! We had a fantastic holiday.

After we had been at the cottage for some days, we went to my parents house, and stayed with them for a few days. My youngest sister lives about 2 kilometres from my parents, so our kids spent lots of time together.

During my holiday, I bought more boards for our indoor ceiling (for our new house). I also bought two new lamps. One for the livingroom and one for the hall.

While we have been on our little holiday, Charles have done lots of work in the house. He have put floor-boards on all of the bedrooms, and in the hall. He also put boards at the walls on our bedroom. And removed a window. (We are going to built the house bigger, and will get two more bedrooms. We had to remove a window, because we are going to built, at the wall that we had that window.)

Our dog, Chico, and I came home from the holiday at Friday July 7th. Cecilie and Joakim are staying with their father for 3 weeks.

At Saturday and Sunday, Charles and I went to our new house, working: Charles changed several doors. I painted both inside where we are going to have a closet, and in our entrance hall. At Sunday evening, Charles and cut the grass at our big lawn.