August 2006:

Wednesday August 30th

After work, today, Charles removed the window in the bedroom which is going to become our bathroom. We are going to have a smaller window here, now when we are going to change this room into a bathroom. We have not got the new small window yet, but Charles covered up the hole in the wall with a board. We have ordered the new window, and will get it within a few days.


I went to our new house this day too, to water the plants in the garden.





Thuesday August 29th

After work, today, Charles put up a new window at one of the walls in the attic.
I went to our new house too, to water the plants in the garden.





Monday August 28th

Today, we saw two Dolphins in the sea, from the windows at my work! This is not a common sight in Norway.
After work today, Charles and Morten went to our new house and put some floor boards in the attic. It's not full hight on the attic. It's only for storage of Christmas decorations, old toys, clothes, bags, suitcases and so on.
I went to our new house after work too, to water the plants in our new garden.
After this I went home to our appartment, to do some laundry, and some other housework.
I got two new plants today: I from the mother of Cecilie's twin friends. It's a climbing plant, to have in the flowerbed.
I have a photo of it, at this page.
The other one, is a indoor plant, called "Spindellilja" that I have bought from a Sweedish net friend. This one came in the mail to me today.

Sunday August 27th

Today is Joakim's 11th birthday! He will have some friends coming at his birthday party soon. Later today Charles' relatives are coming for coffee and cookies. My relatives lives a 6 and 8 hours car ride from us.

Saturday August 26th

My parents and my aunt and uncle left today. They are going to continue on their campingtrip. We have had some wonderful days here, together with them, with lovely Summer weather, even if it is late August.
Tomorrow is Joakim's 11th birthday, so later today I must bake some cakes and prepare to his birthday party at tomorrow afternoon, but first I am going to sit out in the sun, and just relax, and enjoy the wonderful weather.



Thursday August 24th

We were very dissapointed, at Thuesday, when we were going to show our appartment. Nobody came to see it!

But, we wish for better luck the next time.

Today, my parents and my aunt and uncle are coming to wisit us. They are on a camping trip, with their caravans. During their trip, they decided to come and wisit us.

After work today, I am going to make dinner for them. I am a very bad cook, but I hope that I will be able to make a nice meal out of some middle rib steak of beef, of moose that we had in our freezer.

I am looking forward to see my parents, and to have them and my aunt and uncle as guests. It's always nice to have relatives wisiting.



Sunday August 20th

At Thuesday August 22nd, we are going to show our appartment to lots (we hope) of people who might be interested in buying it.
This weekend we have been trying to empty all the rooms and storerooms, for the stuff that we don't need every day. (Ex. Christmas decorations, some furnitures, bags, suitcases and so on).
Charles have borrowed a van, to transport our stuff from the appartment to our new house. Fortunately, there are a short way from our appartment to our new house. We have been driving several times back and fourth today.
Tomorrow will be the kids first day at school, and Charles and mine first day at work, after our Summer holiday.

Friday August 18th

I painted the door frame and one window frame once more, today. I have to paint them twize, to make it look nice.
After this, I made another flowerbed next to the last one I made. (I have a lot of flowers, standing in pots and boxes, just waiting to come into the soil.)
The flowerbeds does not look very nice just now, but next year, the flowers has grown bigger and will look much nicer.

Thuesday August 17th

We spent also this day, working with our new house. I was painting one door frame and one window frame. I also put stones around the flowerbed that I made yesterday:
Charles has put up the moulding in the kitchen and the hall.
In the evening, he got some help from his cousine, who is a plumber, to put up some pipelines in the sleeping room which is going to be changed into a bathroom.

Wednesday August 16th

Today is our 3 years wedding anniversary. If you wish to read about our wedding, and see some photos from our wedding day, I have it here.
We did not celebrate much today. Charles continued working with our kitchen, and also put up some moulding.
 I put up the last cabinet of the bathroom furnishings. It wonderful to have done this. It took me quite a while to put up all the cabinets and the chests of drawers.
After finishing the bathroom furnishings, I took my car and drowe to a flower shop, a half hours drive from our house. They were selling all their plants to half the prize of the ordinary prize. Of cours I could not resist this, and bought lots of plants.
When I came home, I started to create a new flowerbed. I asked Charles to help me a bit with the tractor he has borrowed. The tractor dug very fast, the new flowerbed. Then I just could start to plant all the new plants (and some old ones, which I have had in cases and pots.

Thuesday August 15th

Today I have put up more of the bathroom furnishings. I am not the worlds best carpenter, so this takes time. (Photos of the bathroom furnishings is further down on this page.)
Charles have had some good help from his brother today. They have put up some moulding in the kitchen.
I have got a plant called Amaryllis. This is a plant that is a "babyplant" from my great grandmothers plant. First my parents got one plant from her, then I got a small plant from them. Now it has grown big, and today it's flowering. This photo is taken today:

Monday August 14th

Today I have painted the entrance hall in our old appartment. The entrance hall has had them same color for 11 years, so it was on time to paint it.

Sunday August 13th

This weekend (Friday 11th to Saturday 12th) Charles, Joakim and I have been on a 6 hours car-drive. We have bought lots of stuff that we needs for our new house. Cecilie asked if she could stay home, so she has slept over at Charles' sisters house.
Today, at Sunday, Charles and I emptyed the trailer with all the new stuff that we have bought on our trip. We have bought floor boards and ceiling boards for the new part of the house (that we have not started to put up yet), we bought 5 new lamps, 2 new flatscreen television sets (one for the caravan and one for the new house), a new dishwasher machine (the old one is from 1991), tiles for our bathroom floor and for the wall between the kitchen bench and the cupboards, shelfs for our cabinets on our bedroom, and lots of other stuff. The reason why we can afford to buy all this stuff, is because we bought a very old house, that we paid much less money than we did for our appartment.
After finishing carrying all the new stuff in, I painted a new small wall Charles has put up, next to the wardrobe in the hall. Charles put up two kitchen cupboards.
After lunch, which we had in our old appartment, where we still are living, we went back to the house. We cleared up a bit. We filled the trailer with cardboard!

Thursday August 10th

Another warm and sunny day. -Lovely!
Today Charles and our brother in law has continued putting up the kithchen furnishings. They also put the water plumbing in the kithchen.
I used most of the day to dig up all my flowers in a big case by our old appartment, and move both the case and the flowers to our new house. The plants must stay in the case until next summer. We don't have time to organize the garden this summer. (But, I still have found time to make 3 flowerbeds, this year.)
Now there are only one big case left by our old appartment. I think that I needs some help to move it.
Morten painted one wall on the house today.
Later at the evening, I painted the foundation wall, on the same wall.

Wednesday August 9th

Today, we woke up to a lovely sunny weather.
Charles and our brother in law finished to put up the kitchen furnishings that are above the bench today. Tomorrow they will start to put up the furnishings under the bench, and to put up the sink and the water tap. Morten painted one of the walls on the house. (On the outside.)
But, I used most of the day to pick redcurrant from the ribes bushes in our new garden. I picked 3 1/2 kilograms, and I made redcurrant jam from it. Nice to have delicious redcurrant jam in the freezer.

Thuesday August 8th

Charles, his brother and our brother in law started to put up the kitchen furnishings today. This job takes a lot of planning, so that they are sure that everything is done correctly, from the beginning.
Later today, Charles and Joakim used a tractor to put gravel around the new foundation. Joakim also found time to pick redcurrant from the ribes bushes in our new garden. I made some redcurrant jam from it.

Monday August 7th

We are still having Summer vacation, so we spent this day in our new house, working.
Joakim and I started to put together the bathroom furnishings.
We managed to finish two small bathroom cabinets and a chest of drawers to put in the bathroom.

Sunday August 6th

Charles, Cecilie and Joakim spent this day putting together some of our new kitchen furnishings from Ikea.
The kids were very clever.
I spent this day in our appartment, doing lots of housework. We had lots of laundry and other stuff to organize after our vacation.
During our vacation I bought a new bush for our new garden: Nordlandsskjersmin.

Saturday August 5th

Today we came home from one weeks vacation.
Charles and I went for our Summer Holiday last Saturday. We drove half the way, and spent one night in our caravan, before we drove further, to get Cecilie and Joakim. They have been with their father for a 3 weeks vacation, and wisited places both in Norway and Sweeden. They have had a nice holiday with their father, with nice and sunny weather.
We were visiting my parents at Sunday afternoon, and then we went to Lillehammer. (The Olympic Games were arranged at Lillehammer in 1994.) We went to Hunderfossen Familiepark for two days. The first day (at Monday), it was raining, but it was warm. But we had a lovely time in the park anyway. Next day, the sun was shining, and it was hot, and we had a fantastic day in Hunderfossen. If you wish to see photos from our days in Hunderfossen, I have them here.
At Thuesday afternoon, we drove further. We went to Sweeden, and spent one night there. During Wednesday, we went back to Norway, and went to Røros.

The town of Røros is one of the oldest towns of wooden buildings in Europe, and also one of the few mining towns in the world that has been found worthy of a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The town centre boasts a rare collection of large and well-preserved wooden buildings, made all the more real and authentic by the fact that the people of today live and work in them.

It was a wonderful experience to walk in the streets of Røros, and see all this.

 If you wish to see photos from our day at Røros, I have them here.

Next day we went to see my sister, Eva and her boys. We parked our caravan outside her flat. We had some lovely days with my sister and her boys, but at Saturday morning we started for our trip home. Cecilie and Joakim has been on holiday for over 5 weeks, and Charles and I have lots of things to do in our new house, so we were looking forward to come home. We have had a wonderful vacation, but it was nice to come home too.

The only thing that we did, when we came home, was watering our plants, see through the mail, empty the caravan and was up some of our laundry. Then we just relaxed in front of the TV rest of the nigth.