September 2006:

Saturday September 30th


Today we have warm sunny weather. It's just wonderful, after several days with bad weather.

This day I have replyed to all the e-mails in my inbox, and updated my Web Site. I also have done some housework. It's always laundry to wash, a dishwasher machine to empty and floors to vacuum-clean. My kids and I also have been a small trip at the shop.

Charles came home from his moose hunt this morning. We have just been relaxing the entire morning. It's nice to relax when it's weekend.

Later in the evening, we enjoyed a homemade pizza.



Friday September 29th


Yesterday I went to kindergarten and picked up two kids. I am their aunt. I was taking care of them, until their mother, Charles' youngest sister, came to get them, after work.

Than I went to dance. It's SO fun to dance. I am very happy that I started to dance, last Fall, a year agio.

The man and woman who were interested in seeing our appartment, has told us that they don't want our appartment. They had a couple of wished that was not fulfilled. I have no idea what that was. (Perhaps they wants to have more garden and lawn, or perhaps they wants a garage to their car?) I was very sorry, but there are nothing to do about it. It is difficult to sell houses here in our town now. I know about several people struggeling with selling their houses. We must just hope that there will come someone who is interested in buying our appartment, sooner or later.

Charles and his moose hunting friends got the last two mooses today. They were allowed to shoot four animals. Charles was very happy to be able to shoot two of them. Another guy was happt to shoot the other two. But all of the guys are sharing the meat. It's very nice to have lots of moose meat in the freezer during the winter.

Tonight Charles and his friend are staying at the cottage. They are going to enjoy a nice meal, of the moose, and then they will come home tomorrow.

After work and school today, Cecilie, Joakim and I have been shopping. Both the kids have been dreaming about getting new trousers for a long time, and today they got the trousers they have been dreaming about.


Wednesday September 27th

Today is my birthday!

If you wish to take a look at my birthday pages, you will find them here.

Charles went for moose hunting yesterday. Already this morning they have got two mooses. Charles got one of them, and he was very happy!

The company which are going to sell our appartment called me today, when I still was at work. He said that there were a man and a woman who vere interested in seeing our appartment. They are going to move to our town, and they were using this day to see all of the houses and appartments which are availible in this town.

They came at 5 PM, and I showed them the house, both indoors and outdoors. They seemed very interested and were very positive. But I don't know what kind of houses they have seen earlier today, and I don't know what they actually are looking for, and what kind of house they want, so we are very tensed about if we will be hearing from them again.

After work, today, I went to a pizza restaurant and bought a pizza which the kids, (Cecilie, Joakim, Morten), and I were sharing. Charles was eating middle rib steak of beef (made from the moose thay shot this morning), before he came home to be together with us at my birthday. In the evening, he drove back to the hunting team. Charles sister also came to wisit ut at my birthday, and joined us, eating cookies and drinking coffee.

Photos of my birthday are here.



Thuesday September 26th

 The parents meating was canselled, so I just stayed home today, after work. Cecilie and Joakim did their homework, so it was okey that I was at home, to help them.

Charles went for moose hunting today. Most likely he will come home tomorrow evening, to celebrate my birthday, and than he will go back to the hunting again at Thursday morning.



Monday September 25th

My birthday is at Wednesday, but tomorrow I am going to a parents meating, at school in the evening, so I don't have time to bake anything. That's why I have been using this evening to bake 3 kinds of cakes. (Cup cakes, Brownies and a Sponge cake.) I baked two Brownies, because I am going to bring one of them to my work at my birthday. (We use to do this, where I work.)



Sunday September 24th

Today my parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MOM AND DAD!

My page about my parents are here. I also have a page about my mother, here, and about my father, here.

This evening, Cecilie, Joakim and I went to the movie. We watched the movie Pirates Of The Carribian 2 Dead Man's Chest.
The film lasted for 2 1/2 hours, so the kids went to bed late this evening. Cecilie and Joakim was very happy about the movie. They enjoyed it very much.
Picking up where the first movie left off, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan are to be married. However this is interrupted when both are arrested for aiding in the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow's escape. The new captain, Beckett, will lift all charges, if Will can hunt down Jack and bring him back to Beckett, along with his magic compass. However, Jack has other problems. Years ago, he made a deal with Davy Jones to raise the Black Pearl. Time is up. His part of the deal was to give Davy Jones his soul. Once Will finds Jack, unaware of the current situation, Jack coaxes Will into boarding Davy Jones's ship, the Flying Dutchman, and retrieve a mysterious key. This key opens the chest that contains Davy Jones's secret. With it, you can control Davy Jones and his fearsome beast, The Kraken. Once Will retrieves said key, Davy Jones is hot on his trail, now hunting down both Jack and Will. It is now, only a matter of time, before something happens. Hopefully the pirates can reach the chest and stop Davy Jones, before he reaches them and sends them all to a watery grave...




Saturday September 23rd

Today was the first day, for several days that we woke up to sunny weather and no rain. It was wonderful to see the sun again. I am not very fond of Fall and Winter. My favourite time of the year are Spring and Summertime. (But, of course, I love Christmas time too, even if it's in Winter time.)

This day I have planned to do some housework. I go to work every day, and don't have time to do all my housework at the weekdays. I have to use some of the weekends too. I also have planned to take a trip to our new house today. Charles are also going there. He is going to do something with the floor in the room which is going to be our bathroom, to make the floor waterproof.



Thuesday September 19th

My husband bought me a new cellular phone today! It's for my birthday, which is week left to, but Charles is going to hunt for moose on my birthday. The hunting always starts around the date of my birthday. That's why he wanted to give me the present today. (He is hunting 1/2 hour car drive from our house, so he will come home at the evening, and than drive to hunt again, next morning.)

This is how it looks:

Cecilie got my old Sony Ericsson. This Summer Charles also bought himself a new cellular phone. Joakim got his old Sony Ericsson.



Monday September 18th

Today we woke up to this beautyful sunrise:

I took this photo at 07.12 AM this morning, from our terrace.

I have created a new page with photos from Fall 2006.



Sunday September 17th

Today, we have been working with our new house, the entire day.

Charles has been working with the new foundation wall, with the new part of our new house. While I have been painting a dark grey color around the livingroom windows (on the outside). After painting, I dug up two kinds of flowers, which were in the garden in our new house. (Peon and Lily's). The flowerbed was full of weeds, so I dug up the only two flowers among all off the weeds. I put the flowers in pots, to see if I got rid of all the weeds. I will have to keep the Peon and the Lily's in the pots until next year, to see if I got rid of the weeds.

I have posted several new photos on my pages about our new house.

Check out my "What's new-page" to see where I have posted the photos.



Saturday September 16th

Yesterday and today, we have had nice warm weather. It was lovely to wear Summer clothes again. I am not very fond of Fall and Winter, with wet and cold weather. -Wonderful to feel a flash of Summer again. (At Thursday, we woke up to 5 degreez Celsius, and at Friday, we woke up to 16 degreez, and it was warmer during the day.)

At Thuesday the electritians were working in our new house, and gave us electricity in the entire house.

Charles has been at our new house and joint/ seam the tiles in the kitchen. (We have tiles between the bench and the cupboards.)

He also put up boards around the livingroom windows (at the outside).

In the afternoon, today, Charles and his cousine, put a kind of concrete at the floor in our front entrance. (Over the floor heating cables.) They also did this on our bathroom floor.

I have been home, in our appartment today, doing lots of housework. After this I went to the new house, and put some flower bulbs in the soil, to get nice flowers next year.

Later in the evening, we enjoyed a homemade pizza.



Monday September 11th


Today my thoughts goes to USA and the terrible things that happened there, 5 years ago.


After work today, Charles and a friend of his, who is an electritian, put down the electric kables, to make the floor heating in the entrance hall.

Tomorrow the electritians are coming.



Sunday September 10th


Another day with rain and bad Fall weather. I miss the sun!

We are sitting in our appartment, relaxing with a cup of coffee, each. We have just eaten breakfast. We are soon going to our new house, to work.

Today we have done lots of things in our new house: Charles and his brother put up the wall tiles at the kitchen (between the bench and the cupboards). The kitchen became very nice.

In addition to this, Charles also continued to prepare for the electrictian, so that it will be more easy for the electrictian, (and cheaper for us) when he is coming.

I have used this day to empty the garage, which we filled with stuff at August 20th. (Ex. Christmas decorations, some furnitures, bags, suitcases and so on). I have carried it all inside our new house. Some of it, I put into the attic, but I did not manage to put it all up, so the last few things are still in the entrance hall. But, I got it all into the house, so it will stay dry. It could have been very moist in the garage, with the bad weather that we have nowdays.



Saturday September 9th


We have been at our new house, working today too. Charles is still there, but we do have two houses now, and I went back to our appartment, to do some housework there. I have been working for a couple of hours, cleaning and tidying, so now it finally looks nice here, so we can relax and enjoy the Saturday evening, with homemade pizza.

In our new house, I have been washing the kitchen furnishings today. After this, I helped Charles to empty the entrance hall, which was full of stuff (a big saw, shoes, garbage, unused wallboards and lots of other stuff). We are going to get floor heating in the entrance hall (and the bathroom), and we had to prepare the room for this.



Friday September 8th

We are still working a lot with our new house, but, today, we decided to stay at home and relax. We have been watching TV and eating shrimps. -Wonderful to stay at home for one evening, and not have to work with the new house. But, tomorrow, we are going to our new house, and work again.



Thuesday September 7th


I got an idea today:

I have started to get questions about what we wish for Christmas. I haven't even started to think about Christmas yet. But, today I decided to start buying Christmas presents. I have never started this early before. Each Christmas we buy over 30 gifts, so it is actually okey to start early. Nice to spread the expence over several months, instead of buying them all in December. I bought clothes to most of the kids, and bedclothes to the older "kids". Charles has several siblings which have children at the age of approximately 20 years.
Totally I actually bought 15 Christmas presents! It's wonderful! It's just early September, and we are half-way in buying Christmas presents!
I have to admit that I am one of those who gets irritated when the shops starts to decorate for Christmas in October. I think that they should wait until the end of November, at least. But, then, it's okey to start, I belive. I LOVE Christmas, and the Christmas preparations.)
To start byuing Christmas presents early, is something different, I think. This is something that I do, to spread the expence over several months, instead of buying all the Christmas gifts in December.

After work today, Charles went to our new house. He and his brother casted a kind of concrete at our floor, in the new bathroom. While I was staying at home, helping Joakim with his homework. Cecilie was wisiting a friend.

Later, at the evening, I went to dance swingdance again, like we do every Thuesday evening.



Monday September 4th

After work today, Charles and I went to our new house. Charles started to put up some lamps, so that it will be more easy for the electrictian, (and cheaper for us) when he is coming.

I started to clean up a bit, and I also painted two pieces of mouliding in the kitchen, that Charles have put up, after I had painted the kitchen.



Sunday September 3rd

Today Charles and I went to our new house, after breakfast. I started to paint the window frames which Charles put up yesterday. (I painted two out of four). I also painted the mailbox stand.

Charles and his cousine put plaster plates at the floor in the bedroom which we are going to make into a bathroom.

I have also used parts of this weekend to do lots of laundry.

Just now, I am reading Joy Fielding's book Puppet. This book is about a beautiful young defense attorney is thrown into turmoil when she is called back to her hometown to defend her disturbed, estranged mother, who publically shot and killed a man.

Amanda Travis doesn’t like memories.

But when Ben, the first of her two ex-husbands, calls from her hometown of Toronto with the alarming news that her mother has shot and killed a man in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel, it becomes more and more difficult for Amanda to continue running from her past. Now she must return to face her demons and the life she left behind — a love that once consumed her and a mother who holds a strange, dark power over everyone she encounters. “Puppet” is the nickname Amanda’s mother once called her. But now Amanda is determined to fight her mother’s fatal whims — even if it kills her.

I have not finished the book yet, but i enjoy the book and like it very much.

After lunch, I went back to our new house again, and painted the two other window frames. I was happy to see that the light grey color on the house, and the dark grey color on the  window frames matches perfectly.



Saturday September 2nd

This day, I have been with my sister in law and a friend of hers. We have been washing my sister in law's and brother in law's old house. They have sold this house, and are going to move a bit closer to our town. Today we have been washing their old house, so it's nice and clean when the new house owners will move in.

Charles has been in our new house, working. Among other things, he has put up some boards arond the windows (on the outside of the house), he also put up the new window in our new bath.



Friday September 1st

It was almost a bit sad to turn the page on our calendar today. I am absoulutely most fond of the Spring and the Summer. But, we are still having nice weather. Today it is 16 degreez Celcius and cloudy, but we have had warm and nice weather for several weeks now.

I do whatever I can, to keep the Summer here. I enjoy the perennials which still is blooming, and I have bought flower bulbs that I am going to plant this autumn. These flower bulbs will give us nice flowers next Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Yesterday, we started to dance swingdance again. The swing club has had Summer holiday. It was very funny to start dancing again. I have missed these dance evenings.