October 2006:

Thuesday October 31th

In our lunchbrake today, two of my collegues, and I, wisited another collegue, who has bought a puppy. Here you can see a photo of the sweet puppy:

After work today, I just stayed at home, doing housework.

Charles went to our new house, after dinner, and put up the two doors to Cecilie and Joakim's bedrooms. After this, he put up a wardrobe.

We have had several "scary" monsters and whiches wisiting today. I had bought some candy for them, to make tham happy. (In Norway, there are no tradition to celebrate Halloween, but in the past few years, the youngest kids, often puts on costumes, and walkes in the neighbourhood to "Trick or treat".)




Monday October 30th

Today I took half the day off. I left work at 1 PM. (After asking my boss if I could do this.)

I went to our new house, and painted both Cecilie and Joakim's new rooms. I was finishet at 7 PM.

Charles also came to our new house, after work. He arranged all the stuff for the electrics, so that the electrician just have to switch on the power. After this, Charles put up an outdoor light, by our front entrance. We have not had any lights outdoors yet, so it's very nice to at least have one light there now.




Sunday October 29th

Charles put up the walls to make a little hall between Cecilie and Joakim's bedrooms today. After he finished it, I painted the walls. First in the white color, and than in the same yellow-green color as we have in the front entrance. There will be no door between the front entrance and the little hall. But there will be two doors from the little hall, and in to Cecilie and Joakim's bedrooms.

Charles also finished the wall boards on the outside. We had not quite finished with this, but today, we got finished with the wall boards outside.

We ended a bit early today. Charles is a member of the board committee in the athletic club in our town, and today he and another man had to wash the cottage that the athletic club ownes. The cottage had been rented out yesterday night.

After this, we went to see Charles's sister and her husband.





Saturday October 28th

 Today I have painted the ceiling in our livingroom, in our new house.

Charles has put up the wall between Cecilie and Joakim's rooms today.

I have painted the walls in Cecilie's room and one wall in Joakim's room too. I have painted it white. It's best to paint the walls once, in a white color, before we paint the "real" colors after this.

Here you can see our view from the kichen window in our new house:




Thursday October 26th

Today, at 7 PM a lady came to see our appartment. She and her hubby are looking for a house or appartment to buy. They have a 6 years old boy, she told me.

I went home from work early, to wash the floors and clear up the appartment a bit. I want it to look nice, when we show our appartment.

While we waited for the lady to come, Charles went to our new house and put floor boards at half the floor in the new part of the house. While Joakim and I went to buy Joakim new warm Winter shoes. At Saturday, Cecilie and I are going to buy her some new warm Winter shoes too. Charles has planned to finish with the floor boards tomorrow.

At 7 PM the young lady came. Her hubby could not come. He was at a meeting. The young lady was very exited about our appartment. We asked her to come another nigth too, and to bring her hubby, so that he will be able to see our appartment too.

I really, really hope that her hubby likes it too. I am very worried about if we not sell our appartment. We can't afford to pay for two bank loans.




Wednesday October 25th

Today Charles and Morten put up the ceiling boards in the new part of the house.

Today we got some snow. Not much, but enouch to make the work white for a while. (During a few hours, the snow had melted again.)




Tirsdag 24. oktober

After work yesterday, we went to our new house, to work.

Charles and I put up wall boards at two of the walls in the new part of the house yesterday. Now we only have one wall left. Then we are going to put up a wall in the middle of the large room, to make two bedrooms out of it.

Charles went to our new house to work today too. Cecilie and Joakim have lots of homework to do, so I stayed at home together with them, to help them with their homework.

When the kids finished doing homework, I went to our new house to help Charles.

We put up the wall boards at the last wall.

Now we must put up the ceiling boards and the floor boards. Then we have to put up a wall in the middle of the room, to make two bedrooms out of the big new room.





Sunday October 22nd

Thoday, it's cold (a couple of degreez over zero Celcius), but the sun is shining. It's a lovely Fall weather.

I have been using my morning to post all the lovely gifts that I have gotten from my net friends. I am sitting here, with a cup of coffee, and enjoying myself.

When I finish working with my Web Site, I have "tons" of clothes that I have washed and dryed, waiting to be folded, and put away in our closets. When I finish doing housework, I am going to take Chico for a walk. After this, I am going to our new house. Charles and Joakim have already left, to work with our new house. Cecilie has stayed with a couple of twin girls in her class, for the night. They have had a "sleepover" birthday party. I am going to pick her up, later today.

After picking up Cecilie, she and I went to our new house too.

Cecilie, Joakim and I carried all the ceiling boards, floor boards and almost all of the wall boards into our new house. We also helped Charles with getting plastic on all the walls and the ceiling in the new part of our house. After this, Charles started to put up wall boards in the new part of our house.

Charles working with the wall boards. (The wall boards are not painted yet. Cecilie and Joakim will have to decide which colors they want to have on the walls in their new bedrooms, and than I will paint the walls.)




Saturday October 21th

Now both the dancing course and the party is over.

The party was very pleasant. It's one of the best parties I have been to, with my collegues. I went home from the party at 01.30 AM. I walked home. This took me 1/2 hour. The weather was nice, but some windy. We had an incredible wonderful northern lights tonight. It was wonderful to see.

The dancing course lasted two hours at Friday evening, and two hours at Saturday morning.

While I have been dancing, Charles and Joakim have put up floor boards in the new part of the house. They also put insulation in the floor, the walls and some of the ceiling.




Thursday October 19th

Both Charles and I have been at work today. But, since I have had a Fall vacation for 3 days, I "beleve" that it's Monday today, and not Thursday. It's wonderful to discover that it's Friday tomorrow, and weekend again.

Charles and Joakim went to our new house, after eating dinner. They are going to try to finish boarding today. But Charles are going to get some massage at his neck at 7.30 PM, so he must finish until 7.30. His neck is hurting. I beleve that he has been doing too much carpentry lately, but I am very happy that Charles and my dad have done so much carpentry at our new house too. I hope that the massage will do him good.

Soon I am going to dance. Thursdays are dancing days. I am looking forward to dance again.

Tomorrow and Saturday, I am going to a dancing course. I hope that we will learn something new, and that the course will not become a repetition of what we have learned before.

After the dancing course at Friday, I am going to a party, together with my collegues at work. This is going to become a busy weekend.




Wednesday October 18th

My parents were supposed to leave this morning, but they decided to stay until 12 AM, so that my father could help Charles with the boarding. When my parents left, my father and Charles had put up boarding on half the large wall, and the whole small wall on the house.

We don't have words to express how grateful we are that my parents came, and my dad was helping Charles with the new part of our house.

After my parents left, I was helping Charles a bit, with some of the boarding.



Thuesday October 17th

My dad and Charles have continued working with the new part of our house. Today they have put up two windows. (Cecilie and Joakim are going to get a bedroom each in the new part of the house.)

Later, they started with the boarding. (See photos here.)

My mom has been washing some cups and plates, that we have put in the new kithcen furnishings. While my mom was washing, I put up the other Ikea shelf.



Monday October 16th

After I put up the book shelf from Ikea, my mom and I drove by car for 3 hours, to get Cecilie and Joakim. They were also driving, with their father for 3 hours. We met half way between where we live. But, Joakim had gotten some penicillin (after stepping on the nail). But, Joakim was allergic to penicillin. He have never taken penicillin before, so we did not know that.

Joakim got skin rash over his entire body. (On his arms, legs, back, stomach and face). We had to go to a doctor. He gave Joakim an allergy medicine and another medicine, called "kortison" in Norwegian. During the next halv hour, Joakim was better. When we came home from our 3 hours car ride, he was fine!

Charles and I have taken some days off, when my mom and dad are here to help us.

Charles and my father have been working at our new house for 3 whole days. This is how it looks like, now:



My father and Charles have been working as heroes!


My mother and I have been doing some washing at the kitchen in our new house. We have been washing the roof and the walls in the kitchen. The kitchen furnishings, I have been washing before.

Today, my mother have teached me how to make rissoles of moose meat. The rissoles looks delicious. I am looking forward to eating dinner today. I hope that I will remember how my mother made them, when I am going to make these for dinner some other time.

The rissoles tasted delicious! We had a lovely dinner!

Unfortunately, Joakim started to get skin rash, again. I gave him the medicine that we got from the doctor, yesterday. Now I hope that Joakim will not get any skin rash again. We don't have any more medicine. If he gets it again, we will have to contact a doctor here in our town. But, I hope he will be okey. The skin rash was not as bad today, as it was yesterday.




Sunday October 15th

My dad and Charles went to our new house to work, after breakfast today too.

My mom and I are also going to our new house soon. I am going to try to put up a book shelf from Ikea.

Today Cecilie and Joakim are coming home from their Fall vacation.




Saturday October 14th

We got up early today, and my dad and Charles went to our new house to work. (A photo down at the page, here.) My mom and I went to the grocery store to get some food.

I have been talking to Cecilie and Joakim on the telephone today. Joakim told me that he is all right. But his foot hurts a bit, if he steps a lot on it. But he is able to walk slightly on it.

My mother and I have put on new seat covers on the old chairs that we have in our livingroom. The chairs have been Charles parents chairs before, and the chairs are very old. After changing the seat covers, the chairs was very nice. Almost like new!

Here is a photo of a "new" chair and an old one:




Friday October 13th

Yesterday was Thursday, and I went to dance, again. Even if the schools are having Fall vacation now, there were lots of people at the dance evening. I could dance a lot!

Charles went to our new house, and worked with the bathroom floor.

When I was at work today, I got a telephone from Cecilie and Joakims father. He told me that Joakim had got a nail in his foot. The nail had gotten into his shoe, and then into his foot. They went to the docter, he put on some bandage, and gave Joakim a tetanus vaccine. The vaccine did not hurt, Joakim told me. Besides, he was going to get this vaccine, later this year (all the kids gets this vaccine when the are 11 years old.) "Now I don't have to get this vaccine, when my class is going to get it", he said. He also told me that the wound from the nail did not hurt much. He did not belive that it was a deep wound.

Cecilie and Joakims father took this photo of Joakim, to show me that Joakim was all right:

My parents are coming to wisit us this afternoon. My father is going to help Charles with the new part of the house. We are going to extand the house, and make two new bedrooms. There are 3 bedrooms in our new house, and we need 4 bedrooms. When we are finished with the new part of the house, we will get 5 bedrooms. (One for Charles and me, one for Cecilie, one for Joakim and one for Morten. The last bedroom is going to become a sort of office and guestroom. We are also going to put our freezer in this room.)

We are very grateful to my parents which are coming here to help us. Both Charles and I have asked our works to get some days off next week so that we may work the entire days with our new house.




Thuesday October 10th

Yesterday afternoon, I was on a parents meeting. I was the "lucky" one to write a summary of the meeting.

Tonight Joakim and Cecilie are going to wisit their father. They are travelling by plane tonight. At Sunday, I am going to drive by car (and their father is too) for 3 hours. We will meet half way between where we live, and where he is living. The reason why we are doing this, is because it is very expensive to travel by plane. We are doing it, to save money.

The last days Charles has been working with our tractor, to get lots of sand in our yard. Our yard was full of holes and dirt. We are trying to get it look nicer.



Sunday October 8th

My sister and her two boys have been wisiting us since Thursdag evening. We have had some wonderful days together with them. The kids has been playing and having a nice time together.

They left this morning. They were going to drive by car for 6 hours.

Charles and I went to our new house, to work. We are all looking forward to beeing finished, so that we may move to the new house.




Wednesday October 4th

We have had beautyful weather today!

My sister, Eva, and her two boys, are coming for a wisit at tomorrow evening. They are staying until Sunday. I have time off at Friday. We are all looking forward to seeing them again. They are living a 6 hours car ride from us, and we haven't seen them since our Summer holiday.




Monday October 2nd

After work today, I worked with my Web Site. I Created a page about Trondheim.

Later, Chico and I went for a walk. I took some photos of the sunset.




Sunday October 1st

I can't belive it's October already! I don't think that it's long since Summer.

Pretty soon I am going to walk to our new house. I have planned to paint some moulding today. Charles has already went to our new house. He is going to put up the bathroom floor tiles today.

Today, I have created a new page with photos of a flowerbed that I made in our new garden.

In the evening, I am going to the movie, together with a friend of mine. She is also my colleague at work. We are going to see the Norwegian movie Uro.