November 2006:

Thursday November 30th

This whole week, I have spent a lot of time in our old appartment, (after work, of course), packing stuff. We have also moved several furnitures from our old appartment, to our new house. It's only a couple of minutes to drive by car, betveen our old appartment and our new house.

Charles has been working with the wall boards, at the bathroom, every day, after work. Yesterday, he finished with this, and started to put up the dusch. He will try to finish with the dusch today.

I am going to wash our new bedroom today. (Both the walls, the roof and the floor). We have been storing our wall boards at the floor at our bedroom, but now when Charles has finished with this boards, I may start to wash our bedroom. When I finish washing our bedroom, it's only the bathroom, the washing room (where we are going to have our washing machine and stuff like that), the hall, the front entrance and Morten's bedroom left to wash

After washing our bedroom, I am going to drive to our old appartment, and continue to pack our stuff, and empty our kithcen and bedroom furnishings.

Both Charles and I have been taken the day off from work tomorrow, and we are going to use the whole Friday to try to move all our stuff into our new house. We are hoping to move, some time, during the weekend.

Since we are moving, it will take a few days until I am able to update my Web Site and blog.


I wish you a nice and peaceful advent!


Sunday November 26th

It's a terrible wind here nowdays. But it's warm (today it is 8,6 degreez Celcius).
I have finished painting our house today. (Not the dark grey color, but the light grey that we have on all the walls.)
We have also started to move some furnitures (kitchen furnitures and dining table). I have started to put the glasses and plates, that we are not using evey day, into our kitchen furnishings, and into some cupboards in our new house today. Since we have not moved in yet, I have not taken the stuff that we use every day.

I have new photos of our livingroom, the bathroom and Cecilie's bedroom.

Charles managed to start with the bathroom boards today too. He finished to put up boards on one wall at the bathroom, before he went home, at 9.30 PM. We have been working since breakfast.



Saturday November 25th

We have been working with our new house this entire day. I have finished painting the wall that I started to paint (outdoors) at Sundag November 12th. I was happy to finish the wall. Then the house looks more finished. I also started to paint the last wall, but I did not manage to finish this wall before it went dark. (It's dark here nowdays, at 3 PM.) Charles also worked outdoors, with our new house today. Until it went dark, and we had to go indoors.
The kids and I cleared up in the livingroom in our new house today. Then I washed the floor in the livingroom. After this, we went home to get a carpet, that we use to have under our coffee table. We put this carpet on the floor in our new livingroom, and put the new coffee table, that we bought last weekend, on the carpet.
We have not moved our couch yet, and the old coffe table is also in our old appartment. But, it's nice to see that all the mess in the new livingroom is gone.
I started to put up a cupboard too. But I did not finish it. At 6.30 PM, we went home to eat dinner.

Friday November 24th

It's only one month left for Christmas! In our town, we don't have any snow, yet. It's nice and warm (5-6 degreez Celcius). It doesn't seem to be winter. Actually I am very happy about this warm and nice weather, but when the snow is missing, I don't get a Christmas spirit. I hope that we will be able to move into our new house soon. Then we will be able to relax and enjoy the evenings, light candles and just do nothing. I beleve that the Christmas spirit will come, when we do this.
This week I have been very tired.
I did not have the enegy to go to dance yesterday. Even if this is something that I love to do.
I have started to pack more stuff from our old appartment, and moved it to our new house. This takes a lot of time. Much more than I beleved that it would. I also have put up curtains in Cecilie and Joakims new rooms.
I can't belive that we have been working with our new house for 6 months now! No wonder we are tired.
Charles is still working with our new bathroom. Now the floor is finished. But we must wait for about a week for some glue to get dry, before we put up the wall boards. When the wall boards are up, we are going to put up the dusch and move the bathroom furnishins into our new bathroom. I have put up the bathroom furnishings, several weeks ago. This furnishings are now placed in different rooms in the house.



Monday November 20th

My kids and I came home from a wisit from my sister and her two boys, yesterday evening. We have had a wonderful time, together with them. I have also bought lots of Christmas presents, and some stuff for our new house. Each Christmas, we buy 35 Christmas presents (plus all of the small presents that Cecilie and Joakim gives to their friends). After this shopping trips, I just needs to buy 3 more presents! I am almost finished!

While we have been traveling, Charles has been working with our new house. We hope that we will be able to move in soon.

When I came home from work today, the Christmas cards had arrived in our mailbox. I have been ordering Christmas cards, with a photo of Cecilie and Joakim. I love the cards! They were very nice.



Wednesday November 15th

My kids and I are going to wisit my sister and her two boys from Thursday to Sunday. We are also going to buy some Christmas presents, and some stuff to our new house. We are looking forward to see them again.



Monday November 13th

After work today, we went to our new house.

Charles put up some more moulding today, in our bedroom. I painted the same moulding as yesterday. (I have to paint it twice, to make it look nice.)

 Charles also put up a wardrobe, which I have started to put up, but not finished, which is going to be at Joakim's room.

When we got home, I ordered 60 Christmas cards with photo of Cecilie and Joakim. I always order Christmas cards with photos of Cecilie and Joakim to send to our family and friends. Last year we had been to the photographer, and taken several photos, which we used to make Christmas cards of that year. This year, I am going to use a photo taken by me, from the Summer of 2006.



Sunday November 12th

Today it's Father's Day in Norway. Happy Father's Day, to all daddies!

Charles got a nice warm jacket from Morten, Cecilie and Joakim.

If you wish to see my Father's Day pages, you will find them here.

We are going to our new house, after breakfast, today too, to work.

Now it's 10.30 PM, and I am on my way to bed. All my muscles are hurting. We have been working with our new house this entire weekend. Today we put up our stand for our mailbox. Charles has put up boards around several windows and I have been painting almost the entire big wall on the north of the house. When it got dark (about 4 PM), we went indoors. Charles put up some more moulding, which I painted white.



Saturday November 11th

Charles and I had a day off from our works yesterday. We put up more of the new roof in the new part of our house.

Today, Charles and a friend, put up more of the new roof. But, they did not get enough roof boards. We must order new roof boards, and wait to get them, until we finish the roof of the new part of our house. We are going to change the roof of the old part of the new house, next year.

Photos of the house, with the new roof, down at this page.

After working with our new house the entire day, we went home to eat homemade pizza.



Wednesday November 8th

I was practising one hour after work today.

Charles went to our new house, when he finished work. After my practising, eating dinner and doing some housework, I went to our new house, too. Cecilie and I started putting up her new desk today. After 3 hours, we went home. I am going to try to finish putting up the desk at Friday. Tomorrow I am going to dance, and Cecilie is going to swim.

If the weather is okey at Friday, Charles and I are going to take a day off from our works. We are going to put up more of the new roof in the new part of our house. Charles and his two friends put up half the roof of the new part of our house at Sunday. I will not be able to help Charles as good as his two friends, but it's better for him that I will be there. At least he will not be alone, working.



Thuesday November 7th


Both Charles and I are getting tired, after working with our new house for half a year, now. Today we have been expecially tired, both at work, and after work, when we were supposed to work with our new house. I have bought a new desk for Cecilie today, but we did not put it up today. We just carried it indoors and put it on Cecilies floor. (It's in "thousand parts" and must be put up by us.) When we had used all our moulding, today, we did not have the energy to start working with something else. We just wrote down on a piece of paper, what we need, to finish with the moulding. Then we went home. We'll hope that we will have more energy tomorrow.



Monday November 6th


We did not finish with the roof of the new part of our new house, yesterday, but we were not able to work with this today, because of the strong wind and rain.

Cecilie and Joakim went to the Cinema today, together with a friend of Joakim. They watched the movie "Over the hedge". They loved the movie!

Because of the bad weather, we have been working indoors in our new house today. Charles has put up some moulding. (Until it was empty. We have to buy some more moulding.)

I have been painting the corner moulding at Joakim's room today.

After the movie, Cecilie and Joakim brought their schoolbooks to the new house, and did some homework there, while Charles and I was working.



Sunday November 5th

Today we have been at our new house. We have been working outdoors the entire day. Charles and two friends have been putting up the new roof on halv the new part of the house. I have been painting a wall, outdoors, on the house. We have been working since breakfast (at 9 AM), until it started to get dark (at 4.30 PM).

We have not been cold, even if we have been outdoors the whole day. But when it was dark, it started to blow a cold wind. It was freezing cold. It was very cozy to go home to our appartement and light a fire in the stove.

Photos from me painting the house, and Charles and his friends putting up the new roof here.

I have also updated the page with photos of our new house.

My aquarium blog is also updated. I am sorry, but my aquarium blog is only in Norwegian.



Saturday November 4th

It has been raining a lot, and all the snow has gone. It's a pity the snow did not last one more day. Today I had planned to take photos of Cecilie and Joakim in the snow, to see if I could make a Christmas card out of one of the photos. But, it's possible that we will try to take some photos anyway. We'll se.

We are going to our new house today too. Charles is out in some shops now, to look for some moulding.

We have also planned to put up the curtains at the livingroom in our new house, today. Even if we have not moved in yet, it's nice to have curtains there. We are going to put up the "winter curtains" that we used in our appartement last winter. In our appartement, were we still live, we still have the pale colours, diffuse curtains that we use in Summertime. I have not bothered to change into winter curtains in our appartement. We are going to move soon, so I just have the Summer curtains up, until we are moving.

We were working in our new house all day. Charles put up all the moulding at Joakim's rom today, and was almost finished at Cecilie's room too. We also put up the curtains in the livingroom:

It was almost impossible to take a photo in the livingroom, without getting all our stuff on the photo. Since we have not moved in to our new house yet, we have lots of boxes, furnitures and tools over the whole livingroom. It's quite messy there just now.



Thursday November 2nd

Even if the snow we got, a couple of days ago, melted again, we have, during today, got more snow. Not very much (about 10 centimetres). Enough to let us get a bit into Christmas spirit.

Today is Thursday, and I am going to dance.







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